Playing this sat

I´m going to perform in a Noisekölln event this Sat! It will be the opening of a new club, in Ziegrastrasse 14, NK…more infos soon!

Finally after a long enduring quest Loophole,Raum18 and Raum20 have found a new RAUM .
Far away from neighbours and with a functioning heating system we can once again relish in the glorious vistas of our beloved Berlin, though this time in a 360º blick.
So therefore we invite all you, bandits, revellers, mischievous hostages and garden faries to our opening, with a program that reflects out past and will foretell our future.
Find more details below. We’re looking forward to see y'all.

- close to Hotel Estrel // S-Bahn Sonnenallee

Live CONCERTS - 11:30 - 02:00 h

- Köss Keller Ratbag Sanaa 
Wolf Köss Drums 
Yann Keller Stahlbass, fx
Sanaa Drums
- Sublime (MX / AU) -
- Blue Stork
- NoiseKölln
::Noisekölln Drone Throne /w:

- ill winds
- Urge
- du champ
- sun worship - special duo performance
- V.O.C.
- moon wheel