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How would you define The Columbine Massacre, for someone who is not familiarized with the topic? Greetings!

Hah, girl, I actually hadn’t forgotten you’d asked me this a while back. ;) I’ve been planning a blogpost around the causes and definition of Columbine since we talked about it – work just got in my way a lot. *laughs* So, here’s my preliminary (and relatively short?) answer before the long-ass post..

The Columbine Massacre occurred on 4/20/99 and essentially became one of the iconic events of that decade, upending an entire generation and turning into a key defining moment that changed the way we perceive this world. It was committed by two mentally unstable boys standing on the cusp of adulthood, only a short while before their own graduation, and although it was originally meant to be a bombing they ended up shooting and killing thirteen other people before finally committing suicide. The supposed causes for the massacre have since been cited throughout the media, turning pop culture into an easy scapegoat and often bypassing the root causes that the boys themselves would have cited for their actions.

There is a mass of unreleased evidence that could potentially help determine the exact roots of the problem, but authorities have been known to cite a fear of copycat killers as a rebuttal for its release. The response of authorities to the event itself, as well as to prior dealings they had with the two boys responsible, angered a lot of people through the level of obfuscation and incompetence with which these authorities presented themselves after the fact. The Columbine Massacre is largely unique in the way in which it is handled nowadays, being named in pop culture quite frequently but yet also being referred to in news items about other massacres, and is something quite a lot of its (amateur) researchers refer to as ‘haunting’.

The definition for it is complex, with multiple causes and events prior to the massacre feeding off of each other until the levee finally broke, and yet infinitely simple: the Columbine Massacre is the result of a 'perfect storm’ meeting, clashing, and leaving the world in the wake of its rubble.

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