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Kagami and Himuro (separate) finding out that their s/o is a Cheerleader for her schools basketball club?

Kagami: He had been told the bus trailing them from school was filled with Seirin’s new cheer squad; one of the perks of being newly named champions, he supposed, was that the cheerleaders now followed them to games. He didn’t really pay that any mind though, too focused on the game to come.

At least, he didn’t pay it any mind until he saw you step off the bus, cheer skirt flouncing around your thighs and uniform top tight on your body. Red couldn’t color his cheeks any faster than in that moment. Kagami sputtered out your name, catching your attention quickly and, as you bounced over to him, he was sure your pleated skirt was creeping up a little too high. Was that even legal?

“Isn’t this great?” Your voice was bubbly as you hugged him, forcing his arms to fumble around your barely covered waist. “Now we can see each other at every single game.”

Kagami grunted, the noise neither approval or rejection. He wasn’t sure he could handle seeing you in that uniform every week.

Himuro: It was during the break that the cheerleaders had come out, bouncing on the tips of their toes and calling out to the crowd in Yosen’s name. He hadn’t given them much attention, wanting to use the time to cool himself off after a grueling first half, but one voice out of the few wouldn’t leave him be.

Himuro hadn’t known you were part of the cheer team until he saw you walk into the gym, trailing behind your coach and captain. He hadn’t gotten the chance to talk to you yet; he wanted to ask when you had joined.

Instead, he found himself staring out at the court as you and your team went through your routine. He’d expected something simple, like a few cheers that everyone could follow along with, but he was surprised with what he saw. There were stunts and jumps he couldn’t even imagine you doing prior to today and, needless to say, he was rather impressed with what he saw.

“No need to have such indecent thoughts,” Fukui teased, seeing Himuro staring in your direction for possibly a few seconds too long to not be wanton.

*door bursts open*

Matt: Hey chaps, Sorry i’m sorry im so late but i saw my quite beautiful reflection in the mirror! Then I saw this reall festive hat, but then i realized it was a christmas hat SO MERRY CHRISTMAS! I also brought a dashing cake as well

Matt: I say its the best cake ive eveer seen, along with most dashing!

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Right Beside You (We're Birds of a Feather)

wordcount: 2999

genre: fluff (platonic)

warnings: one of the swear words, mild mild social anxiety/discomfort

summary: in which dan and phil are disgustingly close best friends, everyone’s like sixteen, and louise wants them to come to matt’s football game.

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Do you have any Hunter x Hunter college headcanons?

Leorio went to a medical college. He’s made a lot of friends from Kurapika’s college that’s only a few blocks away. Most of his own classmates don’t like him because he paid the ridiculous college fee with his Hunter license. Meanwhile everyone else shoulders student loans. That gives him more time to study and to everyone’s annoyance, Leorio is always top of the class. He prefers to sit in the front row, and is the first to raise his hand to ask and answer questions. The teachers love him because he always helps them gather their materials and carries their anatomy models after class is dismissed. He had a fling with a teacher.

Leorio’s the panicked student stereotype during the exam session. Books and bookmarks everywhere, he highlights an entire textbook, gets erratic when he doesn’t find a note he took in class that one time. Kurapika sometimes calls to make sure he doesn’t OD on energy drinks. After the session is over he treats his gang to junk food.

Kurapika picked a college that has a well equipped institute of criminology. He’s the type of student who strives for himself and lets others copy off him because he only cares about his own knowledge, not grades, his or anyone else’s. He’s respected by everyone because he works hard and although he’s overly formal and hard to approach, he always calmly explains things when asked. His classmates view him like a second teacher. Kurapika doesn’t know how popular he truly is. He usually has a stern expression, but whenever he explains something he’s passionate about, he brightens up and ends his explanation with a smile and a “was I of any help?”. Guaranteed heartthrob.

Kurapika owns the class balance. Where he sits, everyone else sits around him. When the teacher enters they usually see a class half empty and everyone concentrated on one side with Kurapika in the middle. He’s calm during exams and acts as a zen source for everyone else too. Despite being loved, he has an aura of “no thanks” so no one asks him out. They respect him from afar, that’s why Kurapika has no idea what people truly think of him. They take the chance to hang out with him when Leorio visits and Kurapika opens up more.

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Kyou to iu Hi no Rojou ni te [今日という日の路上にて] [Part 2/2]

On the road the day called today [Part 2/2]

[The second part of the ninth chapter of Kagerou Daze V -deceiving-]

[Part 1]

[Part 2]

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