nokia 3315

this grammy pro listening session is soooo cool i’m gonna need a breakdown like that of every single song taylor has ever written complete with commentary and voice memos and her cute lil head bops when the songs are playing like seriously i won’t rest until i hear the original bars of lucky you that she probably recorded on a nokia 3315 

I’ve seen a post going around about how if you had a Motorola RAZR phone back in the day, you were the coolest person around. Please… In my day, the coolest phone you could have was the Nokia 3315. It was a heavy, chunky thing with a monochrome screen and you could program your own custom ringtone in to play when you got a call. So cool!
Well, guess what? I still have mine. And it still works. It’s over a decade old and mighty beat-up, but you can still turn it on and play Snake on it. Wonderful.

So, here’s a side-by-shot of my first phone, the Nokia 3315, with my current phone, the Samsung Galaxy SII. This is 12 years of technological advancement in one picture. We’ve gone from 84x48px B&W screens and physical keypads to full HD, full colour touchscreens. Isn’t it amazing?
Also, a small thing I found out when I was fiddling with the 3315 to get it to work: it was made in Korea! So the 3315 was designed in Finland and made in Korea, and the Galaxy SII was designed in Korea and made in Vietnam. Times certainly have changed…

So, what was your first phone? What were its best features? And do you still have it? Send me an ask about it! I’d love to know! ^^