noise that makes you dance

1903. Muggleborn Patronus’ being fictional robots. Wall E coming out of some Slytherin’s wand, even though it doesn’t make noise you can tell the exact moment Wall E is dancing to ‘Hello Dolly’. A Gryffindor is booed and gets at least one book thrown at him accompanied by a ‘how dare you’ when the Iron Giant manifests. A Hufflepuff laughs so hard she cries when Baymax comes out, shakily saying in her best impression ‘Hello. I am Baymax, your personal Patronus guardian’ her Patronus refuses to dissipate until she says ‘I am satisfied with my protection’

birthday prom

“Philip, don’t be mad,” Lukas says, fanning out his stack of fake money.

“I’m not mad.”

“He just thought he was getting better,” Gabe says, giving Lukas a look.

Lukas’s face falls.

“Gabe knows when to let me win,” Helen says, starting to gather up the pieces and put them in the box. “I always give him the eye and then I magically wind up being able to buy Boardwalk.”

Lukas puts his stack of money down and Helen sweeps it up like it was never even there. Philip is still leaning on his fist and Lukas feels like a fucking idiot. He reaches out, grabbing Philip’s hand over the game board. “Baby, you’re not mad I beat you at Monopoly right?”

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Werewolf!Hoseok (Boyfriend)

And now it is time for the first third of the sunshine line, our hope, our angel who looked so cute in the video yesterday !!!! He’s so cute and funny and he’s such a gem and I want him to be showered in compliments every single day, Jung Hoseok aka J hope aka hobi

