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Percy and Magnus

Headcanons for Percy and Magnus meeting.

-Annabeth has really talked up her boyfriend. The legendary Son of Poseidon, Hero of Olympus, Exploder of Mt. St. Helens, whose nosebleed almost destroyed the planet. Magnus worries about meeting him, and not doing something dumb. He just hopes Percy didn’t see his blooper reel.

-Magnus isn’t quite sure what to make of this intimidating teen. He has a mischievous twinkle in his unnaturally green eyes that reminds him of the twinkle in Loki’s.

-Percy tries to be cool and live up to his apparent reputation, but reveals himself to be a dork within a few minutes.

-He and Magnus start chatting about their favorite TV shows, and they argue for a bit about cheeseburgers vs. falafel before Annabeth swats them both over the head.

-Magnus complains to Jack when he sees that Riptide has a pen form.

-Percy is a bit freaked out when Jack starts talking, and he and Magnus both get confused when Jack starts trying to flirt with Riptide.

-Magnus talks about Sam, and Percy cracks a grin and mentions that she would probably be good friends with Annabeth.

-When Magnus mentions Gunilla, Percy says that she probably would have gotten along well with his friend, Clarisse.

-Percy introduces Blackjack, and talks about how he can talk to all horse-hybrid creatures because of his dad, and Magnus grumbles about wanting to understand Stanley.

-Magnus introduces Stanley as Sam’s nephew, grandmothered by Loki, and Percy looks kind of green around the gills, pun totally intended by Magnus.

-Annabeth points out that Percy’s brothers include the Golden Fleece, and a Pegasus, so he shouldn’t be complaining.

-Magnus and Percy enjoy each other’s sass, and it grates on Annabeth.

-They become fast friends, and Percy talks about his time being homeless while he had amnesia, and how Annabeth was his only tether to his past.

-Percy meets Blitzen on his third time going out with Magnus. At first, Percy had jumped back into a defensive position, but Magnus just explained the Blitz was the coolest, most fashionable dwarf you could find, and he made great armor.

-After meeting Hearth, Percy and Annabeth thanked him for keeping Magnus somewhat alive, and safe. But they learned the sign language to do so, which made Magnus get kind of emotional. “No, I’m not crying, Annabeth, I’m just bleeding salt water from my eyes”

-Percy talks about Sally, and eventually, Magnus agrees to come meet her in NY.

-Sally asks his permission and gives him a big hug before giving him a hearty meal because even with his muscle, he is still too skinny.

-He stays with Percy and his family for about a week, and Percy teaches him how to use Iris Message, and gives him a bunch of drachma for emergency calls.

-Magnus almost cries when she and Paul give him a care package with some green cookies, a Nokia cellphone with their numbers, and some fresh t-shirts.

-Magnus starts calling them Aunt Sally and Uncle Paul, and he includes Percy in his family.

-Percy places a blessing on Magnus so that he is protected by Poseidon when he goes out to sea, making it so Ran can’t touch him.

-They both know, that going forward, they will always have each other’s backs, and through Annabeth and their own friendship, they are family.


Why I Take Flora Photos (by flora-file)

I took these photos many, many years ago, during a plant ID class in college. I took 3 classes all together, and these classes were the first time I took photos specifically of plants, singled out and identified by botanical name. I had a shitty point and shoot camera, and sometimes just an ancient Nokia cellphone, and I gave no consideration to lighting, artistic interpretation, aesthetics, or anything beyond having a photo I could use to identify the plant on the weekly quiz. I have thousands of plant photos I took for these classes, and when I look back on them now I realize how horrible they are. I really had to search to find these 4 passable examples. Notice the fluorescent overhead lights and 70’s formica tabletop. Yuck.

Over the years as I went back over the photos I kept on thinking how much had been lost in translation. The beauty I remembered seeing in that plant, that garden, that delicately lit landscape was almost always lost in the photo, unless by some happy accident the stars had aligned to help produce a perfect record of the passing photons. I also realized that other people were able to capture that beauty in their photos, and I started trying to place the beauty I saw in each of the plants around me into a photograph. There is always something lost, but also the photo helps us see the beautiful details that are too minute or fleeting to notice in real time. In this way a perfect plant photo can bring a type of joy that perhaps is lost in person, and it may help us pay closer attention to all the beautiful details the next time we find ourselves surrounded by such moments.

My wife wonders how I can spend so much time photographing plants. She feels that truly meaningful photos need to have people in them, but I disagree. I tell her that there is something beautiful right here in front of us, and I want to somehow record it so I can show other people. I want them to not only see what I saw, but be moved the way I am moved by such delicious, infinite detail. I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it.


Stimtastic order review!

I recently got a bunch of stuff from stimtastic. I got two infinite edamame keychains, a pop tube, the snake puzzle, lava putty, the trapezoid chewy necklace, the droplet chewy necklace, and the bubble wrap phone case.

First of all, I just want to say I got everything so fast, like whoa. Also I wanted the trapezoid in purple with a black cord, but that wasn’t an option on the site, so I just added a note to make the replacement of mine purple, but they made me a purple w/ black cord one special which was really sweet. 20/10.

Now, product reviews.

Infinite Popping Edamame
These things are so much fun. The beans in the one I opened are kinda dirty looking, and their faces are really smudged up, but it’s not really important and couldn’t really be predicted. It’s so much fun to place with them though. 10/10 stim toy. It smells faintly of plastic. Hard to resist putting it in my mouth.

Pop Tube
Easily my favorite thing in this order. Like by a landslide. It’s a triple threat combination of visual, auditory, and tactile stimming. Best $1.50 I ever spent. Who knew something so simple could be so fun. 20/10.

Snake Puzzle
I was excited about this, and it was honestly a bit of a let down. Not much fun. I should have gotten a second tangle or more pop tubes. 3/10.

Lava Putty
Different than what I expected but lots of fun. It doesn’t seem to change colors with heat, but instead just looks different in different lights. It doesn’t seem to go past browns and reds and a little orange? I don’t know, it’s an enigma. It’s a lot of fun though, and I might be using it wrong or something. It looked different in the video. It’s odorless. It’s a little softer than I expected, which was unpleasant the first touch, but very nice to touch after the surprise was gone. 9/10.

Trapezoid necklace
I literally can’t stop sucking/chewing on this thing. Perfect thickness. I’m amazed at how durable it is. I bought a watermelon shaped baby teeth awhile back and ripped through it in hours. This thing has been constantly chewed on for 2 days and I haven’t so much as left a tooth mark. And I have two of them because it came with a replacement. Odorless and tasteless. The only issue I have with it is that the ridge from the mold is a little irritating to my tongue. 10/10.

Droplet necklace
It was bigger than I’d thought it would be. It’s honestly a bit too thick for me and hurts my jaw. Odorless and tasteless. 3/10.

Infinite Bubble Wrap Phone Case
I love this thing. It’s more like pressing the buttons on an old Nokia cellphone than popping bubble wrap though, which honestly is a pleasant surprise. The texture of the bubbles is a really nice stim too and they also give your phone some traction. 10/10.

You should definitely buy from Stimtastic, they do a great job, they’re super nice, and their products are great. Buy a pop tube too, they’re really fun.