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did you see the 2nd kiss without the music? Are matt and harry so freaking noisy while kissing or is that added it post production? I already thought that for the wedding kiss. =D

I did watch that video of the second kiss without music, Anon. And lol, apparently they both really are that noisy when kissing each other. It was the same with the wedding kiss. They just like to really smooch each other. Very audible. I think it just so so adorable and pure.

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Flood my Mornings: Every Day and Everything

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment: Fernacre (Jamie is surprised with an outing by Claire and ends up with a job).

Every Day and Everything 

Brianna, the light of his life, the joy of his heart, wrapped her arms around his neck in the sweetest of hugs, and declared:

“Peee-yooooo, Da!”

“Well, and ye dinna smell like a bed of roses yourself!” said Jamie, startled into laughter. He lifted her above his head and took a dramatic, tickling sniff. “Och, no, I’m forsworn: ye smell verra sweet, cub.” He kissed her repeatedly on the cheeks and neck until she began wriggling–giggling– to escape. “Ye’d best get accustomed to the smell o’ horses, a nighean.” He gave her one more noisy kiss and set her down. “Where’s your Mama, then?”

“In here,” came Claire’s voice from the kitchen, and Jamie’s whole body stiffened, as though reacting to a snapped twig in the dark. Was he only imagining that she sounded strange? Strained…worn…? Tired, perhaps? Well, and he was tired himself, was he not, after the day’s labor and the two long Car rides with Hank? Perhaps it had been a hard shift at the hospital today. Aye, surely that was it. Still, he followed Brianna into the kitchen somewhat braced. 

“Hello, there, sweetheart,” she said over her shoulder, reaching for salt with an apologetic, “Just one moment, alright?” She had already changed from her uniform into a cotton shirt and slacks and was stirring something on the Stove top. 

He came up behind her and placed a careful, tender hand on the small of her back. “It’s verra kind of ye to see to supper, Sassenach,” he said, genuinely thankful, as he knew cooking was not her joy.  

Penelope saw to it, truthfully,” she said deprecatingly, placing a lid on the pot and turning into his arms. “I’m just reheating.”

She did look tired, Jamie thought as she embraced him; or perhaps not tired, for he didn’t think lack of sleep had to do with it. She looked… subdued, and that troubled him all the more. Claire nearly always had a glint in her eye: from love, from excitement, from determination after some task needing to be done. In this moment, though, her arms wrapped about him, looking up into his face, she seemed glazed, distant, and Jamie had the distinct impression it was with some effort that she smiled warmly and asked, “Was it a good first day, sweetheart?”

“Aye, it was, at that.” He kissed her forehead and released her. He was still concerned, but did not wish to press her, and so sank down into one of the kitchen chairs.  “The tasks of conducting business havena changed o’ermuch in two hundred years, from what I’ve seen of it, at least as far as Fernacre is concerned. There are still ledgers to keep, inventories to maintain, records to properly file, and such. Made more telephone calls in one day than I thought I should make in a lifetime,” he said with a laugh, “but it got easier as the day went along.”

“Who were you having to phone?” she asked with the same note of forced cheer as she knelt to check on Bree, who was playing happily with George the toy rabbit on the floor next to the Frigidaire.

“Oh, well, mostly the folk from whom we purchase stock, so Tom could introduce me. The rapport makes a great deal of difference in transactions, ken. That was most o’ the morning. For a time, I was worried the whole of my position would entail sitting at the wee desk…” He paused for a moment, watching Claire’s back, which stayed (carefully?) turned to him as she went to wash her hands. “…but I did get outdoors for the afternoon, inspecting the stock and making my own notes about their ages and breeds and such–to determine what our purchasing priorities should be for the upcoming months; and then ended the day back indoors wi’ damn tedious invoicing,” he said, with a mock shudder he hoped would make her laugh.

She took the cue and chuckled, turning to face him at last, but the mirth had not reached her eyes. “Do you think you’ll enjoy the job, love?” she said, putting her hands in her wee pockets. “Think you can be happy in it?”

“Aye, I do,” he said with a smile, feeling a swell of excited contentment, despite his disquiet over her mood. “Aye,” he said, more emphatically, hoping to reassure her, just in case anxiety over his new position could possibly be the cause. “There’s plenty of the old world about it, but enough of the new to keep me learning.” 

