nokota horse

I would very much like...

A wild herd that wanders around the island of Jorvik that you can build reputation with, much like Spirit.

So, on a skype chat, we were talking about Exmoor (or Dartmoor) ponies being added, and I came up with the idea about a wild herd that you did dailies with (or tasks that they had when they changed locations, like Spirit), and once you had gained a reputation level, you had the option to buy a coat colour. This would happen for each of the reputation levels until Admired, when you unlock two.

The rarity of the coat colour could depend on the reputation level. So if we took wild horses that had an array of different colours (unlike Exmoors and Dartmoors because they come in varying shades of brown). Instead, let’s use the Nokota horse.

It could look something like this…

Friendly: Black

Liked: Blue roan

Popular: Red roan

Admired: Pinto and dun

(This was the only dun I could find. I think it’s a dun overo).

After Admired, you could unlock a stable in an obscure place (like the outskirts of Firgrove or even in Firfall) where you had different variations of coats (such as the blue roan, because there are really blue and then horses that are more greyish, such as this coat below).

(Just look at this beautiful baby!)

There could also be other coats at this stable, like chestnut, grullo and palomino.

(I couldn’t find any pictures of grullo or palomino).

Also, looking at all the pictures of the Nokota horses made me REALLY want Nokota horses, they’re so beautiful!

(None of the pictures used belong to me, most of them are from a site called All of these have come from Google Images)