‘She’s Gotta Have It’: ‘Hamilton’s Anthony Ramos Cast In Spike Lee Netflix Series
By Nellie Andreeva

Anthony Ramos, who originated the roles of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in the smash Broadway musical Hamilton, is set as one of the male leads in Spike Lee’s 10-episode Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It, a contemporary update of Lee’s groundbreaking 1986 indie film. 

 The series centers on Nola Darling, a Brooklyn-based artist in her late 20s struggling to define herself and divide her time amongst her friends, her job and her three lovers: the cultured model Greer Childs; the protective investment banker Jamie Overstreet; and da original b-boy sneakerhead Mars Blackmon, who still wears Jordans but now is a social-media phenomenon. Ramos will play Mars, portrayed in the movie by Lee (pictured).


[So, I noticed I’ve fucked up again. Previous part was supposed to be after this. I mixed up when the conversations were. OH WELL! I’ve reordered them in my folder, but meh. School lunch part will go out after this then.]

The proposal pt. 1

Daisuke had looked high and low for the ring, without any luck. Neither of them had brought it up since Antwan mentioned finding it a week ago. Did it mean Ant didn’t want it? Daisuke had made the reservation at the restaurant weeks ago, he’d prepared every little detail. Without the ring he had nothing. 

Is that what you’re wearing?” Daisuke frowned at Antwan.
“What’s wrong with this?”
Put on a suit. The restaurant has a dress code.
“What are we celebrating?”
Nothing. Just be happy to get out of cooking.“ 

Antwan pecked Daisuke on the for head. 

"I am. It just seems a little over the top." 

With that Daisuke’s last drop of confidence got wiped away. 

I can’t breathe.“ He pulled at his tie.
Antwan helped loosen it. "Better?” He asked.

Daisuke pushed past him and went to lock himself in the bathroom. He ripped off his vest before sinking to the floor. Who was he kidding. Antwan wouldn’t want a future with him. He’d probably just agreed to get back together for the kids. Then to leave him when the kids were grown and independent.


Sending #Prince off the best way we know how, with a #secondline. #NOLA #PRINCE (at New Orleans, Louisiana)

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A beautiful Second Line in honor of the music, memory and life of the artist known as, Prince. Thank you brothers and sisters of #NOLA for the great show of decency and humanity. So much love and kindness. #respect

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Nola - Download her here

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Hat: Toksik
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Bracelet: Colores Urbanus

Only difference on her make-up look is faceshine by Screaming mustard and lips by Pralinesims