noise suppressor

paleasamoon  asked:

How would the RFA react to MC being really skiddish and easily scared by loud noises? (I am and I'm good natured about it but everyone at my job makes it their goal to scare me. :( )

Jumin: He takes it too far. You regret telling him, although he would have found out eventually. Everywhere you go it seems, Jumin makes arrangements to ensure that there would be nothing there to spook you which ultimately makes you feel bad since it is Jaehee who is doing all the work. He’s installed noise suppressors on the doors so they will not slam as loudly, makes anyone who enters his penthouse wear slippers. He tried to get the alarm function of the fire alarm turned off. Eventually, you had to sit him down and set him straight.

Zen: He’s sometimes considerate and sometimes not. When he knows you’re not paying attention, he tries to ensure that you won’t be spooked by him by making soft noise or gently announcing his presence so you’re aware of him. Other times he forgets and is prone to “sneaking” up behind you and giving you affection which makes you jump right out of your skin. He apologises most of the time, but he will admit that your face is extra cute when you’re scared.

Yoosung: He’s overly conscious about it. One might have thought that Yoosung struck you with the amount of remorse he showed over merely spooking you. You assured him everything was fine, you were just spooked, but he’s already on the verge of tears. In general, he tries his best to not scare you, but by nature Yoosung is a loud, bubbly person so it can sometimes be difficult.

Jaehee: She’s very considerate. She strives to makes sure you won’t be spooked too often. When the two of you go to the movies, she takes extra care in ensuring there are no jumpscares. She makes sure that when she arrives home late that she is quiet. She’s even gotten you a pair of ear plugs that muffle loud noises so you won’t be scared.

707: He thinks it’s hilarious. Ever since Seven found out you’ve been spooked at every corner. At one point he even hid in the pantry just to hop out and scare you. You feel like it’s just too much and that your heart is going to burst out of your chest any moment. You get genuinely upset from time to time which is Seven’s cue to lay off the hijinks for a week or two.