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So the two of you where like, "oh, hello there" and then sat down to hold a conversation?

basically! i saw rich go past me in security and thought “ey, if i bump into him again, i’ll be sure to work up the gumption to say hey”

sure enough, i went through security, and he was just hanging out scrolling through his phone, so we had a little chat! it was mostly about the logistics of con. ticket sales, vending things, like actual shop talk. we were both a little grumpy that we couldn’t get our drink on and enjoy the festivals at nola a little more, though. our jobs are really unique, but not really the ones you get sloshed during.

anyway, i knew if i were in his place, socializing after a con wouldn’t be my top priority, so i bid him safe travels and we parted ways

….only to find out that we were going the same place

if you go on twitter you can see we were messing with each other on the plane a tiny bit–he wouldn’t switch seats with me unfortunately, but somehow in the time when we talked and when we boarded our plane, he’d lost his headphones

(do note i did offer him my new spare headphones, because dude he’d be able to give them back to me in less than 2 weeks, and i can guarantee he regretted passing on them)

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Tbh stories of your interactions with the cast is my favorite reality show. I love hearing about every little thing.


i grew up having such crazy social anxiety, holding a conversation with teachers i looked up to was impossible.

i respect a huge portion of the cast as independent artists and creators, i’m so immensely intimidated by them, 5 years ago i couldn’t even imagine trying to speak to any of them. now i can tell dumb jokes to them, you guys. JOKES

so i like using the interactions as little personal confidence milestones. i’ve grown so much, and i’m really glad you guys’ve enjoyed watching it

anyway, i don’t like leaving an ask without an image, so here’s a happy borja



Lookie here, Haven! This is my ticket to the NOLA Film Festival for ISTL. I got SAF’s autograph at Wizard World. Last night I met Rodney Crowell and got his autograph after his concert at a festival. I’ve always loved him, and he put on a great show. He was very kind and gracious, and of course we chatted about about Tom. I told him what a great job they did in the film and that initially I didn’t think Tom could do it. And he said, “He didn’t think he could do it either but he did!”