“I’m so happy for you, sweetheart,” she said, bending down to kiss him, and Jamie could tell that she meant it.

Nonetheless, as she turned, when she surely thought he couldn’t see, he saw her face fall. “Claire, mo chridhe?” he said gently, catching her hand. “What’s happened?”

There was a moment when Jamie thought she was going to pull away and declare everything to be perfectly fine. He could see her mouth working in deliberation;  but as she turned to him, she seemed to deflate before his eyes. Without a word, she sank down onto his lap and put her arms around his neck, curling against him like a child.

Hey, now, hey,” he breathed, pulling her close against his chest. “Oh, my sweet lass…”

She wasn’t crying, just breathing heavily and clinging to him very tightly, burying her face in his neck and shoulder. “Just…hold me?” she said, voice tight.

“Always, mo nighean donn,” he said. He cupped her head and rested his lips in her hair, closing his eyes and rocking them gently, praying.

Ma-ma?” came a small voice a few minutes later, causing them both to open their eyes. Brianna was looking up with stricken concern and patting Claire’s bum. “Ma-ma? Ah-sad?”

Claire straightened a bit so she could reach down and touch Brianna’s cheek. “No, no, not sad, lovey. Mama just wanted to have a cuddle with Da.”

“M’okay, Sacknap!” the lass said, satisfied. After giving Claire a parting kiss on the footshe toddled off to resume her animated conversation with George. 

Jamie and Claire both watched her for a time as an excuse not to break the silence. Finally, though, Jamie squeezed his wife’s hip. “You are sad, though, aye?”

“Yes,” she whispered, after a long pause, not meeting his eye.

He kissed her cheek and temple, slowly. I’m here. I love you. Don’t be afraid, my love. “Tell me?” he said aloud. 

Slowly, without speaking, she reached into the pocket of of her trousers and pulled out an envelope.

Jamie inhaled sharply. “Jesus…He wrote back, then?”

Claire had shown him her letter before posting it, that second day together, the day before their wedding. With so much joy between them, it had seemed callow not to send a gesture of thanks to the man that had made their life-altering reunion possible; and yet each word had been a wound in her heart in the writing, no matter how genuinely she meant them.

July 7, 1950


I do not know if it is right for me to write you. You might prefer never to have cause to think of me again. I would not blame you, if so, and yet I felt I had to write to you to thank you for each and every one of the gifts that I learned about yesterday, when James Fraser appeared in my kitchen:

Your forgiveness in not pressing charges after what happened at Oxford (Jamie told me what happened, and how badly he must have injured you); the money and tickets (my God, the cost of these alone must have been exorbitant); the passport and birth certificate (I know you risked much in acquiring them: your position, criminal charges). 

And the trust for Brianna….Frank, this above all had me floored and in tears. Had you written to me of it before and I’d not seen, ignoring your letters? For the extravagance of this gift, for my shame at my own behavior, my conscience screams in my ear that I must refuse this, that it would be wrong to accept. Jamie, though, asks that I give you the gift of accepting your kindness; so, unless you should choose to rescind (which I give you full permission to do), I will say only thank you, THANK YOU, and God bless you for wishing to see to the care of my daughter. For the selfless love you showed toward the child that I promised you, then ripped away: I am grateful; I am touched; I am speechless.

What you did for Jamie, for me, was beyond what any person in your position would be obliged to do. Please know how deeply, utterly grateful I am for what you have done by giving Jamie the means to find me. You’ve given me my husband. You’ve given Brianna her father. Truly, you have given me more than I ever could have dreamed of, everything that I have mourned and buried. You’ve given me life again.

I’ve very nearly scratched that last paragraph out, for it must seem little more than salt in a wound, to prattle on about my happiness that came so directly at the expense of your own. So too does it feel woefully incommensurate with the deed. “Grateful”; “Touched”—these are flimsy, disgusting little words that do not begin to reflect the depth of my feeling; and yet I leave the above sentences where they stand, for it would be even more of a disservice to allow your actions to go down as casual good deeds or simple kindnesses.

You gave me everything, Frank. Everything. And whether or not my words can carry the intensity of how I feel today as I sit here writing to you, please hear me: I am eternally, brokenly, on my knees thankful to you.

