How many times have you or others put a label on who you are? Probably more times than you can count. Labels only serve as ways to categorize people, because we were all taught from an early age to describe people based on characteristics. However, when you do that to yourself, you automatically negate your individuality. You place yourself in a box, bound to the implications of that label. For example, let’s say you feel depressed, so you tell your mom “I AM depressed.” Of course you will feel that way since you have placed that label on yourself. However, by choosing to acknowledge the fact that you exist, you can simply say “I am.” This takes an enormous weight off your shoulders once you give up the need to subscribe to a label that someone else created. -some website somewhere #MondayMantra #NoLables #SelfLove

I understand labels make things easier to explain but...

How is it possible to explain someone using the word jock or gay or emo….It’s just one word with a bunch of stereotypes drawn to it.  It in no way describes someone for who they really are.  I think we should drop labels and be who we are without having to explain ourselves.  I’m starting this today with this post, no more labels, no more explaining, just living and being who I am and loving it. <3 Stay beautiful.