  • I’ve written three things for werewolf!hobi so far, there’s the description of him as a werewolf in general, which is part one (here) part two is him falling in love with a human (here) and of course, werewolf!hobi as a father (all of the father related posts are here)
  • Since one of the requests was for human!reader, I’ll be using that to start off with
  • Sweetest most cutest most precious boyfriend
  • Does anything and everything to make you smile ???
  • Like he’ll make weird noises, do weird dances, make goofy faces, name it and it’s done
  • Date night every single week bc he loves loves loves making you feel special and loved, that’s his favorite thing to do
  • It doesn’t have to be a huge grand date, it can literally just be walking through the park together or getting takeout and cuddling and listening to music but it can also be something big like going to an amusement park
  • Cuddles are his favorite though bc he loves holding you or you holding him and he loves being able to rest his head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat and vice versa
  • That’s how you first see him in his wolfy state
  • You two decide that you’re gonna have a night in, you’re gonna make some popcorn in a minute, you’ve got a show that the two of you are gonna watch together all ready to go, you’re in your pajamas, you’re s e t
  • You go make the popcorn while he sets the show up and when you get back to the room with your bowl of popcorn, there’s a wolf on your bed??
  • It takes you a second to realize what happened bc obviously hobi was there when you left and his phone is still on the nightstand, his jacket is still on the chair so it’s not like he just got up and left
  • It’s pretty easy to connect two and two bc boyfriend’s a werewolf, there’s a wolf where your boyfriend was a minute ago, everything adds up
  • It’s still kinda weird to see him like that?? Bc you’re so used to human!hobi that seeing him all cozy on the bed with fur and paws and ears that keep moving around, it’s just o h
  • He’s got really shiny black fur with this really friendly eyes bc have you ever seen hobi smile, they light up so so so much, he’s got really long legs and he’s one of the bigger wolves
  • His tail is wagging the entire time you’re watching the show and it’s actually really cute bc he just rests his head on your stomach and puts his paw on your hip and he’s really warm and comfy to cuddle with
  • Hobi is one of the boys who would enjoy being in that wolf state the most bc he loves the warmth of the fur and he loves being able to do things that most humans can’t, run at a certain speed, jump a certain height, etc.
  • So once you know about him being a werewolf, he’s gonna feel a lot more free to shift back and forth so it was really only a matter of time before you see him in his wolfy state
  • Is he even a wolf??? Pretty sure that’s just a teeny tiny pup that’s actually not that teeny tiny at all he’s a pretty big wolf 
  • He takes you with him to the full moon gatherings all the time bc that’s his family and he wants you to feel welcome to join the pack even if you aren’t a werewolf
  • There a couple other humans there so you aren’t alone and it’s really really cool to see all of the wolves interacting and just playing around to burn off all that extra energy
  • Hobi is so so playful, especially on the full moon, so he’s in the middle of all of it, playing with everyone and Tae keeps tackling him so they end up chasing each other around for a good chunk of the night
  • Hobi would keep an eye on the pups a lot, like remember the one time in AHL when Jungkook decided to take some pool floaties and try to float through the pool and hobi was instantly like no no stop that, that’s him as a wolf
  • He makes sure they don’t cause or get into much trouble, he makes sure no one’s hurt, no one’s biting too hard or playing too rough
  • They bring all the family dogs right so Mickey is chasing after hobi the entire night and it’s so cute to see Mickey’s itty bitty legs trying to keep up with hobi’s wolf legs
  • Okay so you know how Mickey sometimes has lil accessories like a bow or just a lil ponytail, head canon that hobi’s sister does that to hobi’s fur too, sometimes they even match
  • Plz just imagine that for a moment, this giant ass wolf running around with a bow in its fur, being followed by a tiny pup that has a matching bow
  • Hobi, of course, will protect you and wants you to be safe always and he does keep an eye on you during the full moon just to make sure none of the wolves are bothering you too much or are playing too rough or anything like that but he also relies on the fact that the wolves have been around humans before so he tries not to worry too much
  • He knows that sometimes they bite a bit too hard without meaning to so he stays around you when the younger wolves are playing with you bc they don’t have as much experience as the older ones do and the pups don’t realize how strong they are sometimes
  • At any sign of discomfort, hobi will be ushering them away or getting them to play with him instead
  • If it’s a serious threat, you’ll be covered, you don’t even gotta worry about it bc hobi will have you out of there instantly and he’ll stay in his wolfy state until the threat is no longer a thing
  • Like he perks up at any noise to make sure it’s nothing dangerous, he’s always right next to you, he’s just v v protective when it’s serious
  • But if it’s not serious, he’ll be a bit more laid back and kinda just check on you every now and then so that you don’t feel like he’s hovering over you
  • Like I said in the other posts, “jealousy” is not much of a werewolf trait bc they mate for life 99.99% of the time so they don’t get jealous in the same way that humans do bc they obviously don’t have to worry about losing their partner or cheating or anything like that
  • Their jealousy is more of a hey I want attention too type of jealousy so hobi does get jealous when you’re not giving him any attention but it’s a very playful jealousy?? if that makes sense
  • Like he’s not genuinely pissed off or upset, he’s just acting whiny and super cute to get your attention back on him, it’s all about getting you to laugh and play with him too
  • But since you are human, you do experience the typical human jealousy but that lasts about 0.2 seconds before hobi nips that in the bud
  • He’s so affectionate and loving and doting and the chances of you feeling like he could ever love someone else in a romantic way are very slim so when you do get jealous, he just gets really affectionate and reminds you that he loves you with all of his lil heart and that he’ll be v v happy to be with only you for the rest of his life
  • Same thing goes for being insecure about being human, he really genuinely sincerely does not care at all that you’re not a werewolf and he lets you know that
  • He doesn’t care if you’re a werewolf, human, vampire, hybrid, whatever the case may be, he’s still gonna love you 
  • If it requires him getting serious, he’ll get serious about it and talk it out with you so that you know he really means it
  • Werewolf!Hobi would just be a really good boyfriend who’s always up for cuddles, wolf or human, and is super sweet and kind and loving and just all in all 10/10

Someone really should take this game away from me

When I said Yosuke was making sensual noises in P4DAN I wasn’t kidding

Cooking - Requested by Anonymous

“Y/N, will you please stop playing with the turkey and get started on dinner?” Reiji smiled at you faintly as you made cute noises while making it dance.

