maus Music Review - Distorted Memory - Swallowing the Sun

Swallowing the Sun is a new dense world of Dark Electro. It is lush and atmospheric. Rich with tribal beats and ethnic chants. Eerie and dark, and thick with distortion in a beautifully decaying way. Opening track ‘Awake Sleeping Giants’ blossoms with a seethingly slow wave of development that progresses like crawling death, and tumbles you into the album as a near perfect intro. 'Black fields’ is a great official opener, fulfilling the craving for brooding and intense dark electro. This Hocico-like track is a tense sludge ballad. The album flows unpredictably into several types of dancefloor music and ranges across many tempos. Most have a staple galloping synth, and are decorated with vibrant intros that remind of ancient tribes and forbidden rituals. The conceptual tribal influence doesn’t kick in for a few songs, but once it does - the creepy chanting and tribal beats pull this album into another world, as evidenced by tracks such as 'Nomads’ and the crunchy 'Yahweh’. 'Hand of God’ (and the Die Sektor mix at the end of the album) are riveting, and driving with well developed texture and synthlines. Several of the tracks are exceedingly hard and fast ('Seven Voices of Hate’, 'Prey’) and provide fantastic listening.

'Silence’ and 'Swallowing the Sun’ deliver you right into the jungle with the sound of a rainstorms, drum beats and mysterious wailing from some far off land that may have never existed. Every track on this short album is great.. ending nicely with the violent and satisfying 'Raven Eyes’ and 'Yahweh’ an ominous tune that sounds like a sacrificial progression. I wish the album were longer.

This album is a must for fans of Hocico, AkitveHate, Alien Vampires, This Morn Omina, Ah Cama Sotz.. Elements of Harsh Electro and tribal dance infusion. Brilliant and engaging. I give this a solid A.