Such a sweet woman. She was getting her life right next to me all night 😂😊🙌🏽 & I was so protective of her when fans kept trying her 😭😭😭
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Louisiana seafood

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Dear White People,

I’m so sorry that Beyonce ruined your white privileged life to talk about the fact that Black people are being murdered in the streets by the people who are supposed to be protecting them. I’m so sorry that Beyonce honored the armed forces of the black community. I’m so sorry that you don’t understand that the Black Panthers were protesters and not a terrorist group. I’m so sorry that you don’t care about the racism faces the black players that you love to watch play football and basketball. I’m so sorry that you forgot that Beyonce was black. I’m so sorry that Beyonce is being unapologetically black. I’m so sorry that for once in your white privileged, something did not apply to you.

Not sorry.


Sending #Prince off the best way we know how, with a #secondline. #NOLA #PRINCE (at New Orleans, Louisiana)

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A beautiful Second Line in honor of the music, memory and life of the artist known as, Prince. Thank you brothers and sisters of #NOLA for the great show of decency and humanity. So much love and kindness. #respect

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