etsyfindoftheday 3 | 9.4.14

theme thursday: glorious gold … get stoked

recycled-paper metallic chevron crackers by sophiavictoriajoy

my husband’s family has the christmas crackers tradition — the wrapped noisemakers that contain little gifties — so i was super excited to find some here on etsy! these beauts are handmade from recycled paper and feature trendy chevrons in gold (!) or silver.


Noisemakers with Peter Rosenberg: Nas


hey everyone! i am very excited b/c i’ve finally kicked off my redbubble with the heroic Stevonnie print i’ve been working on, neat!!! :D (fun fact, their outfit is based loosely around what connie wears in the opening of the show!)

currently, this is the only thing in the shop, but over time i plan to fill it with super neat stuff! both personal prints and more fanworks! give it a look!

redbubble | duo-prints | lion sticker | stevonnie sticker


Rachel Zeffira plays a beautiful, dreamlike performance in an in-progress Toronto art gallery.


Paul’s maybe not wrong about Pilfrey’s Jack-o’-Lantern rictus, but you’d think he’d be relieved if the only sound emanating from Ronnie was a wet flapping noise, which is, all things considered, fairly normal if you look at what the alternative could so easily be:


Name: Mathieu Aerni

Country: United States, Santa Monica