@llama_ajol: my friends,who are amazing singers, still sing happybday off key haha love u guys! 내 친구들 노래 완전 잘해도 생일축합니다 음 틀리게 부르네요ㅋ친구들 사랑한다!#HappyLlamaDay

@henrylau89: @llama_ajol LOL happybday girllll

@llama_ajol: thanks bro, love that lil live performance u and boys did over the phone haha

@llama_ajol: da boys suprised me with a cake.. i think ima cry @henrylau89 @isaachann @genneo1 @youngNeil510 and dr. justin

Surprise for the birthday girllll by Henry and the boys

(sr Berklee oppas for this kind of [anonymous] drawing again x"P)


[INFO] Gen Neo of NoizeBank, the composer behind several really beautiful Super Junior D&E, Super Junior-M, Henry Lau, Amber Liu, and F(x) songs has finally debuted as a singer! Check out this preview video. So much promise! He composed with Amber my all-time favorite F(x) song “Goodbye, Summer” (which also featured EXO’s D.O) 💕 or the English version “I Just Wanna” by Amber and Eric Nam. BEST OF LUCK GEN NEO!

Let's Get To Know: Henry Lau

With his solo debut pending, here’s a little quick guide to Henry Lau!
If you are a SMent fan, a kpop fan in general, and curious about why so many people seem to know this new solo artist and who Henry is: here is everything you need to know!

Name: Henry Lau
Birthdate: October 11th 1989
Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Taiwanese

Areas of expertise:-
Violin, piano, guitar, drums
Popping, breakdance, latin dance, ballet
English (native fluency), Mandarin (conversational fluency), Korean (conversational fluency), Cantonese (conversational), French (unknown), Spanish(unknown), Japanese(basic), Thai (basic)
Rapping, singing, beat-boxing
composition, lyric writing, production, video and audio editing. Acting.

Debuted in 2007 in Super Junior’s ‘Don’t Don’ as a violin soloist. Joined Super Junior-M in 2008 with debut album 'Me’, released the singles 'U’ and 'Me’. Released the mini-album Super Girl with SJ-M in 2009 with the singles 'Super Girl’ and 'Blue Tomorrow’. Released the mini album and single 'Perfection’ with SJ-M in 2011 and 'Break Down’ in 2013. Featured in Zhang Li Yin’s song 'Love Me’ in 2009, SM the Ballad’s 'Don’t lie’ in 2010, 'Santa U Are The One’ for SMTown’s 2011 Christmas album, the Skip Beat OST with 'That’s Love’ in 2011, BoA’s 'One Dream’ in 2012, and the 2012 Younique Unit track ’Maxstep’.

He has composed the songs 'Off My Mind’ from SJ-M’s 'Perfection’, 'All my Heart’ with Leeteuk for Super Junior’s Bonamana album, 'Andante’ with Leeteuk for Super Junior’s Acha release. He has written and produced 'Go’ and 'It’s You’ for SJ-M’s 'Break Down’ and 'The Love That I Need’ for Eunhyuk&Donghae’s 'I Wanna Dance’ single with his production team 'Noizebank’ (Henry Lau, Gen Neo, Neil Nallas and Issac Han).

Let me break this down for the fans who don’t get it.

  • 1-4-3 is a song on Henry’s solo album Trap. 143 means I Love You. All you have to do is count the letters.
  • 486 works the same way, except it’s for Korean and the amount of strokes per say for each syllable: 사 has 4, 랑 has 8, 해 has 6.
  • It could possible be the lyrics to the song and be a little hint since Neil is a part of Noizebank and Noizebank wrote the song.
  • All in all, the possible lyrics translates to: I love you 너는 사랑해!

Henry’s MV Teaser Is “Fantastic” (And Also Really Great)

K-pop’s resident violin-playing, army-going Canadian wonder boy is making his comeback this week, and here is why everyone should be excited.

Henry’s second solo mini album, Fantastic, will be dropping on July 14th. It features six new songs, four of which were produced by him and his production team, Noizebank. Henry is also slated to debut his first live performance of the title track on this week’s Music Bank.

By Patricia

Super Junior-M's Henry Lau Announces His "Fantastic" Comeback

After numerous hints and clues over the past month, Henry Lau‘s long-awaited comeback has been confirmed!

External image

The Chinese-Canadian Super Junior-M member will be dropping his 2nd mini-album, Fantastic, on July 14.

The album will contain a total of six songs of various genres; four of the songs are written by Noizebank, the singer’s own production team.

Henry’s popularity has grown steadily with his involvement on Korean reality programs such as Real Men and Crime Scene, and is sure to further increase with the release of Fantastic. 

The multi-talented artist will be actively promoting from mid-July, so get excited!

Source: (News & Photo) SM Entertainment

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Henry’s Instagram and Twitter Update

writing album demo in #studio with @genneo1 #noizebank #자꾸자꾸 #henry #헨리writing album demo in #studio with @genneo1 #noizebank #자꾸자꾸 #henry #헨리

Translation by fannyssi (on Flitto): writing album demo in #studio with @genneo1 #noizebank #AgainAndAgain #henry #헨리