And above all, I am sorry. I’m sorry for everything I took from you. Every minute. Every year. Past and future. For everything I did to hurt you, I’m so deeply, terribly, truly sorry.

You deserve far better, Frank, and I wish every happiness upon your life.


Jamie squeezed Claire tight with one arm and turned Frank’s reply over in his free hand. The flap was still sealed. He brought both arms around her and held her close for a long time before saying gently, “What is the worst that this letter could contain?”

“I don’t know,” she said, voice quavering.

“Ye do know.” He ran his fingers lightly over her back, speaking softly but without hesitation. “What is it ye fear he’s said, mo chridhe?”

“All the…I don’t know, Jamie, I just– had planned things so that we’d never speak again. Now, I have to…” She took a deep, ragged breath, “…face all the the terrible things he thinks about me…and the fact that they’re incontestably true.”

That she’d broken his heart thrice over and left him to pick up the pieces. Jamie remembered the rage and the pain in Frank Randall’s face. He knew the truth of how the man suffered.

“Could ye carry on,” Jamie asked with no trace of mockery, “if he told ye all his grievances against you?”

“Yes,” she said after a long silence.

He rubbed her hip slowly. “That is no’ to say it willna be painful…but you are strong enough, even for this.”

She nodded and took a deep breath. She took the letter from his hand and rose, walking over to the sink. There came the sound of ripping paper, the whifft of the letter being withdrawn. She stood hunched for a moment, steeling herself over the paper in her hand. Then, she turned and held it back out to him. “Will you read to me?”

Jamie took the letter and unfolded it, his heart racing, seeing at once that it was far shorter than her own message had been. God be with us, he prayed silently.

Dear Claire…” 

Jamie stopped and glanced up nervously.  She was leaned with her back against the counter facing him, but staring at the floor. He went on. 

Every day since we parted, I have grieved; I have wished; and I have raged.” 

“Jesus,” Claire whispered, squeezing her eyes tight as if to shut the pain out.


Jamie’s breath caught in his throat and he had to swallow hard before reading the next words.   

“…everything I have done since the day you and I met, I would do again, and gladly


Her head came up, stunned, and she made a small whimper, her eyes glassy with tears.

Jamie finished the letter very quietly. 

I wish every happiness for you, as well, Claire. And for your family. 



She put her face in both hands and wept, her strong, narrow shoulders hunched over with the immensity of Randall’s words.

Jamie stood and went to her, hugging her gently to him. “He wishes ye well,” he crooned. “You couldna wish for better than that, aye?”

She struggled to get a deep breath through the tears. “I really do want him to be happy–I do!” 

“I know….I know ye do,” he said, rocking her and smoothing her hair. 

“Until he's–happy–-finds someone who makes him–I’ll always feel…my fault…” She trailed off, crying harder. 

Jamie kissed her hair. “Ye canna hold yourself accountable for his happiness, Sassenach. We might pray for it, true, and we ought, but ye must release yourself from the burden of it.”

She nodded against his chest and let the rest of her tears fall silently against his chest, the peace of the kitchen disturbed only by the sounds of Brianna’s play at their feet.

Suddenly, Claire stiffened and pulled back to look him in the eye, her own wild. “I love you, Jamie,” she said, laying her cool hands on his face and giving him a little shake. 

“And I love you.“ 

“I love you,” she said again, insistently, almost violently, “—and I—I would never—” She shook her head, hard. “You should never think that—I could ever—” 

That she would ever do this to him. Leave him. Love another. 

“NO, mo ghraidh,” he said firmly. “NO. You loved Frank Randall; it would be wrong for either of us to pretend otherwise….but you’d never have left him if you’d had something like this between you…. God, never!” She dug her fingertips into his arms, lips working furiously as she tried to keep her emotion in check. "You and I,” he went on, “we’re different, aye? We’ve always been different. That kind of heartbreak…that damage and pain: they willna be for us, Claire. Not ever.” 

“But hhhow…” She exhaled heavily on the word, the pent-up distress rushing out of her, such that she had to gasp for air to speak. “…how can you be sure?”

“I’m sure of my own heart…and I’m sure of yours, mo chridhe. There’s nothing on earth to which I stake my faith more than that.” 

