hey everyone! i am very excited b/c i’ve finally kicked off my redbubble with the heroic Stevonnie print i’ve been working on, neat!!! :D (fun fact, their outfit is based loosely around what connie wears in the opening of the show!)

currently, this is the only thing in the shop, but over time i plan to fill it with super neat stuff! both personal prints and more fanworks! give it a look!

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I know that Jewish Hermione is a popular headcanon, and rightfully so, but have you considered: Jewish Weasleys.

  • Mrs. Weasley cooking excellently for nine people on a budget while keeping kosher
  • baby Ron getting jealous that baby Ginny gets to ask the Four Questions at Pesach
  • the twins take Purim Very Seriously
  • because noisemakers
  • (they probably follow Harry around for the whole day and just go crazy with the groggers every time he says “Voldemort”)
  • also because Purim is the single day every year when the twins can get Percy drunk
  • Ginny is that eight-year-old who insists that she’s dressing up as Vashti for Purim, not Esther, because everyone dresses up as Esther and anyway Vashti is the hardcore feminist
  • Mrs. Weasley sends Hanukkah presents to Hogwarts by owl every single night of Hanukkah, and she has to refrain from sending mail with Errol for about a month afterwards so he can recover

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Haikyuu!! 2014, Sendai City Gymnasium, Miyagi, 2015

Had a transit stop in the late afternoon through Sendai station, which meant there was no time to do touristy things but still a good hour or two to kill, so Sendai City Gymnasium it was because reasons!!

The area around the gymnasium was rather quiet and deserted given that it’s a Friday afternoon, so I was kind of expecting it to be just as uneventful inside (not to mention it was kind of dark),  but it turned out there was actually a tournament that day…!

Okay well… it’s not volleyball but the “Miyagi Prefecture High School Spring Championship Handball Tournament” (roughly translated). Still, I hung around and watched the games a bit… like with most high school tournaments, they also had cool banners, rah-rah teams and handmade plastic bottle noisemakers not unlike the atmosphere you get with sports anime. You can practically smell the salon pas of youth in the air. あァァァ。。青春!

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alex-isokay  asked:

Trolls don't really celebrate wriggling days and when Rose discovers that Kanaya has never had a birthday party she refuses to let that stand (despite Kanaya's protests that it's really not necessary). She invites everyone they know and goes all out alchemizing balloons and decorations and Kanaya is just sitting there in a paper hat surrounded by confetti wondering why humans are like this as Terezi blows a noisemaker directly into her ear

i love this, this also probably happens on the meteor but this is cute

rose “attempts” to bake a cake but she cant bake for shit so she eventually has to alchemize one (kanaya loves it anyways)

as a gift rose gives her a kiss on the cheek and gives her the only sweater she has managed to fully knit(its not that good but kan doesnt take it off for a week after)


Winona Ryder in Jon Spencer Blue Explosion music video (October 1998)

“New York’s premiere blues-punk noisemakers, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, will return to record racks next week with a new album, “Acme,” but you won’t see the band doing their thing on MTV any time soon. Instead, you’ll see Winona Ryder as frontman Jon Spencer, “Saving Private Ryan’s” Giovanni Ribisi as guitarist Judah Bauer, and “Boogie Nights’” John C. Reilly as drummer Russell Simins in the band’s new video, “Talk About The Blues.” The clip turns around the old soundtrack video formula as the actors belt out the song while the real band stomps through scenes apparently lifted from a crime thriller.” - MTV News (October 12, 1998) 


AWESOME turnout at the Texas Rally for Life today! Thousands of people came to Austin from all over Texas to march for life and support our courageous legislators and public officials who are working to protect the preborn and their mothers from abortion.

We had maybe 10-15 pro-choice people protesting. They didn’t disrupt much except for when they used noisemakers to try to disrupt the opening prayer (super classy and so tolerant, guys).

Oh, and I got interviewed by our local Fox station, and they played a clip of my interview on the 9:00 news!

“Crackers!” said Dumbledore enthusiastically, offering the end of a large silver noisemaker to Snape, who took it reluctantly and tugged. With a bang like a gunshot, the cracker flew apart to reveal a large, pointed witch’s hat topped with a stuffed vulture.
   Harry, remembering the boggart, caught Ron’s eye and they both grinned; Snape’s mouth thinned and he pushed the hat toward Dumbledore, who swapped it for his own wizard’s hat at once.
—  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban / J.K. Rowling
310- Astonish

Ghost Type: Curse. Cause your opponent to flinch, and have them miss a turn. Keeps gossipers quiet, and shuts mouths.

What You’ll Need~

  • Cloth
  • At least one marker
  • Tape
  • Pepper flakes
  • Something to make a sudden noise (clapping, banging on a pot, etc.)


  1. Before you making using your cloth, apply pepper flakes to the sticky side of your tape.
  2. Draw a face on your cloth. It needs to have a mouth and eyes. Make it distinctly your person, or group of people, by writing their name/s on the forehead or around the face.
  3. Tell your stand in that you will not take their abuse, and that they have to stop. Say so all the authority you mean.
  4. Make your sound (using any kind of noisemaker) to symbolically stun your subject, and then quickly tape over their eyes and mouth, to keep them in the dark and silent. The pepper will make them burn, for what they’ve done, and keep them in their place.


  • Other herbs can be used for different effects. Salt can be used to encourage forgetting and moving on past what happened, while still having that kick.
16 Reasons Being Puerto Rican Is the Best

Did you know Puerto Ricans brought you hip-hop and freestyle? You’re welcome!

