nokia is the best

Things I Learned from John Wick: Chapter 2

- Rich Italians throw sexy, outdoor goth raves
- Don’t leave the ancient keys to your catacombs lying around
- E'ryone in NYC is secretly a trained assassin
- Fuck tactical pens, pencils are deadly (A reprise)
- Don’t challenge Common to a game of chess, hide and seek, Indian leg wrestling or a staring contest.
- You CAN get off at least 7 shots with a Kimber without it jamming
- Jewelry will not melt in a house fire if it has sentimental value
- Morpheus has become a bird loving version of Hugh Hefner
- Apparently Nokia made the best type of tactical phones about 10 years ago
- I want Ian McShane to be my drunk uncle

The signs as things only 90s kids will remember

Aries: slap bracelets lollll!!!!!

Taurus: when Nickelodeon was good XD amirite

Gemini: space pinball kids today are so spoiled :)))))))))

Cancer: Frank Sinatra’s rise to fame

Leo: Moses parting the Red Sea

Libra: Nokia phones were the best I hate moving forward technologically as a species!!!!! Right sweaty??!?

Scorpio: flapper girls

Sagittarius: Napoleon Bonaparte’s downfall

Capricorn: Jesus rising from the dead

Aquarious: Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnny Ray, WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE

Pieces: year 6969

Monster Energy Pit Blog Exclusive: Warped Tour Kick Off Party Recap

I had an incredible time at the 2015 Vans Warped Tour Kick Off Party at Club Nokia. Now I want to share the best moments with you guys. Here is my recap video featuring As It Is, New Years Day, Metro Station, Knuckle Puck, Juliet Simms, Never Shout Never, and more!