“Oh, Jamie,” she breathed, “Jamie, my love…I don’t want to believe we could ever–ever–” She made a sound of anger and pain in her throat. “But I thought I knew my own heart when I married Frank, too…and look at how…” She couldn’t finish the sentence, just clapped a hand over her mouth and shook with weeping. 

The lump in Jamie’s throat burned and choked him with doubt and fear (Jesus, could she)… 

…then vanished; utterly, completely vanished.  

“Ye ask me how I can be sure? Because the first time I took ye to the stones, after Cranesmuir, ye chose me, freely. You felt sorry about Frank, and couldna forget him entirely, true, but from then on, it was me…not him. Because the second time I took ye there, and ye went back to him, it was still me, aye?…even with him there and loving and willing before ye, ye loved me.”  He took her face, her lovely, red, tear-streaked face in both hands. “Because in life and death and beyond time, you’ve chosen to affirm that I’m yours just as you’re mine.”

He opened his mouth to speak the words, but they fell from her lips first. Their promise: 

“‘Til our life shall be done.”

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Dating Harry Would Include - 32

Chrismas tree:

- Coming home and finding him in the living room surrounded by Christmas decorations
- His smile widening when he sees you walking between the boxes scattered on the floor
- Stretching out his hand to help you to join him in front of the still empty Christmas tree
- His proud smile while looking at the tree “You like? I chose it myself, wanted the best one for our first Christmas together!”
- Kissing the back of your hand relieved when he see you smile
- His enthousiasme in opening all the boxes to find the light garland
- Your amused sigh when he makes you wear the light garland as a crown
- Blocking you when you try to take it off to be able to give all your face noisy kisses
- Holding the garland above your head to reach the highest branches, kissing your cheek by surprise when you turn your head
- Mocking you because you have to go your tiptoes to reach the top of the tree “You really deserve your name of Little Queen.”
- Taking carefully the decorations from your hands to put them where you can’t reach
- His fingers above yours helping you to hang  a big  garland around the tree
- Kissing your fingertip when you prick your finger with the spines of the fir
- Wanting to decorate the tree right where you are on purpose to pass his arms around your waist
- Taking advantages of his arms around your waist to hold you from behind and kissing the back of your head
- Patting your butt to make you move aside when you stay in his way looking at the tree with concentration
- Raise you by passing his arms around your thighs so that you can place the star at the top of the fir tree
- Sitting on couch and can’t stop smiling while looking at your happy face
- Letting you install the last decorations , nodding with a tender smile when you ask him if the tree looks good
- Opening his arms for you to come sit on his laps when you finally satisfied with your work  "I think we did a pretty good job, didn’t we?“
- Hugging you in kissing your shoulder while he makes you lay your side on his torso
- His lips pressed into your hair while looking at the Christmas tree lighting up the room becoming dark because of the end of day , his arms tightly wrapped around your body

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Noisy kisses!!!!!!!!

“you guys are gross,” aaliyah deadpanned.

“is that supposed to be an insult? because i’m taking it as a compliment,” shawn answered, ruffling his sister’s hair.

the three of you were squished into the backseat of the mendes family car, waiting for shawn’s parents to leave the house so you could drive out to dinner together. the two of you had arrived in pickering almost a week ago, and you had seen the signs that aaliyah was both happy and annoyed to see her doofus of a big brother.

you knew shawn’s family pretty well by now, having met them a couple of times, so casual touching no longer made you uncomfortable. right now, for instance, shawn hand your hand in his lap, which had prompted aaliyah’s comment in the first place.

“we’re not that gross,” you chimed in. “it’s not like we’re making out in front of you. because that would be gross.”

“don’t give him any ideas!” aaliyah hissed, but it was too late: a smirk was creeping onto shawn’s face and before you knew what was happening, he was pressing his lips against yours.

you squealed, but went with the flow because you knew shawn would never do this if his parents were coming close any second; they were both probably still gathering up their things. plus, the kiss wasn’t really for either of your benefit - it was solely meant to antagonize aaliyah, which despite popular belief, shawn loved to do.

so it was noisy and sloppy, more of a smooch than anything else. you were laughing too hard to really kiss back and aaliyah was shrieking in the background but shawn still kept his hand behind your head to prevent you from accidentally smacking it against the car door, so you forgave him.

when he pulled back with a particularly loud smack, he beamed at you, lips red.

