nokia theater

Jay-Z and Kanye West, photographed backstage after West’s “Glow in the Dark Tour” show at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on April 22, 2008.

Hov is wearing a Crooks & Castles “Lambo” leather jacket, a Crooks & Castles “High Society” shirt and a pair of Mosley Tribes x Crooks & Castles “Castellano” sunglasses ($250).

Meeting 2pm,Exo(12), TVXQ’s Min, VIXX, Infinite , GD,  and Teen Tops C.A.P

So First 2pm (Meet them in downtown LA Tokyo district)

This was before I really was into Kpop not that interesting of a meet lol, i was just with my older sister and they caught her eye, went over to try to talk, nothing. Found out it was them later when I got into kpop after Jay left . That’s about it lol

TVXQ Minnie! <3 (Meet after their concert out here)

Let me tell you, Minnie scared the crap out of me. If you been to the LA live Aka Nokia Theater you will know they have those curtain flap thingy’s by the front side of the stage that leads you to the backstage/ stage area. So my friend (she is a lucky charm) and we decided to mess around and act like we were looking for something really important so we could be among the last people to leave. you know, just in case one of them go back on stage because they forgot something….., But yeah, so as we started to make our way towards the  side near the stage and going towards the exit. As soon as we got outside we had to make are way towards her car which was located near the back of the Nokia center. So as we walk up there is a van sitting there and we joke around saying what if it was TVXQ in side. So me being an idiot I decide to go up to the van laughing and pretending that i was about to knock on the door calling out Changmin’s name and other idiot stuff. Just for the door to open, and for Him to stick his head out with a smirk on his face. Yeah my soul left my body, I was so embarrassed I stumbled a sorry and fast walked back to my friend and her car.

  • Min was so adorable through out the concert, I was nopping at him
  • up and down, especially his high notes.

Infinite (When they randomly came out here for there Music Video)

I literally bumped into Dongwoo on my way into the Korean plaza as he was coming out with I guess his manager? He was adorable we both did a double take of each other and he said sorry with a cute smile.

  • He Smells really nice
  • He’s really shy

VIXX (Meet them at the Beverly Center Ravi wasn’t there/ They where out here for their first Concert)

Was with my cousin and some close friends we happened to be at the Beverly center when Leo meet trey songs.

Any who

we spotted them in footlocker, there was some people there also. But their female manger was rude AF, one of my friend’s is Vietnamese and she pulled her phone out and the female manager got all up in her face telling her no pictures. No one suspected the two black girls though (My cousin and I) so we where able to get pretty close.

  • Leo Laughed at my friend who was trying to fold a XXl size shirt
  • N almost knocked over my cousin Twice
  • Ken was getting on the sales guy nerves because he kept asking for different shoes (LOL)
  • Leo glared at my other friend for taking a picture
  • N jumped on leo’s back
  • Leo was done with life
  • Leo and I Kept making eye contact, caught him watching me twice swear every time i glanced my soul left my body.
  • Huyk was sulking and moping around
  • My guy friend came with his to younger twins cousins and was able to walk up to Leo and N. (He used the children I tell you Leo’s weakness!!)

Bonus: My cousin was able to do a High touch and she said N recognized her from Foot Locker, he was shocked.

Teen Top’s C.A.P (Kcon)

My Aunt works for the forum so I know some of the coworkers. They let me go to the bathroom inside of the forum. After I was done I walked back around towards the loading doc (Let’s call it that, It’s where they bring the performers to, to make sure Fan’s won’t see them or storm them) because that was the way I came in . At that time Teen TOP was doing there last sound check before the Red carpet event. So not wanting to be sneaky, I speed walked towards the exit. Before I walked out I spotted C.A.P walking towards the stage area, and he looked at me shocked. OTL

After that I had to calm myself. Since I won a red Carpet pass i lined up early.long story short I was by the door when he walked out and had my hand stretched out for a handshake or something, He looked at me dead in the eye’s……and bowed. I was like Wut lolz.. No babe I wanted a hand shake T.T

GGG-Dragon (Kcon / with Missy Eliot)

GD is a trip, he showed up late to the meet and greet then left early >.>

Then I was able to meet him (thanks to my aunt’s friends) and he put on the “Hip Hop Cool guy turn down for what yo” face. Like really, sir. Stop, Please stop. I like the adorable GD OTL. He did one of those head nodes..  

  • He a trip
  • He is really nice though (even though it was a short Hi and bye T.T)
  • Did i mention he smells really nice….
  • Short T.T
  • Who wear’s sunglasses inside of a building,  (GDragon)

XD Now what I know people have been waiting for

EXO (KCON/ Grove)

It’s late and I’m tired so I will put points. OTL

  • Lay

Fucking Lay, dud isn’t even my Bias in Exo (Xiumin i still love you) but if he wanted it he could get it. He’s really a sweet heart. Like i said earlier I won red carpet for Kcon and when they where coming back from the interview part of the carpet i held my hand out for a high five, and you know what diss boy did, lord have mercy on my soul. He looked at me, licked his lips and grabbed my hand. I wish i was making this shit up, straight up grabbed my hand and let go of it as soon as he passed me.

I held Lay’s hand’s for a second.

Then on accident garbed his tail. OTL

At the grove I he waved at me and then I died.

  • Chanyeol

This is actually a bit funny to me, I was holding a Chen sign, yelling for Tao,and getting stared down by Chanyeol, swear we held eye contact until he walked past me, leaving me like WTF just happened.