Giggling, you continue to make the stuffing for the turkey. Before stuffing it, you decide to take the whip cream and dab some on his nose. As you reach, you successfully get some on there. He notices your trick and grabs your arm. You giggle even more as he dabs some on your nose. “Please stop playing and get back to the stuffing.” He sighed briefly as you licked the cream off his nose and your own. Turning around you hear him mumble something under his breath. “I should of licked it off myself…”

You can’t help but hold in the laughter as you stuff the turkey. Deciding to pull one more prank, you take the whip cream one more time. Instead of spraying him with it right away, you act as if you’re just making a top for the pumpkin pie. Unfortunately, for him, he fell for it. Turning his back you spray him all over with the cream. Her turns around quick. You expect him to be angry, instead he grabs the can and sprays you too. While you’re laughing harder than you should, he cracks a smile as he walks up to you and embraces your still laughing body. He kisses your forehead and scolds at you, “Look at this mess. I expect you to clean it up, otherwise…. I’ll have to punish you.”

You nod as you quickly run to grab a rag.

A/N: Sorry its so short. I didn’t have much of an idea besides small pranks. I hope you enjoyed anyway! 😆

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Originally written by @savemodtony​ for ClasspectLab’s Task 1.0, 2016.

Heart isn’t love. Heart’s passion. Its that feeling you get when someone tries to tell you you are wrong about something you know inside and out. Its that flame in the pit of your stomach as you pour your soul into a project you are proud of. It’s the voice that encourages you to go out and beat the hell out of that guy who gave you shit. Its primal instinct. It’s the things inside yourself that only show up when shit gets desperate. Its when your mind shuts off as you run through the woods at night to get home. You feel the blood rushing through your veins and the only thoughts in your head are those telling you what to do and what turns to make.

Heart is what makes you break down crying after hearing a sad story that vaguely connects to the one friend you lost to the void. It’s those tender moments when you bear your soul to someone who is on the verge of a breakdown and show that someone still cares. It’s the scream into the night sky as you fuck up yet another relationship and just need to release some anger.

Heart is that one thing that, no matter how hard you try you just can’t explain. It’s those funny little noises you make when no one else can hear you, those dumb dances in the dark with yourself or those songs you make sure no one knows you know by heart. Its those moments where you question whether or not you matter at all or if any of your “problems” are real. Its when you manage to help a friend and feel like you just did something worthwhile. It’s those nights where you just lay on the ground and look up to the sky and feel like you are alive. It’s that one part of you that, no matter how lost you feel, will always be there to remind you that you are still here.

Heart is the hearth waiting for you after a long day out. It ebbs and flows, it can shoot off sparks and can wane to a dull flame, but it never goes out. It’s always burning, waiting for you to come sit by it and stoke it, to tend to it. It’s the star that will always lead you back to some safe place and give you respite.

Bringing You Up (Requested)

 This one is honestly one of my favorites :)


You and your boyfriend, Lucas, have barely even talked throughout your lunch date. Times have been hard with him lately. Today, he got mad at you for spending too much time on the internet. Even though he knows you are the internet a lot because you make Youtube videos and it takes up time, he still gets mad. He tells you that you don’t spend enough time with him. “We never have anything to talk about anymore,” You tell him. 

    “It seems like you don’t have anything to talk about anymore since you are always talking to your ‘internet friends.’”

    This is the last time you are ever going to take it. “That’s always your excuse. That I’m always talking to someone else! When we got together, you knew I had a Youtube career! I thought you excepted it!”

    That’s when Lucas stands up, “Okay, well maybe I didn’t! Maybe I thought it was just a phase and that you would soon realize that you would have to move on and get a real job!!”

    You didn’t know you had a deal breaker until he said that. “Making Youtube videos is a real job! You just don’t understand! I can’t be with someone who won’t accept who I am! Goodbye Lucas.” Then you walk out of the restaurant, and you drive to the people who have supported you the most throughout your life, O2L.


    “He just didn’t understand what it means to be a Youtuber. So I broke up with him,” you tell the guys as they all sit around you in their living room.

    Kian, sitting next to you, gives you a hug and says, “You did the right thing.”

    Then Jc stands up and says, “Why don’t we all take you out, to get your mind off and to forget about him.” Once he says that, you get a little excited. The boys always know what to do in the worst situations. That’s why they’re your best friends. 

    You think about it for a moment. Then you tell them, “That sounds like fun. What should we do?”

    “Wait, guys, I still need to film my video for O2L! I haven’t started yet,” Sam interrupts.