“yeah, alright,” you admitted. “i guess we are kind of gross.“

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Jeffrey nods and start by kissing Mads on his eyelid. He slowly goes lower and kisses the exposed skin of his right shoulder. It takes a little while but by the time Jeffrey is kissing Mads' belly he had pulled the watchdog's shirt off. That explains the trail of noisy but sweet kisses. Jeff looks up at the other watchdog with a loving smirk and wraps his arms around Mads' hips. "What should I do now?" His cheek is pressed against Mads' stomach.

Mads was so happy, and oh so nervous. But he knew exactly what Jeffrey should do next. “You could begin to maybe lick or suck on my skin? I think that would make me feel really good.” He said, but in a sexy accent. He was a bit turned on, he could already feel himself getting bigger.

“Go on, I don’t bite…” He was opening his arms, and was waiting for Jeff to attack him.

I love you I love you I love you. Till the end of my being and my existence. I will love you until my bones grow numb and my lungs shrivel up. Even when we are old and wrinkled and tired all the time i will love you. When nothing makes sense and I can’t remember what I had for lunch. I love you now. I love your smile and when you look into my eyes I become memorized at the love love love love love i love you. gosh my words are so jumbly and my sentences are sloppy but that’s love. not being able to put your thoughts into words because it’s so indescribable. that’s love. being a mess all the time, the good kind though. messy smiles and kisses and noisy messy laughs and hugs and messy thoughts and sure hearts. that’s love.
love is messy and love is fun and love is nothing like it is in movies. it’s a god damn mess. it’s smiling in the middle of a serious situation because you’re thinking of them. it’s putting their happiness and wants before yours because that’s really what you want. you want them happy and you want them to be yours. you want to make them proud and you’re proud of them. you want to be everything to them. and they are your everything. love is everything and anything and it’s a god damn mess it really is. but it’s a mess that you want. it’s coloring out of the lines because it looks better. it’s messy crooked handwriting in your journal that adds spice to the usually neat lines. it’s the funky scar that you don’t mind because it adds character. it’s the coffee stain on your shirt that you love because it always smells good and makes you feel better. its disorganized and spontaneous and it’s a mess. but it’s my mess and I never want to clean it up.
—  things I think about when I think of you

It’s not a word Siger Holmes ever expected to use in relation to himself. Not with the two fine young men he and Violet raised - fine, but unconventional, to put it mildly. And yet here he is, smiling widely at two young forms running pell-mell up the drive, arms wide, yelling that word at the top of their lungs. “Grandpa! Grandpa!”

He crouches down and takes Scarlett and Edmund into his arms, planting noisy kisses on their chubby little cheeks and receiving equally noisy kisses back from them. The tip of his nose is moist as well as his cheeks, and his knees are creaking, but as he looks up and sees the warm smile on his daughter-in-law’s face, and the equally warm smile on his difficult, prickly son’s face, he acknowledges that the wetness isn’t just from his grandchildren’s kisses.

No, Siger Holmes never thought he’d be grandpa to anyone, but he knows no deeper contentment than in knowing that is exactly who he is.

✨Squad Goals Season 2 Episode 11 Pt. 2: 3some✨

“Harry please put on some pants.” Zayn says with an annoyed groan towards his friend, but Harry, who has decided to wear a tight pair of white underwear shakes his head adamantly.

“It’s a slumber party. Tell him that this is how I slumber loves” Kendall nods and shrugs before pulling the ribbon of her silk robe a bit tighter. Cara on the other hand grabs a handful of one of his pert ass cheeks and plants a noisy kiss on his cheek.

“Isn’t he adorable?” Cara says, tapping the pop star on his nose causing the both of them to break into smiles.

“Zara is adorable.” Zayn reasons with a look of mild disgust aimed at Harry. At the mention of Zara, Gigi comes downstairs with the fussing baby, a stressed and disheveled looking nanny following closely as the model mom barked orders.

“Can we go already?” Za says impatiently, he, Justin, and Khalil are wearing matching red onesies and chilling by the door as we have yet to leave.

“By the time we get there Taylor and friends will probably be asleep. Past their bedtime and all” Kylie digs and despite my decision to be an adult tonight a snort escapes my lips.

