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Anxiously Home


Noise Complaint

The Key Out Of The Friend Zone 

Childish Behavior


All For Good Reason

Not Such A Bad Boy

Until It’s Gone

You’re just a Fuckboy 

Who’s It Gonna Be? (Feat. Sam Wilkinson) // Part 2

Forgotten Christmas 

I Don’t Know How To Feel 

Coming Down ( Based on the Song)

Lean On 

It’s Luh Bitch 

Leaving Home

Harmful Thoughts

Mama Bear 

Backstage Butterflies


Face to Face Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

12:00 a.m.


Netflix and Chill 

Penny For Your Thoughts

Winter Wonderland

Double The Competition 

“Friendly” Games

It’s What It Looks Like (Feat. Sam Wilkinson) // Part 2

I’ll Stand Up For You

The Friendship Circle

Birthday Present 

Hands Off

You’re A What? 




Don’t Leave

Who’s It Going To Be? (Feat. Derek Luh)  // Part 2

It’s What It Looks Like (Feat. Nate Maloley) // Part 2


Nate’s on tour (Nate Maloley)


All Parts 


All Parts

Flirtatious Sister Fanfiction 

All Parts 

Ada Trevelyan, actual Ray of Sunshine. Skyhold’s resident healer who spends way too much time patching up her cousin Rolfe in between sighing over letters sent from the Western Approach.

I commissioned @cocotingo for a portrait, and I am so thrilled with how she came out. Coco is brilliant at bringing characters to life and i can’t thank her enough.

I can’t help but wonder if there was ever a time Anakin broke his arm while tinkering with it. Like he’s sitting with Padme in their apartment, she’s reading some bill or something and he’s tinkering with his hand and then he breaks it. It makes a noise, pieces fall, it steams and they just sit there staring at his arm which looks fine but it hangs limp. “Everything okay?” Padme would ask. “Yeah… sure…” he would say, poking at his arm with his tools again, “I think I might need a doctor…”

  • Kise: Kasamatsu-senpai! Kick me, please!
  • Kasamatsu: (╬ಠ_ಠ)
  • The rest of Kaijou: what the fuck-
  • Kise, flailing his hands: I-I mean, kiss me! Kasamatsu-senpai, kiss me, please!
  • Kasamatsu: *kicks Kise*
  • The rest of Kaijou: what the actual fuck???
Thunder - Vernon Fluff Scenario

Admin K: It’s a bit shorter than I expected, i hope you don’t mind.

Pairing: vernon x reader 

Genre: fluff

Word count: around 400

Originally posted by wonnhao

It started raining earlier that day and you started to worry about thunder. You hated it, loathed it, feared it. It wasn’t exactly one of your favourite things in the world and you were mortified of it. You never told your boyfriend Vernon about it and luckily a thunderstorm hasn’t happen in a while.

You kept staring at the window constantly throughout the day. “Y/N.” Vernon called louder this time making you drop the dish you were washing onto the floor, making a huge crash noise as pieces flew everywhere on the floor.

“Y/N are you okay? Are you hurt? You should be more careful. What were you thinking about? You were frozen just staring into nowhere for a long time.” Vernon asked worried as he rush over to you. You were bending down to clean and pick up the pieces but he grabbed your wrist gently and stopped you, telling you that he’d do it.

He told you to go and rest so you nodded and did as you were told.

Sitting in your room, you tried to push the thoughts away and think of something else. You tried your best to keep yourself occupied as you went on your computer doing work.

Sudden the thunderstorm started and it made you screaming, freaking out as you jumped out of your seat from the rumbling noise outside.

Lighting kept striking and you ran to your bed, hiding yourself in your blanket and trying to block the noise and he image of thunder.

“Y/N what happened now?! Are you okay? Where are you?” You peeked out of your blanket to see the lights turn off due to the power outage the thunder had cause.

Vernon came into your room with a lit candle. He set it on your table and he came by to sit beside you on your bed.

“Hey…are you okay?” He said softly, rubbing your back as he pulled you gently into his chest.

You heard his heart beat and it calmed you down slowly as he comforted you. “Are you scared?” He whispered and you nodded.