    You start to think that you guys won’t be able to do anything after all, but then Connor says, “Okay, we’ll help you first. Our theme this week is food, right? I have the best idea.” 

    Connor suggest that you all should do the messy trivia challenge. Everyone agrees, especially you. So everyone helps take all the food from the fridge and takes it out to the back. Sam sets up his camera and everyone introduces themselves. You already know this is going to be fun because it takes you guys so long just to get the intro in without anyone interrupting anything.

     The video gets funnier and funnier as each person takes turns asking the others questions. Some of them ask the most ridiculous questions, though. Jc asked questions like,  ”How many hairs do I have on my right arm?” You of course tried to answer, but instead you got a face full of spoiled yogurt.

    So you decided to play along. It’s your turn to ask questions. So you go one by one. So far, each boy has gotten every single question wrong. Now it’s Jc’s turn, but it’s also your turn to get revenge. So you ask him, “What time did I go to sleep last night?!” You say this as you hold a jar of relish over his head.

    Then he screams, “What?! How am I suppose to know that?! I don’t know!? Midnight!?” The funny thing is, you don’t know that answer either. Then you take the lid off and let it all fall over Jc. 

    He pulls of the blindfold and yells, “Oh my God! What is that! Eww! (Y/N)!” You are laughing so hard. Then Jc grabs the bottle of ketchup and starts squirting it all over you. Then Kian joins in and smashes an old hamburger in Jc’s face. That triggers everyone else to join.

    Now you guys don’t even care about the game or the video. You guys are just throwing food at each other, laughing your asses off. A few you guys slip on the food here and there, including you. But you still continue to throw food until there’s no more left. It’s about late evening already and you guys finally get tired and stop. Then Ricky suggests, “I’m tired. And hungry. Can we go out to eat something?”

    Then Trevor asks, “Out like this?” 

    That gives you an idea. “I know how to clean up quickly.” Then you push Jc into the pool. You follow after, and jump in with. When you come back up to the surface, you see that the rest of guys are now jumping in. You guys then spend the next few minutes just messing around. Splashing each other, playing chicken, and just goofing off.  

     When you guys calm down, Ricky says, “Okay, now I’m really hungry.” Then you guys all get out of the pool, dry off a little, and decide to walk to a close-by Chipotle. Even walking over there is a blast with the guys. You piggy back ride on Kian for a little and even give Trevor one as you guys act crazy, not caring who sees. 

     When you guys get to the restaurant, you guys can’t stop being loud. Not one moment of silence was made throughout the dinner. That just made you even happier. You have not stopped smiling once. At the end of the dinner, you stomach hurts not only because you stuffed your face, but because you have been laughing a lot. Then Sam says, “Guys, let’s not end the night yet! Let’s go to the beach! Like right now!”

    No one argues, especially not you. You guys pay for the meal and quickly leave. You guys make your way to the beach, where it’s almost empty. You guys decide to buy a football and play during the sunset. 

    It was the most amazing game of football you have ever played. Every single time you got a hold of the ball, Connor, on your team, would grab a hold of you and put you over his shoulder as he would run away with you and the ball. It wasn’t really a game of football, it was better. Trevor sometimes would just grab the ball and dance, and it was the most funniest thing in the world.

    After that, you guys decided to build a bonfire right there on the beach. As Jc, Kian, Trevor, Connor, and Sam built it, you and Ricky went to the store to pick up marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. 

    So all of your sit down around the bonfire, making s’mores, just talking and laughing, passing the night away. Trevor sings a few songs, so does Ricky, Kian just sits there making funny noises, Jc and Connor dance silly, and you sit snuggled up to Sam, laughing so hard. 

    After you guys settle down a little, Connor tells you, “See, I told you we could cheer you up.”

    You suddenly realize that you had just broken up with Lucas earlier. “Oh my God. He hasn’t even crossed my mind once. I was having too much fun.”

    “We just wanted to help.” Sam says as he blows at his marshmallow which burnt. 

    “Thank you guys so much. I knew I could depend on you guys to make me feel better. You guys always know what to do.” You shed a small tear of joy.