Swift Mansion
It would seem that all of the girls from Taylor’s ‘Bad Blood’ music video as well as some other familiar faces are at her house, each running around in silky, short pajamas. Khalil and Za go crazy and immediately begin talking to a group of them.

“I feel like we’re outnumbered ” Justin whispers to Zayn, hinting at the female to male ratio. I’m about to respond when Taylor herself approaches us and pulls Justin and I into a huge hug.

“I’m soooooo happy that you two showed up!” She’s clearly drunk if the fruity pink drink in hand is any confirmation.

“You are?” I ask in surprise and she nods wildly,

“Yeah! I told some of the girls that Justin was coming and they freaked the fuck out” I’m immediately defensive and Justin seems to sense my change in demeanor and grabs me around the waist.

“Drinks are over there have fun guys!” Then she danced her lanky self across the room and plops onto the lap of a bored looking Calvin Harris.

“We should’ve stayed at Drake’s” Justin mumbles as Zendaya and Louis wave at us from the living room.

“Come on. Let’s get wasted” Kylie says coming between the both of us and supporting herself on our shoulders. We follow her to the open bar and grab a few of the girly drinks that line the counter, hoarding them in our arms and sloshing the contents everywhere. Taylor wouldn’t mind, the place was already trashed. We take a seat on a couch opposite of Selena and Nick who are having what looks to be a heated conversation.

“You know I hate it when you drink this much” Nick hisses and Selena looks completely unaffected as she knocks back a shot of tequila.

“You are still the same little boy who rocked a purity ring aren’t you?” She taunts and Nick’s cheeks turn red as hell. Selena pokes at his chest with a drunken smile and shakes her head several times,

“We’re grown ups now Nick. You might sing some grown up songs but you are still a fucking Jonas Brother.” Nick looks livid and without another word he stands up from the couch and stomps his way to the front door. Selena raises her glass at us and says with her perfect sarcastic tone,

“Kids!” Justin smiles at her and she returns it with a radiant grin before focusing that grin on me and waving.

“Hey Rhiannon, we still cool?” I think back to how she joined us for dinner at Chili’s and nod,

“We’re cool.” She does a fist pump in the air and then takes another shot.

“Good because I really need some friends tonight” Kylie let’s out a huff of disapproval and pulls out her phone turning to me to explain her sudden anger,

“This isn’t my scene. I think that Rakim is at his place if he is I’m out.” I nod in understanding and snatch her drink she looks totally offended. I point to the camera that’s panning the party and sip at my stolen drink.

“You’re only 18 sweetheart!” Selena clarifies and Kylie, who’s had enough, stands up and leaves.

“You want to stay babe?” Justin asks as he watches Taylor dance across the room cringing every time she attempts to dab.

“Please stay! Please please please!” Selena begs standing from her place on the couch and stumbling over to us. We steady her and she sits in the middle of us, a content smile on her red lips.

“Let’s get a round” she snaps her fingers and a few attendants show up with trays of pink drinks. The three of us spend the next three hours shooting back cocktails and various margaritas.

Three hours later

I can’t stop fucking giggling. Giggling when Justin grinds his straining erection against my ass, giggling when Selena Gomez pulls me in for a kiss, giggling when Justin pulls off my pajama top and tosses it to the floor of one of Taylor Swift’s many guest bedrooms. Just giggling my damn ass off.

“Is this okay?” Justin asks me trailing a line of heated kisses down my neck as I struggle to open Selena’s lacy blue front clasp bra. I nod and then kiss her again. She tastes like pink lemonade and lime. Justin moans and walks over to the bed and sits down with a grunt. I pull away from her lips and she smiles at me I smile back and offer her my hand.

She takes it, almost shyly, and follows me to the bed.

“Do you have protection? I’m on birth control but just to be sure…” Selena says and I can tell that the severity of what we’re all about to do has sobered her up considerably. Justin reaches around int he pockets of his onesie and comes up empty.

“Rhi and I never use condoms…” Selena nods and looks around the room before hopping off the bed and walking into the adjoining restroom. As she is gone Justin sheds the onesie, leaving him in a pair of Calvins. Selena returns with a box of condoms, and a satisfied grin.

“Compliments of Taylor Swift” she says waving around the box and tossing it at Justin. She climbs back onto the bed and reaches for me again and soon we’re kissing languidly above Justin who strokes our hair, lightly pressing us together.

