nola festivals

            The big day… she thought to herself, hero standing in front of her bathroom mirror. It was needless to say, but Grace jumped at every NOLA festivity that came her way. She wasn’t sure if it was her cry to belong but despite moving in last year, she has yet to feel like a member of the community. Pulling the pinstriped romper over her head, she patted it nicely, fixing it to her liking. She was nervous and excited, dying to get a taste of what NOLA had to offer. After grabbing her bag and sunglasses, she hopped through her shared home with Cole, slipping into her sandals, heading out the door. As soon as she stepped into the vicinity of the French Quarter, she was immediately met with a rambunctious crowd, filling the streets. Plastered with a wide smile, she passed through the sea of people, desperate to get a closer look at the floats. Coming closer to the edge of the sidewalk, Grace caught sight of a familiar figure, not thinking twice to cover their eyes from behind. “Guess who!”