1. You undoubtedly have family in New York, Florida, and on the island. So reunions are also the best vacation getaways.

2. Speaking of family: Yours is a huge, close one. And it’s very likely that you’re meeting cool new primos annually.

3. And they support you in everything you do. From sporting events and weddings to graduations and baptisms, you know your family, taking up an entire row (or two), will cheer the loudest — with or without those dollar store noisemakers.

4. You know the phrase “life isn’t always a party” wasn’t created by a fellow Boricua. Because we’ll turn any moment, from births to funerals, into a dance-fueled get-together featuring salseros Frankie Ruiz and Lalo Rodriguez.

5. Your mom has a cure for everything. And most times it’s just a mix of Vicks VapoRub y una oración, but it always seems to work. Reason no. 4,356 why moms are simply the best.

6. The diversity just within your family is beautiful. You find joy in looking at astonished faces every time you explain that your black/brown/white siblings are 100 percent related to you even though your skin and hair texture are completely different from theirs.

7. Puerto Rican food is the best food there is. See: Arroz con gandules, arroz con pollo, mofongo, bistec encebollado, bacalao, asopao, cuchifrito, batatas, sancocho, chicharrón, amarillos, pasteles, empanadillas, flan, limber, piragua, and coquito, just to name a few.

8. When it comes to fashion, you’re always ahead of the curve. You’ve been rocking long nails, big-hooped earrings, form-fitting dresses, and side-split buns long before the Kardashians or Miley Cyrus made them “trendy,” and you always look on point.

9. As a child, your abuelita always kept you looking fresh with her homemade (and love-filled) diademas. And you still rock those today and look ~*flawless*~ while doing so.

10. You probably grew up around at least four languages. Spanish, English, Spanglish, and Jeringonza (basically the Spanish equivalent of Pig Latin). Chi-u-chi-sted chi-sa-chi-be chi-lo chi-que chi-e-chi-stoy chi-ha-chi-blan-chi-do.

11. You know somebody who knows somebody who … can fix your AC, can help you raise funds by cooking pastelitos, or is selling a car on the cheap. Doesn’t matter what you need — you know someone who knows someone who can help you.

12. You’re a member of one of the proudest communities ever. The Puerto Rican flags on your car accessories, jewelry, sneakers, cellphones, onesies, and just about anywhere else prove this.

13. And you know that this pride is totally justifiable. After 400 years of colonialism under Spain and remaining a U.S. territory even today, it’s pretty legit that your people have managed to keep the customs, traditions, and culture alive, even scattered off the island.

14. That culture has introduced some of the best music to the world. Like bomba y plena, salsa, hip-hop, and freestyle, which we can bump to all day, errrday. (Yes, it’s true!)

15. Our island, the smallest one in the Antilles, is also a world leader in boxing and beauty pageants. And if you’re Latina, you know to take those very seriously.

16. And you can’t forget: J.Lo, Roberto Clemente, Rosie Perez, Walter Mercado, Joan Smalls, Rita Moreno, Rosario Dawson, Marc Anthony, Big Pun, Gina Rodriguez, Benicio Del Toro, Chita Rivera, Carmelo Anthony, Maxwell, Ricky Martin, Swizz Beatz, Victor Cruz, Meagan Good, Lauren Velez, Carlos Beltran, Bruno Mars, Freddie Prinze (*gasps for air*) are all Puerto Rican. (This list could go for days, but you get the idea.)

Author: Raquel Reichard


When we next see the Whos two years later in How The Grinch Stole Christmas, they’re immediately described as incredibly noisy people. And they aren’t just noisy at Christmas. It’s not like they sing carols for a few minutes and then go back to being quiet. If they did that, The Grinch probably could’ve just put in a few earplugs and moved on with his life, instead of slowly descending into insanity like he’s Dr. Seuss’ version of Gollum.

They’re noisy all the time. Every single present that kids in Whoville get is some type of noisemaker. They have tubas so massive that they take six people to play, elaborate drums that play an entire kit at once, and even play a version of lacrosse that has been inexplicably modified to involve as much screaming as possible. You earn points when your opponents’ inner ears start to bleed.

The Grinch hates Christmas, but that’s just because it’s a little bit worse than usual. The Whos are like this all year-round, which is probably why he lives on a mountain outside of town.

This is a huge cultural shift. These people were once so quiet that if one person shouted, they could overpower the entire planet. But a near-genocide has turned these quiet, modest people into terrible neighbors who can’t go three seconds without banging a drum.

The Genocide Plot You Never Noticed In The Grinch

‘Millenios’ - General Mills (Sept. 8, 1999)

“Today, hundreds of New Yorkers, Dick Clark and a giant New Year’s ball were in Times Square for a pre-New Year’s Eve countdown to introduce Millenios – “The Official Cereal of the Millennium.”

The crowd counted down with Dick Clark as the ball slowly made its descent. Amidst confetti and noisemakers, the ball opened to reveal the limited-edition metallic-holographic Millenios box.”

The Signs on New Years Eve 2k16
  • Aries: Shots! Shots! Shots!
  • Taurus: Surprisingly sober, setting off fireworks
  • Gemini: Kissing as many people as possible at midnight
  • Cancer: The one with the noisemakers
  • Leo: Watching the ball drop/counting down, super hyped
  • Virgo: Drunk and asleep before midnight
  • Libra: Sneaking into the liquor cabinet and making questionable decisions
  • Scorpio: Setting old memories ablaze, alone
  • Sagittarius: Tipsy and kissless
  • Capricorn: Drunken calls to everyone!
  • Aquarius: Watching fireworks from a secluded trail
  • Pisces: Getting super emotional and recounting memories right up until midnight