    Then Trevor runs over to your side and hugs you. “Aww! (Y/N)! Once a Youtube friend, always a Youtube friend. We always stick together.”


     You wake up the next morning, still on the beach. You smile, remembering everything from the night before. You are the first one to wake up, but then you go back to sleep next to Jc, never wanting to leave anytime soon.

Your Sign + The Nasty Freestyle
  • Aries: Ya ok I've got this
  • Taurus: *does the whip*
  • Gemini: Well considering all my friends are doing it
  • Cancer: I wish I had the bod for this :'(
  • Virgo: ¿wtf?
  • Libra: TWERK
  • Scorpio: I HATE IT *secretly loves it inside*
  • Sagittarius: Tbh I'm to cool for this
  • Aquarius: *dances to it in their room when nobody's watching*
  • Pisces: Um.......
fic: feels like we are falling awake, camila/dinah

title: feels like we are falling awake [also on ao3]
pairing: camila/dinah
word count: ~2300
summary: She’s not even sure how long they stay like that: Dinah’s hands over Camila’s hands, keeping her close to the rhythm of her body. dinah takes camila out clubbing, and it is everything camila expects and then everything she doesn’t.
notes: i’m not super crazy about this, but i want to actually pretend i can finish things, so here’s a thing! also, there isn’t enough caminah in the world, so why not.

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U-KISS - FEEL IT Japanese, Romanized & English lyrics

Lyrics: Casper・Ayaka Kinugawa
Composer: Command Freaks・Casper

1, 2 Let’s Go
We’ re back and always gonna stay
Swing big and do it everyday
We got it, Hit bingo
If you’re single, Let’s Go

街へ繰り出そう 目的地(ゆくさき)は Anywhere
machi e kuridasou yuku saki wa Anywhere
Let’s venture onto the streets, the destination is Anywhere

Anywhere,,, You’re so,,, pretty girl,,,

今夜は離さない Girl! “I’ll take your breathe away”
konya  wa hanasanai Girl! “I’ll take your breathe away”
Tonight I will never let you go, Girl! “I’ll take your breathe away”

“I’ll take your breathe away” Oh!

騒げ 踊れ 淑女も紳士も check it out!
Sawage odore shukujo mo shinshi mo check it out
Make some noise, come and dance. Ladies and gentlemen check it out!

I don’t care what you say, Jammin’ to this replay

騒げ 踊れ 僕らの夜さ turn it up
sawage odore bokura no yoru sa turn it up
Make some noise, come and dance. This is our night turn it up  

Girl after midnight it’s going down

I feel it, リズムに身を任せて
I feel it, rizumu ni mi wo makasete
I feel it, let your body feel the rhythm

Feel it, 夢見心地
Feel it, yumemigokochi
Feel it, like a dreamy fantasy

I feel it, 感じろよ! Freedom
I feel it, kanjiro yo! Freedom
I feel it, feel it all! Freedom

咲き乱れ 踊り狂え
sakimidare odori kurue
Bloom wildly, dance in ecstasy

隠さなくていい さらけ出せばいい
kakusanakute ii sarakedaseba ii
There’s no need to hide, just give it all out

On the floor, Oh!
Get on the floor “get on the floor”

迷いはないさ 全て魅せてよ For me
mayoi wa nai sa subete misete yo For me
No need to hesitate, fascinate me with your all, For me

You gotta feel it

Dragon, Enter the dungeons
Yes we be bangin, hittin and burnin up
Blood bones, Crackin and Smashin
Give me the mic it’s my crown
Good god gave me this power
Makin it rain like up in the shower
U KISS we bringin the sound
Everybody sing it out out

騒げ 踊れ 待ちきれないのさ give it to me
Sawage odore machikirenai no sa give it to me
Make some noise, come and dance. Can’t wait any longer give it to me

I don’t care what you say, Jammin’ to this replay

騒げ 踊れ 君とどこまでも let it be
Sawage odore kimi to doko made mo let it be
Make some noise, come and dance. Anywhere with you let it be

Girl after midnight I’m a take you down

I feel it, リズムに身を任せて
I feel it, rizumu ni mi wo makasete
I feel it, let your body feel the rhythm

