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01. beyoncé - 7/11 // 02. chynna - bitch // 03. nicki minaj - beez in the trap (feat. 2 chainz) // 04. azealia banks - heavy metal and reflective // 05. angel haze - new york // 06. nicki minaj - did it on ‘em // 07. dai burger - ice bling // 08. chynna - glen coco // 09. dai burger - soufflé // 10. junglepussy - bling bling // 11. angel haze - werkin’ girls // 12. princess nokia - versace hottie // 13. m.i.a. - bring the noize // 14. azealia banks - 212 (feat. lazy jay) // 15. nicki minaj - anaconda


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New SM Male Solo Artist

Ok stick with me here guys, I’m going to let my inner henry stan out. This absolutely has to be him!

Henry written in sapphire blue across his chest
Strings written on his forearm (name for his fans)
Maple leaf on his hip (he’s canadian)
Noize Bank written on his right shoulder, covered up with the white jizz (name of henry’s production team)
Snoopy & Woodstock also on his forearm (his nickname is snoopy)
What looks like a violin on the back of his left wrist

His nose is the right length/shape
His arms have just the right amount of muscle to them
His torso is the right length in proportion to the rest of him

See photo example (ok this is partially an example and partially eye candy)

There also have been a lot of hints about new stuff coming from Noize Bank - if it turns out to be someone else I’m going to kill SM for getting my hopes up… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)

Anyway, YESSSSSSSSSSSS he so deserves this! He’s so freaking talented and I can’t wait to listen to his first album if it really is him ^^. I hope So Cold will be on it. 

Can anyone else find more clues in the tattoos? I’m not primarily a henry stan so there definitely could be stuff I missed/inside jokes I don’t know about :D. 


Henry – 1-4-3 (acoustic ver. feat. Exo-K’s Chanyeol)


Henry – 1-4-3 (feat. f(x)’s Amber)

anonymous asked:

I adore your music taste. Would you mind giving me some artist suggestions?

this is always hard bc my taste is all over the place….but some artists i;m in love with: burial, sufjan stevens, the knife, bonobo, cocorosie, star slinger, how to dress well, jon hopkins, xiu xiu, sza, badbadnotgood, nicolas jaar, justice, amtrac, grizzly bear, philip glass, james blake, seekae, m.i.a., the radio dept., joanna newsom, salem, pictureplane, final fantasy/owen pallet, destroyer, drake, les savy fav, boys noize, banks, feist, explosions in the sky, no age, shlohmo, blood orange, 20syl, machinedrum, 16 bit, akron/family, massive attack, radiohead/thom yorke, why?, major lazer


[STARCAST] Donghae, Eunhyuk. Do you know how hurt I am?

SuperJunior Unit group that composed of Donghae and Eunhyuk, named SuperJunior-D&E is going to get on the ball starting with revealing their first album with the title song ‘Growing Pains’ on March 6th at midnight in Korea. SuperJunior unit group, SuperJunior-D&E surprisingly has quite a long history as it was opened to the public in last 2011 at ‘SUPERSHOW’ performance. You are familiar with SuperJunior but not with SuperJunior D&E?! Don’t worry, Naver STARCAST is going to tell you everything about SuperJunior D&E~!! Let’s find out!!

Please introduce yourself! Who are you? I am ….!

While they were working on their new album, they had been filming each other in their spare time, they been working restlessly in order to make a film that contains the real side of X Donghae & Eunhyuk. They tried to show their genuine side, yet the two men with endless numbers of charms couldn’t able to hide their bright, a boy like side ^^ they tried as hard as they could to show who they really are via the film for fans who are still wondering about who they are. All about D&E! Meet them now!

In between times of filming their lives, Donghae and Eunhyuk didn’t forget to tell still-wondering-fans about who they are. They answered for questions that were written by many of their fans.

First, let’s start with their group name ‘SuperJunior-D&E’ ~!!

It is pretty obvious that they made the group name using Donghae’s D and Eunkyuk’s E, but it could have been E&D because even though they are the same age Eunhyuk has an earlier birthday…… Yet if it was named E&D it would have pronounced as END. They can’t end it before they even get to start it, so this is why they named the unit SuperJunior-D&E. Moreover, it is not hard to pronounce [Donghae Eunkyuk], yet if it is vice versa [Eunhyuk and Donghae], Donghae’s name could pronounced as [Ddo n g…(d u n g) hae].. so in all way it was an excellent choice that they named the unit D&E….^^

Who is the leader?!

No one, one day Donghae is the leader and the next day Eunkyuk takes the role…… The world is only for D&E’s without Leeteuk (a leader of SuperJunior).

Was there any other SuperJunior members that wanted to join D&E?

As the unit was formed along with 2011 ‘SUPER SHOW’ (even though it is the unit’s first time releasing their album in Korea) the unit D&E was involved in many different activities. Continuing after D&E’s dance song, ‘Oppa, Oppa’ and a digital single album ‘Still you’; D&E is going to show different side of them that the public is not yet aware of via this album along with their bright and fun characteristics.

‘Growing Pains’ Music Video Teaser:

Wow~, are you falling in love with them?

This is not the end, a story of the album tracks from SuperJunior members!
You would be able to enjoy the tracks more if you read the following comments, the highlight of each of the songs~

★★★★★ first track, ‘The Beat Goes On’ is very alluring, the melody of the song is ponderous as it almost rings your heart. The choreography for the song is different from their previous dance song, this time it is more stylish! !

★★★★★ This album’s title song, ‘Growing Pains’ is Donghae’s own song! He participated in writing the song. At first, Donghae introduced the song to Eunhyuk and Eunhyuk loved it that he almost cried out! ‘What is this? This is amazing! Let’s do this for our title song!’

★★★★★ ‘Sweater & Jeans’ is Eunhyuk’s favorite song among the album tracks. Eunhyuk loves everything about this song including the lyrics, beat and melody! “Wish you all enjoy the song too” said Eunhyuk.

★★★★★ ‘Breaking Up’ is a song about a man who is trying to delay the break up at least for a day after scenting the breakup with his love. It gets sadder as you are listening to the song.  

★★★★★ ‘Light, Camera, Action!’ is written by musical composer team called ‘Noize Bank’ which is a team that Henry (a singer works for SM Entertainment) belongs to and got the song a long time ago. It is an exciting song that gest more exciting if you jump up and down at a concert hall. Jump Jump! Thank you Henry!

★★★★★ ‘Can You Feel It?’ is a song that well suits with Donghae and Eunhyuk as it was once considered for the album’s title song. So it is strongly recommended! Have fun listening to the song!

★★★★★ The last track, ‘Mother’. Mom… what else more can I say… it is song that expresses how thank we all are for Mother’s great love. Donghae wrote the song’s lyrics. Mom…

Lastly, pictures of SuperJunior members cheering for SuperJunior-D&E with all their heart.

SuperJunior-D&E, the unit who have too much enchanting traits. Starting with Showcase that is opening tomorrow, they are revealing their album on March 6th at midnight, and also their first comeback stage at <Music Bank>~!! Meet D&E with whole different look. Thank you 

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