Sketch/WIP dump time!

Holy crud these past few weeks. I have been suffering not so much “art block” but more just unable to finish anything I start haha. I have too many ideas and not enough sit-down-and-draw time. Most of these are just for fun, some for updated characters bios on this blog eventually, and another because I love drawing prototype Noisulli from 2008.

Also that lady in the upper left corner is Laciport, who I originally designed 2009! I still need to do something with Arbmu and Anoroc who I introduced last year…


So I am in the process of making some art finally after like, three weeks of nothing. But I also been having fun just making some fractals in Chaotica in between drawing in Photoshop. I’ve just been really lazy and enjoying my new apartment haha.

I basically made a whole bunch of desktop backgrounds, all based off of my Noisulli and their color schemes~ There’s about fifty of them that cycle through!

Small headshots of Edaced! Still in the process of getting my apartment all set up, but really wanted to draw something after forever! Also I had this idea lingering around in my head all week~

Living her life primarily within the Aniram Creator Program base, Edaced adopted the Aniram tradition of wearing jewelry on her Iolaria formations. These usually consist of small gold chains clipped onto the inside of her horns, and draped along her back.

I’ve been working on a revised height chart for my Noisulli for the past couple of months! I decided to bump up the heights on some of them to accommodate height differences in other drawings I’ve done (because I can’t keep my facts straight), so some went through a tiny growth spurt haha. By the way I just rounded up the heights so there wasn’t quarter or half inches in there. Also this measures from the top of the head down, not the top of any Iolaria formations on the head. And finally, this also works as a front body marking reference and body type reference as well, though some of the body types could and should be emphasized a little more.

This also kind of shows how the race over time has gradually dropped in height. For reference, Muinnellim is roughly the height of the original Noisulli race and the GEN01 Creators (though Muinnellim is usually hunkered over so you don’t see its full height much). The GEN11 Successors are not full height yet, but they’ll maybe only gain an inch or two in height, making them significantly shorter than their Predecessors. I also didn’t include the GEN08 Creators since… well I’ve drawn enough Noisulli on one page, oh my gosh. But they average to be about the same height as the GEN09 Creators.

This is part one, and part two will be posted up next in a couple days! Also yes I tagged all of this because why not.

Ok I promise, last bunch of Noisulli/Animal Crossing crossovers haha. I had these already sketched out after coloring the previous set featuring the Successors. So I mean, I had to color these ones too pffft…

If I knew how to hack and alter the in-game character models in New Leaf, I would absolutely make ones that looked like these! The deer-Muinnellim one would be horrifying though.


(Mandelbulb + small color edits and details added in using Photoshop.)

A young Etinifni’s first face to face encounter with the Noisulli race’s deity, Muinnellim. The location is unknown, but believed to be a replica of the original and devoured Noisulli planet.

Or my favorite take on this drawing: “Oh look Muinnellim, *points* a heart-shaped formation. That’s kind of gay.”

Small page of Ranul expressions, with some really funky lighting and smooth shading because I wanted to try out a different style and use a different brush.

Also trying to be really consistent with how I draw my Noisulli. So many times in the past I have forgotten to include Ranul’s sharp canine teeth! Which by the way are pretty much considered “baby teeth” in the Noisulli world. By his current age they’re suppose to be worn down and flush with the rest of his teeth. He’s babied them his entire life and kept them from wearing down so he can maintain an intimidating appearance. But now he can’t smile casually without appearing like he’s going to tear somebody’s throat out. His counterpart at birth, Ralos, also has sharp canines as well!

Also the back of Ranul’s head is the bane of my existence.


Ok so this was meant to be posted on Valentine’s Day but I got sidetracked with school! I’ve been working on the missing counterparts for some of my Noisulli, such as Larips and Ralop. I’ve had most of these designs for a few years now stored away, and finally came back to add to them a bit. And there may be more changes in the future I dunno. I’ve also included short summaries of their connections to their counterparts, because I love writing walls of text haha. But some of these play a key part in the overall “storyline”.

Also keep in mind that counterparts do not share the same genetics, but do occasionally share the same Iolaria coding (a sort of variation of genetics). They are only brought together after being cloned separately, and is an ancient traditional way to promote lifelong pair bonding. Also Creator Program members are guaranteed to have a counterpart, while for civilians it’s a dying tradition in favor for a single, unconnected lifestyle.

I’ll have the GEN10 and GEN09 Noisulli posted up later!

I was reading about moon gardens a while back, but since I noncanonly associate Ranul with the moon and Radec with plant life, suddenly it became their ship name. And now I’m coming up with ship names for all the other potential Noisulli pairings as well and I can’t stop it help me.


Two variations of the same fractal, plus I added in Muinnellim and Ranul.

An unknown ancient artifact roughly 235,000 years old from the original Noisulli planet, brought back to the new planet to be studied. It’s been theorized that it was part of a ship, though some believe it to be a giant clock or dial of some sort, some even calling it a “doomsday clock”.

It also makes for a nice conversation piece or an over glorified throne.

The inevitable is going to happen. I’m going to draw a million headshots of all my Noisulli. I can’t just draw one of them and not do the rest haha. (I’m probably not going to do more of these anytime soon though, I just got hired and I’ll be working full-time as a Medical Assistant now!)

I more just really wanted to draw Latep, she’s one of my favorite Noisulli to draw (aside from Ranul of course). I always draw her so childish and cutesy. Her features such as her eyes and teeth seem larger than usual because her head is smaller in size, and it gives her this buggish look to her. While she is pretty dang cutesy in her personality, she’s more often known for being very intellectual and analytical, and kind of no fun to be around. She lets loose around Radec however, and behaves however she wants to behave with no restrictions.

By the way can I just say I love how appalled she is in that center-ish headshot.

Sort of nonsensical drawing of Ralop. (Nonsensical due to the fact that Ralop is in well below freezing temperatures and not wearing her heavier clothing pfffft)

Ralop has little respect of the Iolarian race, and fights the copies of Muinnellim that roam along Citcra’s surface. They’re immortal and nonviolent, but she has fun knocking them over and “killing them” I guess! They don’t react to attacks, and just get back up only to be knocked over again. Featured in the background is the second moon, Elpam, which perpetually blocks the light and warmth coming from the artificial sun surrounding the main planet.

Also I drew this to the song “Magnetic” by Future Prophecies, which I’ve sort of made as Ralop’s noncanon theme song haha. It’s really really fun assigning theme songs to my Noisulli!

Despite my previous post about ditching Ranul’s old personality, when he was more cheerful, I still what to make references about it. Like he’ll age with the story and start to become radically different personality-wise.

Like as a child he was a lot happier and very naïve and pretty much was all about everything and thought stuff was great. As he grows older and into his late teens, he mellows out due to working to become a Creator/Successor, but partially retains a desire to act really childish/is an annoying shit still. But as a full-fledged adult something happens and suddenly he’s constantly faking being happy, goes from extreme extrovert to extreme introvert and becomes almost completely socially unacceptable and puts his job on the line. And maybe he was faking being happy his whole life up to this point, I don’t know?

I’m just trying to make both versions of Ranul the same being, not two separate storylines haha.

(Also the glowing crystal/Iolaria crud is more just symbolism, he’s not actually holding the stuff because that’d kill him. |:D)