“You are a bomb ass kisser” Selena says and Justin laughs in agreement,

“Thank you, you are too” Selena smiles and then looks down at Justin. She hesitates for a few moments and I can tell that she’s trying to ask for my permission to kiss him. I nod and she leans down and plants a soft kiss to his lips that he responds to immediately. My heart stutters a few times and I want to look away but there’s something strangely erotic about the scene.

He touches her cheek and palms one of her breasts and with eyes closed she beckons me closer with just one finger. I sit on top of Justin and feel the hardness of his length underneath the silky bottoms of my pajama shorts. He and Selena are still kissing but he reaches his free hand out and I clasp it with mine before I start grinding against him. He moans, breaking their kiss and then I lean down to kiss him.

Selena pulls off her pants and now she sits next to us in only a pair of panties. Justin and I stop kissing for a few moments and he holds my face tightly between his hands.

“Do you want to do this? You couldn’t stand the thought of me kissing Kylie… What’s changed?” He was right. As per usual. I wanted to tell him it was because of the alcohol but then he would call the entire thing off thinking that he was taking advantage of me.

I wanted to tell him that I wanted to take this adventure with him and if that person happened to be Selena Gomez then…So be it.

“I’m curious.” I tell him simply and he nods in understanding.

“I love you” he whispers and Selena blushes before looking away. I nuzzle my nose with him and reach behind me to slip a hand down his boxers. He thrusts upwards and this makes Selena giggle.

“Eager?” She asks and I join in on her laugh,

“This is like number ten on my bucket list” I tell the both of them and Justin looks surprised.

“Wow. Then what fuck is in the top five?” He says sitting up a little I smirk and push him back down

“Maybe I’ll tell you one day”


We end up further up on the bed and my hair is splayed against a pillow and Selena hovers over me, stroking my hair

“What shampoo do you use?” She slurs a little, twirling a strand of my hair around a long, acrylic nail tipped finger. I reach up and notice that her hair is just as soft as my own. If not softer.

“Pantene” I say and she starts beaming before doing a frantic hair flip that slaps Justin in the face,

“I’m their cover girl!” She says battling against Justin when he tries to play wrestle her out of the way.

“Yeah I’ve seen the commercials haha what’d you make off of them like $3 mill?” She nods and falls back against Justin. Who peppers her neck with languid kisses. Soon he’s pushing her to lay down next to me and with a single movement he’s out of his Calvin’s with his dick slapping lewdly against his abs.


Rhiannon’s nails dig into my biceps as I slip into her opening. The feeling is a bit different than what I’m used to due to the condom that’s been rolled onto my dick. She’s wet, warm, and tight as usual and I glance at Selena and wonder how I’m going to last long enough for the both of them. Selena. I was confident in saying that she was a beautiful girl, and yeah, she was turning me on but I felt nothing for her.

Not even the sisterly bond I share with Kylie. Right now she was just my friend whom I was about to fuck. In front of my girlfriend… How many drinks had I had? Must have been a lot because here I was grinding into Rhiannon as Selena ran her fingers back and forth over the taut skin of my back.

“Justin, Justin.” Rhiannon’s eyes are closed and I can feel the way her stomach clenches whenever o go deep enough to stimulate her G spot. Selena gets bold and reached between our moving bodies to caress Rhiannon’s engorged clit. At first she gasps at the sensation and tries to scoot away from both of our efforts, but then she succumbs to the pleasure and her walls quiver and suck around me.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” she curses and I pull out with a kiss and a grin. Still hard and straining within the confines of the condom I focus on Sel who’s stroking in between her legs, her vagina glistening under the faint lamp in the room.

“Go slow? It’s been a while” she pleads and I take her hand before lowering myself on top of her.


The first time that I ever watched porn my computer got a virus and I had to lie to my parents and say I had been trying to download an illegal music library. Now, at this very moment, as Justin moved his hips expertly against Selena’s I felt like I was that 17 year old kid who’d tried to watch a porno.

His hips start to move a little faster and Selena’s moans get louder and suddenly he’s pulling out of her and ripping off the condom. I scoot closer to her and he showers both of us in ropes of his release, panting hard with his eyes squeezed shut.


