noize bank

New SM Male Solo Artist

Ok stick with me here guys, I’m going to let my inner henry stan out. This absolutely has to be him!

Henry written in sapphire blue across his chest
Strings written on his forearm (name for his fans)
Maple leaf on his hip (he’s canadian)
Noize Bank written on his right shoulder, covered up with the white jizz (name of henry’s production team)
Snoopy & Woodstock also on his forearm (his nickname is snoopy)
What looks like a violin on the back of his left wrist

His nose is the right length/shape
His arms have just the right amount of muscle to them
His torso is the right length in proportion to the rest of him

See photo example (ok this is partially an example and partially eye candy)

There also have been a lot of hints about new stuff coming from Noize Bank - if it turns out to be someone else I’m going to kill SM for getting my hopes up… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

Anyway, YESSSSSSSSSSSS he so deserves this! He’s so freaking talented and I can’t wait to listen to his first album if it really is him ^^. I hope So Cold will be on it. 

Can anyone else find more clues in the tattoos? I’m not primarily a henry stan so there definitely could be stuff I missed/inside jokes I don’t know about :D. 


Henry – 1-4-3 (acoustic ver. feat. Exo-K’s Chanyeol)


Henry – 1-4-3 (feat. f(x)’s Amber)