Reaper76Week Day 3: “At Your Back” - Trust/Betrayal

“Trust me Jack, it suits you.”

Gabe lives only as long as Jack gets his visor and thus his sight back. Kind of based on one of our little talks with @ratpenatu

yo guys im sorry i havent been posting a lot here i feel like i should appologize

Thunder Storms

Thunder crashed almost too far in the distance as the patter of rain drowned it out near completely. The air was polluted with the scent of wet leaves and dampened dirt. It was peaceful, as peaceful as it had been in maybe months. Gazing out through the kitchen window he couldn’t see the edge of their yard from the sheer weight of the raindrops assaulting his home. He didn’t need to see though, didn’t squint or reach for his glasses. Instead he stared out into the grey downfall and breathed in the simplicity of it.

Thunderstorms used to mean trouble. They could easily be a sign of a demon or something more dangerous. It didn’t matter anymore. There were no weapons in Baby’s trunk, no newspapers cut up on his walls. No more hunts. No more… monsters in his life…

From somewhere in his home he could hear a door slam. Many nights from his perch in the kitchen, he envisioned that sound accompanied by the sound of a car driving off. The sound of rain maybe might have lessened the pain but Dean knew… he knew that someday that car would start. That he would hear the engine, the squeal of tires, and then he would be in this home alone.

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why is it that the people that head the department of education are always complete and total morons and dont understand what children need and what teachers need to adequately teach their students like 

goddamn!!! can we get someone who actually understands how children learn for once?!