“Fuckin hell” I whisper as Harry, Kendall, and I finish peaking into the guest room our friends had disappeared into. They’d left it open a crack and the noises had… made us more than curious. Harry starts to laugh, so hard in fact that Kendall has to clap a hand over his bloody mouth.

“ And I thought we were the  freaks” Kendall mutters and I shake my head and close the door quietly on the three people on the other side.

“ Let’s find another room shall we?” I suggest and that’s exactly what we do, Harry chortling all the way.

“She irritated me too, Marilyn. It was a bit tedious to listen to her tell about how happy and inspired she had been during the months when she made that series of photographs with Richard Avedon. The series was, indeed, remarkable; they were picture of her made up to impersonate all the big stars of the thirties. But listening to her, you’d believe the only satisfaction as an actress she had ever felt was during those disguises, when she suddenly turned into Marlene, Garbo, and Harlow. She talked about these photography sessions the way other actors talk about their films. She seemed to have no other happy professional memories. None of those moments of uproarious giggles among pals, none of those practical jokes, none of the noisy hugs and kisses after a scene when everyone knows all have acted well together. All these things were unknown to her. I couldn’t get over it.”
- Simone Signoret

101 Days of CS Drabbles - Day 20

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For XxLadySwanxX

003:“I’m here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses.”

“Daddy, hug.”

Killian stopped mid-polish of his hook and looked down to see his little daughter, Eva, holding out her arms to him. Fresh from her bath, her golden mid-length hair was still slightly damp and she was wearing her favourite pale blue pyjamas with little crocodiles printed on them.

He just had to appreciate the irony…  

“Is it bed time already, love?” he asked with a smile as he placed the cloth down then disengaged the sharp metal appendage from its brace.

“Uh-huh,” she said with a bright smile.

She waggled her fingers at him impatiently and his smile widened, his heart brimming with love.

“Alright, sweetheart, come here,” he urged as he stood up and swept the laughing girl into his arms.

Engulfing her in his gentle embrace, he swung her around with a delighted chuckle then planted a noisy kiss on her cheek as was their nightly routine.

“Daddy!” she admonished with a giggle before giving him an even louder smack of a kiss right back.

Killian laughed and carried his daughter out of the living room and up the stairs to where Emma was waiting for them in Eva’s bedroom. Killian gave his wife a wink then put the little girl down on the bed and tickled her sides causing her to giggle so infectiously that soon both her parents were joining in with her mirth.

Eventually Killian stopped then pulled up the cover and tucked it in around her as Eva grabbed her toy bear and snuggled down with a happy sigh. With a soft smile, he gave his daughter a tender kiss goodnight then got up so that Emma could do the same.

“Will you tell me a story?” Eva asked sleepily as they started to leave.

“Just a quick one,” Emma agreed softly. “How about Goldilocks and the Three Bears?”

“No, I want the one about you and Daddy,” she replied with a slight pout.

Emma and Killian shared a smile. They knew she loved to hear about how they met and sat down on the edge of her bed to begin to tell their tale. They’d just got to the part where they knocked out Anton when they realised that Eva had already fallen asleep. As quietly as possible so as not to disturb their slumbering child, they got up and slipped out of the room, turning the light off as they went.

Once Killian shut the door softly behind him Emma immediately wrapped her arms around his waist and looked up at him with a playful smile.

“Now it’s my turn to get my daily hug and kiss,” she told him before leaning in and touching her lips to his.

Killian hummed his approval as he opened his mouth and deepened the kiss, his tongue sliding against hers in a sensual dance.

“What say you to having an early night, love?” he proposed in a low voice when they eventually parted. “I could give you one of my extra special hugs then.”

Emma laughed at the suggestive smirk on his face as he raised first one then the other eyebrow at her and shook her head.

“I was going to tell you later…but I’m pretty sure you gave me one of those about seven weeks ago,” she revealed happily.

All the flirtaciousness disappeared from Killian’s face as the import of her words sunk in and he stared at her wide eyed for a moment before asking in a hushed tone, “You are with child again?”

She nodded and was suddenly engulfed in his tight embrace.

“I love you, Emma,” he murmured emotionally.

“Good,” she replied, her own eyes filling with tears at her husband’s obvious pleasure, “Because I love you too.”

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