Official video. If you’ve ever wondered what the animated version of me would look like…

“All my life I’ve been a star, Holding a light up in the dark. While I try to keep clear of all the waves in your atmosphere” - @kaskade

Kaskade will always be one of my top favorite producers. His music touches my heart in a special way. His set at ultra was nothing but perfect. #ultramusicfestival #UMF #kaskade #NOKWWA #edm (at ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL)


Kaskade & Swanky Tunes (feat. Lights) - No One Knows Who We Are [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


No one knows who we are, the fact that, that song begins this video. wow. my heart is in this trailer. This is so beautiful, to know I was a part of something so beautiful and magical is still beyond me. EDC, you mean so much to me, you don’t even know. I miss you so much, and literally breaks my heart I won’t be spending my summer with you. I love you.

This mix of nokwwa on Kaskade’s new album is seriously the most amazing thing my heart has ever felt. This song already meant so much to me, and this mix is just so peaceful to me and makes me want to cry because no one could understand how much this song means to me and why. Its for all of us who are lost and confused, for all of us who feel like we fit in no where, its for all of us who are judged by what we do, listen to or like. Its for all of those kids who feel so alone on a day to day basis. None of it all matters, because it doesn’t matter. No one could understand the things we do or why we do them. No one could understand what it makes us feel. No one could understand what EDM, this community, the feels, everything to do it makes me feel and how much it has really helped me. When not even my mother or best friends could be there for me, edm was and it will always be there for me, just like I’ll always be there for edm, and I’ll always defend it for what it really is and for what it means to me.