Obligatory Pokémon crossover of my OCs! …That I somehow thought was a good idea a while ago. |:D Kind of fun though, it allowed me to build their characters based on the types of Pokémon they’d have on a team! It’s completely noncanon but… I’m massively in a Pokémon phase again haha.

Larips’ main Pokémon would be Milotic, due to it’s beauty and strength. Radec and Latep’s main Pokemon sort of match each other’s, however one can come out of it's comfort zone easier than the other. Ralos is competitive, so Victini fits her pretty well. Also butt wings. 

And everyone thinks Ranul’s is Azelf due to the color theme and head shape, but really it’s an Arceus because he is a goddamn cheater haha.


This March 20th-ish is the 8th year anniversary of these characters so I decided to redraw some of their past designs! Because I’m a pile of sentimental garbage who kept track of when I came up with my babies.
It’s weird I only came up with their current designs back in early 2013. It seems longer!

I didn’t include Ranul or Ralos since they are the only two who have remained pretty much the same design-wise for all these years. I really only streamlined their heads and made them less “star” shaped and more equivalent to “angry cat” shaped hahaha.

Also there’s a hilarious prototype Etinifni, but I didn’t have the guts to redraw it…

I’m not sure about that. As far as other people are concerned, really. It was just that I knew every detail of this character. I made him. He was a small part of me. His struggle and now this accident… Yeah.


Haven’t really worked on anything of my own much recently.
But I did do two small drawings of Ranul, plus a concept of the Iolarian race!

In broad daylight, Iolarians are iridescent, and in the dark, they glow aqua. :D

@jensenackles13: That, my darling, is called writers block

It is for sure, it just doesn’t feel like it because I KNOW what’s supposed to be happening. I KNOW where I’m going. The words just don’t want to come out.

@noisulli: Are you just stuck in a scene in your story or is it something else? If it’s a scene that your stuck on, move on to a different one that may be pulling at your strings.

It’s kind of the emensity of the situation. This story is something I’ve been developing since I was 9 or 10, and for the first time, I’m writing it down. And just trying to do ten-year-old me justice is really hard, and I want to get it right, even though I KNOW that I’ll need to revise once the month is over, and revision is important for everything. And I ended up just forcing myself to do one little scene, something silly between the characters, that isn’t plot-centered at all, and that helped.

Thanks, you guys. 


Finalizing some of the appearances of the Creators! And a bonus Successors drawing too!

Unlike average civilian Noisulli, a lot of the Creators’ appearances come from past leaders. They are cloned from a special set of genetics gathered from each past leader, and then genetically altered using Iolaria to make each new Noisulli a unique individual.
Repetitive features happen a lot, and some are more common than others such as “mask” markings and crown-like formations on the forehead. They also skip around each generation. Ranul and Ralos got their looks predominately from Yrovi and Ynobe (who I have not designed yet!)

Also Noisulli have last names! Good luck pronouncing them! ;D


Two small drawings from this past week! I’d post them separately but… nnggh.

The first one’s actually an old drawing of Muinnellim that I found and finished up real quick. The second one is a kind of out of character doodle of Ranul. I just like the colors. :T

I literally haven’t had any time to draw much, plus I have terrible art block! Or actually not really “art block” as more just “I’m going to draw Ranul over and over again”. My original characters are fun for me to draw again yaaay


I drew so many headshots of my Noisulli over the past few weeks! (Trying to be consistent with my art/way I draw Noisulli, which… keeps changing haha) I also kept seeing a ton of horoscope posts on my dash, and I realized I have enough Noisulli to place each one in a fitting sign to their personality! I even listed their traits that matched their sign. And some really fit them perfectly, which is hilarious. (Ranul and Ralos particularly match their signs vey well, Latep…. not so much, the more I think about it!)

Anyway, just for fun! (Also I’m a Sagittarius! Not a very good one though hahaha)

Guess who just learned how to use Mandelbulb 3D today! (I had the program for like, half a year and I just figured it out…) It was more I wanted to learn how to make buildings and stuff with it! I’d imagine Noisulli landscapes and cities would be very fractal-based, as most of their supplies and pretty much everything is Iolaria based (their universal building material). The cities practically create themselves, and the Noisulli modify what they find.

Not sure what kind of place this is! But it has some pretty useless roadways.
“What, how did you get over there?”
“Jumped, I dunno lol.”

Finally had time to draw something! Originally this was a speedpaint but it was really fun and relaxing to draw, so I finished it up completely~

Subject matter-wise, the shoulder plates Noisulli Creators wear (made out of Iolaria and resemble Muinnellim’s) allow them to be “invisible” to Muinnellim and its Iolarian spawn.
But this looks like some shippy drawing instead HAHAHA. MAY OR MAY NOT SHIP MY OWN CHARACTERS TOGETHER???


Two variations of the same fractal, plus I added in Muinnellim and Ranul.

An unknown ancient artifact roughly 235,000 years old from the original Noisulli planet, brought back to the new planet to be studied. It’s been theorized that it was part of a ship, though some believe it to be a giant clock or dial of some sort, some even calling it a “doomsday clock”.

It also makes for a nice conversation piece or an over glorified throne.