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come to think of it, i’ve never drawn noiz in a suit before…


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oh my gosh kami your art is still as flawless as ever /sob (it's whitenoize from da btw haha) if you're still taking ut requests, would you consider drawing maybe burgerpants or muffet maybe please ; v ;

Omg this reply is so late noize bby but aaa heRE’S SOME MUFFET SKETCHES FOR YOU BECAUSE I LOVE MUFF WITH MY LIFE <3 <3

So after finishing the Noiao Drama CD I really wanted to see these too become parents. Imagine that after a few years Aoba starts seriously thinking about adopting a child with Noiz. But nothing really comes of it and they’re both too nervous to even go try to adopt.

But one day while Aoba is out in a not so wealthy neighborhood he comes across this child digging in the trash for some food. He stops and gives the child the rest of his lunch that he didn’t finish.

“Where are your parents?”

“…They said they would come back…but…”


So Aoba brings the child home with him, bathes him and when Noiz gets home from work he has a little surprise waiting! Heheh, Ren and Midori already adore and welcome the boy to their home.

This boys name is Ivo. Aoba plans to adopt him. Noiz feels a little weird suddenly taking on the father role. He struggles to know what a good father is supposed to behave like. But Ivo is a preety good and charming boy.

I plan to draw a lot more of cute little Ivo with his new family. Yasss.

Don’t tell anybody, but the gesture makes him want to crawl into the backseat of his car and die.

Noiz isn’t strong right now.

the chapter 3 of Earnest Things of Gossamer Kings almost made me cry

to follow up on this post

mommy aoba is apparently upset :I

which ends up making sei upset

but i basically just wanted to put noiz in a suit for sei s o

sei is no longer upset