At the grove He bumped into me on accident and said sorry and kept his stride lol. but it was my fault, I didn’t know they where going to be at the grove and my friend and I heard screams and a heard of fan’s then before we knew it Exo was walking passed  our bubble XD.

  • Chen Chen

Lol I think he was staring at me going WTF you calling Tao for when you have my banner

  • Kris

Kris is so nice I got to have a small chat with him (Interrupted by bias wrecker Lay). At the grove, I  said/ yelled Kris, because I was shocked and he turned around and  was like who called my name (He didn’t say that). We talked for a bit, well i talked/ rambled and then Lay eased on over trying to be slick, I see you lay LMAO

  • Xiumin

Jesus take the wheel, in the sea of fan’s for the short meet and greet  we made eye contact and he smiled and waved at me. I died right then and there.

  • Kai

This boy has staring problems. When I was speaking to kris (When I was rambling) he was in the back staring, I swear it felt like he was burning holes. When the manger’s/ staff whisked them away, and I was saying by to them like the rest of the fan’s, we made eye contact, and this boy smirked at me. Yup I ‘m done.

There was more of Exo from the concert part But I can’t remember that right now OTL sorry. T.T
Minkowski - Once In a Lifetime, a playlist by Gabriel Urbina on Spotify
A playlist featuring songs about, related to, or reflexive of Lieutenant Commander Renée Minkowski.

When you’re done listening to Once In a Lifetime, be sure to check out our Minkowski playlist on Spotify! We’ll be doing one of these for each of the characters in the backstory mini episodes. 

The track list for Commander Minkowski’s: 

Opening: The New World - Jason Robert Brown and the Songs for a New World Ensemble

On the Deck of a Spanish Sailing Ship, 1492 - Jason Robert Brown and the Songs for a New World Ensemble

Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire - Joni Mitchell

Sympathy - Sleater-Kinney

Burning Car - Screaming Females

Gun Has No Trigger - Dirty Projectors

Once In a Lifetime - Talking Heads

Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Space Song - Beach House

More Than This - Roxy Music

Swingset Chain - Loquat

Waly Waly - Eva Cassidy

Belief (Live at the Nokia Theater) - John Mayer

Defying Gravity - Stephen Schwartz and the Wicked Ensemble 

Fall Out Boy live sets

Late and incomplete but this took a couple hours and I’m tired. Not all of this is pro-quality, especially the older stuff (obviously). I’ll add to it when I come across stuff. If anyone has a link to any of the unlinked shows below, please let me know!

La Grange show (2 songs) - recorded November 16, 2002
At the Metro - recorded February 9, 2003
Showplace Theatre show - recorded February 20, 2003
Cruise Inn show - recorded May 24, 2003
Halloween show @ Knights of Columbus – recorded October 31, 2003
Tower Records show – recorded August 28, 2004
AOL Sessions - released January 6, 2007
AOL Music Live From the Roxy - recorded February 10, 2007
VH1 Unplugged - aired July 3, 2007 (?)
Live Earth – recorded July 7, 2007
Young Wild Things Tour (Live From UCF Arena) - recorded November 1, 2007*
Fuse Presents: Fall Out Boy (Live at Chicago Theater) – recorded December 2, 2008
Fall Out Boy: Live From the Nokia Theater – recorded December 16, 2008
Believers Never Die Part Deux – April 10, 2009*
PBS Soundstage - aired July 23, 2009*
Fall Out Boy Live Sets on Yahoo! Music - 2009
Soul Punk Tour – recorded September 1, 2011*
2013 Reading Festival - recorded August 25, 2013
Live at MTV World Stage - recorded October 3, 2013
2013 Radio 1 Teen Choice Awards - recorded November 3, 2013
VEVO Presents: Live in London – recorded November 5, 2013*

* playlist courtesy of brue


Vin Diesel & Paul Walker nominated for BEST ON-SCREEN DUO

Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker has been nominated in the BEST ON-SCREEN DUO category for Fast and Furious 6 at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

I am imploring everyone, not just the Fast and Furious fans, but everyone, to please vote for Vin and Paul and give them the much deserved win.

It’s not that every other nominees in the category doesn’t deserve it or aren’t good enough, in fact, they are all wonderful. But Vin and Paul has carried the Fast and Furious franchise for 14 years since their first day on set in 1999 to the day Paul passed away in 2013. They’ve seen the franchise through all the ups and downs together, from its humble beginnings to its now global success, and through it all remained brothers and each other’s other half.

12 years ago in 2002, they went on stage together to accept the award for Best On-Screen Duo for the very first Fast and Furious film, and now 12 years later, let’s make their last completed film together count too. They have truly earned this win through all their hard work.

Let’s get Vin Diesel to that stage and show him, the Fast cast and crew, and Paul’s family and friends, just how much we appreciate everything both Vin and Paul and the franchise have given us. Let’s show Vin and the Fast Family that Paul’s legacy is in good hands.

The cast is back going back to filming Fast 7 this month without their brother at their side and it won’t be an easy road - so let’s give them our support and something good for them to hold onto for strength.

Please everyone, let’s give Vin and Paul this win!

Let’s make Paul proud!

VOTE HERE - vote as many times as you can!

Voting starts today to the day of the ceremony!

The award ceremony will be held on Sunday - April 13, 2014 at 9/8c in the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.


Uzo Aduba, Natasha Lyonne, Laverne Cox & Tony Goldwyn all Attend The 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards at Nokia Theater LA Live