You didn’t want to talk much and just wanted to be near Vernon and hear his soothing voice.

He kissed the top of your head before resting his chin on your head. You wrapped your arms around his waist. “I’m here okay? Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” You smiled loving him more for being there for you.

“Let’s just cuddle and be together and just not think about it alright?”

“Okay.” You said in a soft voice as the both of you decided to lay down and snuggled up to each other.

“Thank you for being here for me.” You whispered into his chest, looking up at him as he gives you a soft peck on the lips. “I’ll always be here for my girl.” He smiled so brightly that it made you forget the dark weather outside. He brightened up your day like everyday.


comin home to bae like

vicivefallen  asked:

17, 33, 34, 43, & 60!

17. Are you happy with the person you’ve become? No. I would cross the road to avoid me.

33. What’s the last thing you purchased? These Chie Mihara shoes for work:

34. Love or lust? Love, I suppose.  Both are problematic.

43. What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it? Firebird by White Noise, a piece of 1960s electronica loosely based on Stravinsky’s Firebird, written by Delia Derbyshire (of Doctor Who theme fame) and David Vorhaus.

60. Give me your top 5 hottest celebrities. Eva Green, Thomas Kretschman, Daniel Radcliffe, Gillian Anderson, Mark Rylance (does he count as a celeb?).  I’m not counting Bertie and Parker because d’uh.

Those Dreams: Ch 1 (Papyrus POV)

Writer’s note:Got inspired by  @thelostmoongazer‘s Night Terror comic. I wanted to write about night terrors from both Sans and Papyrus views. 

San’s POV: These Dreams. Ch 1, Ch 2   Ch.3

Papyrus POV: Those Dreams. Ch 1, Ch 2. Ch. 3
Feel free to comment on what you think about it, like, and reblog. Also if you see errors please let me know.
Have any questions about the Dream Series? Ask away!

“And the winner of the best spaghetti of the Underground is Papyrus!” Mettaton rolls over to Papyrus and hands him a giant gold trophy. “Everyone give him around of applause!”

The audience in the room goes wild. Their claps and cheers thunders all around Papyrus. At first he’s thrilled, but then the room shakes from the vibrations of all noise. Pieces of the ceiling crack and fall to the ground with loud booms. A beam falls from above heading right for him…

Papyrus’s eyes fly open, and gasps for breath. He looks around and realizes he’s safe in his room. He breathes out a sigh of relief. It was just a dream. As he turns to go back to sleep, he hears a loud crash coming from his brother’s room.

What in the world is Sans doing in there? He wonders. Any why isn’t he be asleep by now? Sleep is one of Sans’s favorite things to do.

He gets up to check on his brother. As he walks out his door, he hears something that fills his heart with dread.

“No!” Sans’s cries out from his room.

Papyrus dashes into his brother’s room. “Sans! What’s-” At the sight of his brother, his words drop dead at his feet.

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If the marauders have bought a flat together
  • Sirius burns the kitchen to the ground trying to make toast.
  • James sings in the shower and the neighbors think they’re spanking a cat because what the fuck is that noise.
  • Peter keeps old pieces of pizza under his pillow and his room is absolutely toxic to mankind.
  • Remus bursts in everyone’s bedroom when the others are changing clothes and at some point nobody gives a flying fuck.
  • James’s socks are everywhere. Hanging on the ventilator. Inside the fridge. On Padfoot’s mouth. On Peter’s feet - it’s almost public patrimony.
  • Let’s not talk about Sirius’s underwear.
  • Remus steals every fucking blanket during winter and the others need to invade his room in the middle of the night to get it back - or alternatively they just sleep on Moony’s bed because the way back to theirs respective bedrooms seems very hostile mostly during winter.
  • Peter doesn’t do the dishes unless Sirius threats him with James’s dirty socks.
  • Lily is absolutely grossed out but Sirius swears he once saw her eating Peter’s old pizza - and blaming the pregnancy, of course.
  • Harry knows the place even though his dad moved out after marrying Lily.
  • He wouldn’t remember any of this a few years later. Just a year frequenting the place was not enough to make any memory of it on his one year old brain.