Not sure if it's a goodbye post

I have accepted that we will likely get deleted anytime soon and have made peace with it. So just wanna say thanks to you all that supported this, especially the mods who helped to keep this going for so long even with the gaping lack of communication. We had a good run.

I guess we will keep posting soon, but should probably watch out whether we’re still here or not.

Again, thanks everybody that partied along and may we have more opportunities to party together in the future.

...that's why I said 'not sure'

Well, can’t say I’m completely sure now, but I really think we’re not getting deleted. I was kind of not surprised by the rumour since I actually thought we were going to get deleted really quick when I made this a couple of years ago(I mean, one thing is posting songs occasionaly, another thing is to dedicate the blog exclusively to that), and well, it was a big hype. I really apologize and I believe we must go back to normal in a couple of days. Thank you for the people that were actually concerned about this, and I’m really sorry for all that shit.