Feel it, 夢見心地
Feel it, yumemigokochi
Feel it, like a dreamy fantasy

I feel it, 感じろよ! Freedom
I feel it, kanjiro yo! Freedom
I feel it, feel it all! Freedom

咲き乱れ 俺に狂え
sakimidare ore ni kurue
Bloom wildly, go crazy over me

君と今夜は 踊り続ける
kimi to konya wa odori tsudzukeru
With you tonight, we keep dancing nonstop

On the floor, Oh!
Get on the floor “get on the floor”

絡む指先 もっと触れてよ For me
karamu yubisaki motto furete yo For me
Fingertips intertwined, touch me more, for me

You gotta feel it

Let your body go
Let your body go Oh
Can you feel it in your bones
Can you feel it in the air
Can you feel it, Can you feel it
Let me know

I feel it, リズムに身を任せて
I feel it, rizumu ni mi wo makasete
I feel it, let your body feel the rhythm

Feel it, 夢見心地
Feel it, yumemigokochi
Feel it, like a dreamy fantasy

I feel it, 感じろよ! Freedom
I feel it, kanjiro yo! Freedom
I feel it, feel it all! Freedom

咲き乱れ 踊り狂え
sakimidare odori kurue
Bloom wildly, dance in ecstasy

隠さなくていい さらけ出せばいい
kakusanakute ii sarakedaseba ii
There’s no need to hide, just give it all out

On the floor, Oh!
Get on the floor “get on the floor”

迷いはないさ 全て魅せてよ For me
mayoi wa nai sa subete misete yo For me
No need to hesitate, fascinate me with your all, For me

You gotta feel it

Translation: karenwu0109
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Seunghyun Reaction Set


- meeting you

- falling for you

- asking you out

- telling him you love him

- he asks for your hand in marriage

- telling him you’re pregnant

Meeting you: -you were a dancer for YG Entertainment so when you were asked to be in a Big Bang video you wanted to do you very best. But of course you were late for practice the first day and ran straight into Seunghyun as he was trying to leave the room- “sorry”

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Falling for you: -he felt creepy but he was watching you work so hard to learn the dance perfectly. He was falling for your passion to dance and when he ran into something making aloud noise. You jumped in the middle of the dance to look to see him standing there awkwardly- “I’m sorry, I was watching you dance. Now that I say that out loud it sounds extremely creepy”

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Asking you out: -3 months of a growing friendship which mainly happened at work because neither wanted people to assume anything, he wanted to make his move to the point where he could ask you out with confidence.- “Y/N I’ve been wanting to ask you this for awhile. Would you like to go out on a date?”

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You say you love him for the first time: -the words left your lips like silk on the skin, it flowed perfectly from your lips and it was a beautiful surprise for him- “like you really do jagi like Love Love me right? Because I Love Love you.”

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He asks you to marry him: -it was barely 8 months of dating but it felt right to both of you, it was true love at its finest. But it didn’t calm his nerves at all, so he was so nervous to ask you to marry him because it made you sound like love struck kids but you didn’t care. As soon as he finished his sentence you were kissing him passionately- “thank god you said yes. I thought I ruined everything for a moment”  

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When you tell him you’re pregnant: -One month of marriage you were pregnant almost 3 months, not that the two of you didn’t want kids you both wanted many but neither of you were expecting it to be so soon. He was happy and shocked, you found it very funny- “like with a baby? Like with my baby? We’re having a child? How much time do we have to get ready now?”

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school for exceptional young ladies

AU where Allison and Lydia are freshman attending a school for girls of high intelligence. No werewolves, no supernatural deaths, and definitely no boys.

I hope you like it Liss!

No one is in the room when Allison arrives, even though one side is already neatly unpacked, shoes lined up underneath the bed, books stacked on the desk, posters hung up on the wall. Allison lugs her bags and boxes up the stairs with her dad and leaves them unopened on the floor.

“Sorry we don’t have time to unpack, Dad,” she says to him, squeezing him tightly and allowing herself to breathe him in for a moment.

“We would have had time if you hadn’t been so busy figuring out what you wanted to wear. I had the car packed long before you even came down the stairs.” He hugs her back anyway, and drops a kiss to the top of her head.

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