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If you see my art anywhere, reposted or stolen, please send me a message immediately telling me about it. I’ve noticed a few of my hiccstrid sketches have been stolen again and are making their rounds around the internet. Some even have other blogs names thrown over the top of it >:I

I make my living off of my art. Literally. I’m a freelance artist so everything I post online helps future clients find me. And by reposting my art without mentioning me, or just straight up stealing it and posting your name on top of it, you are stealing potential business from me and in turn money that I need to live. It’s actually a business for me, so it is illegal to steal/repost my art as it is copyright to me/my company.

So PLEASE tell me if you see someone stealing/reposting my art. And if you can, ask them to take it down immediately. Please and thank you! ~<3


Another boring folder? Yeah right! This is my 2nd handout and this one is for the Disney Animation Studios <3 I’ll be taking it down there tomorrow! I might touch up a few things before I take it down there, but we’ll see.

It’s mostly paper with a bit of gouache to touch up some areas. As with the Korra one, my resume is in the back and my business card is up front.

(I forgot to mention that there is a hidden mickey on here as well XD)


This folder is for Jim Henson Studios. I met this really awesome guy who works there who said he’d be happy to give it to them for me! So next week it should be in the hands of someone over there.

This one isn’t as complicated as the others have been, but I don’t know if that’s just because I’m getting used to making them now or if it’s because it was really simple. Either way, I’m pretty happy with it. The typography almost killed me and took the longest to get done -_-

Fun fact: Statler and Waldorf are my favorite muppets, along with Kermit, of course.

As always, the resume is in the back and the business card is removable.

thesquirrelisonfire  asked:

ok, first of all, your Astrid cosplay is absolutely flawless, second, could I ask how did you do the braid? I just cant seem to get it right D:

Thank you so much!! I actually don’t have a set way on how to do the braid. Almost every time I wear it, though, I end up redoing the braid, so I’ve made some little sketches of my process that I usually do when re-braiding the wig.

1. First, I grab a large section of hair from the right hand side and the back of the wig and pull it to the left shoulder. This is one large section of the braid.

2.Then I divide the remaining hair into two other sections. One section will also have her mini braid in it (I just use a small French braid for this one).

3. Start doing a large, tight French braid using the three sections. I like to pull the back section across to start the braid first.

4. Take one of the sections and wrap it completely around the braid to make a loop of hair. Then bring the section back into the braid and continue braiding.

5. Take one section of hair and divide it into two sections. You should have four strands of hair for your braid now. Start randomly braiding the four strands till you get a nice looking braid that you like.

6. Braid till the end of the hair and finish it off with a hair tie and headband and you’re done!

I hope this helps! If you need me to explain anything better, please feel free to ask me!

More old art WHEEE! I guess you could call this “Throwback Thursday”.

This is actually the first paper cut out I did that was only a single sheet of paper. It was a fun experiment and I learned a lot from it.

Fun fact: That’s the back of my cutting mat that it’s resting on.

Opening Commissions!

Since I’m currently unemployed, groceries are getting harder to buy and rent is stealing what little money I have left. So I’m going to be opening commissions for a little while. After all, I do enjoy food and having a roof over my head.

ALSO I’ve added a nice little tip jar to my tumblr, so if you guys have some extra change that you don’t want or you just feel like giving me money out of the kindness of your heart, you can click it and donate however much you like.

Prices: (click link to see examples)

Sketch: $5

Digital piece with flat colors: $10

Digital Painting: $15

Paper Cut Out- one single paper piece: $45

Paper Cut Out- completely flat (limit two characters): $60

Paper Cut Out- pop up card (limit two characters) : $75

Paper Cut Out- 3D in shadow box: $110

If you’re interested in a commission, just send me a message or ask saying what you’d like done, and what characters you want! :>

Prices have been updated. Please check out my blog or message me for an updated list of prices :>


The folder from my all day workathon yesterday is for Dreamworks! This one definitely had it’s challenges, like the fact that I forgot to measure Toothless before I attached him to the folder. So I ended up having to cut off a chunk of his wing and it still sticks out a bit. A few other things happened but it all worked out in the end.

I’m especially happy with the Deadly Nadder though. I really want to keep him but I know I cant. I even named him Mini-Jeff. ;A;

Same deal as always, resume in the back and removable business card up front. (I even included the part about my life size deadly nadder on the resume xD)

I managed to save them! There’s a slight tear on the girl’s hoof but that’s about it. Unfortunately the rest of the piece is so messed up, that I’m just going to have to trash it, frame and all.

But just look at how funny they look next to each other. She’s so tiny compared to him XD


Much better pictures of my latest piece than the one I posted last night. The colors are much more accurate in this one. Anyway, I had a ton of fun making this since I’ve always enjoyed Chinese art. And I’m super excited because I get to go to China Town this weekend for the New Year’s festival!

I’m thinking about selling this piece as well, so let me know if you’re interested.

Happy late New Years!