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Speak Low If You Speak Love- Knots (Space Jam Sessions)

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You stamped your feet, trying to keep the blood flowing to your toes, as the old lock made the familiar grinding noise and jammed like it always did. “Come on!” Your breath was rising in frozen clouds in front of you as you struggled to turn the key. “Dammit!” You pulled off a mitten and wiggled the key as you pulled the door towards you. Finally the mechanism clicked and you hurriedly pushed the door in, rushing to shut out the frigid air clawing to get in after you. The customary tinkling of the bells sounded as you pushed the door firmly closed. You hastily pulled off your scarf and rubbed your hands together.

It was just another day at the small town diner. “Ricky? Are you back there yet?” you called towards the kitchen as you flipped half the lights on. No response from the cook. You checked the large clock on the wall and decided to leave the sign set to “Closed” for the time being. No point in opening for business if the cook wasn’t in yet…

You made the rounds, getting things going like usual; starting the coffee brewing, setting the hot water to boil, pouring out cream to be set on the tables when needed, and straightening the menus. You were pretty much always the one who opened. Your co-worker Jessie would be in any minute to help you wait tables and hopefully Ricky would show up…

As this thought crossed your mind you heard him bang in through the back, talking loudly with Jessie. You made your way around the counter and changed the sign on the front door to “Open.”

”Hey Y/N,” Jessie said cheerfully. “Good weekend?” she asked, hanging her coat on one of the hooks in the storeroom and reaching for her apron.

You shrugged. “Well, I was here so… nothing unusual,” you called back to her with a smile.

Ricky leaned into the window between the front of the diner and the kitchen while he tied his apron on. “You work too much, principessa!” he called.

You smiled at him. “Have to pay the bills somehow, Ricky,” you said.

”You keep working so hard and you’ll never have time to find yourself a man,” he teased playfully, shaking a finger at you.

You gave him a disapproving smile. “Who said I want one? I serve them all day. Why would I want to go home and do the same thing?” You gave him a tight-lipped smile and he chuckled and shook his head, receding into the kitchen to get things started.

Jessie had been watching the exchange with a smug smirk. “He’s not wrong you know…”

”Oh, please don’t start again, Jess,” you replied. “It’s too early for this!”

”I’m just saying! Tyler has some friends at work you might like!”

”The idea of being set up out of pity with some guy I don’t know makes me cringe and hardly inspires,” you said as you straightened the newspapers. Jessie was about to retort but was interrupted when the tinkling bell signaled your first customer of the day. You shot her one last skeptical look before grabbing a menu and making your way around the counter to the booth where the man in the trench coat had taken a seat.

”Good morning,” you said cheerfully as you placed a menu down in front of him. “Can I start you off with something to drink?”

He tilted his chin up and looked at you with a blank expression. Your lungs expelled a small exhale when you saw the intensity of his blue eyes, which were studying you carefully as though he had never seen a waitress before… He stared at you for a long moment and you were almost about to ask him if he was alright when he finally spoke. “Good morning,” he said finally. His voice was low but pleasant. It had a slight gravelly quality to it. “What would you recommend? To drink, I mean,” he said, tearing his eyes away and shuffling through the pages in the menu randomly.

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White Noise is the debut album by American rock band PVRIS. White Noise was released in November through Rise and Velocity. Receiving positive reviews, the album charted in the top 100 in the U.S., and in the top 200 in the UK. It also charted in the top 20 on several Billboard charts. The album ranked on several publications’ end-of-the-year lists. 

Happy One Year Anniversary White Noise!

A darkcepticeye (antijack? antisepticeye?) character I made when I was doodling on my notes and decided to do a quick headshot of. Hes is constantly disgusted and uncomfortable 99% of the time and I’ll probably do a full ref sheet of him after I finish finals.

Also I noticed a lot of people draw their dark!youtuber characters with fangs so how about some love for tusks 


The Grumps had a little mini-stream today on FB and some random handsome guy with the craziest hair just wandered in after doing some vocal warm-ups in the other room for a while!  WEIRD!

okay, y’all, hear me out … meghan trainor’s new song “no” is fucking awesome

“call me beautiful, so original
telling me i’m not like other girls […]

all my ladies, listen up,
if that boy ain’t giving up,
lick your lips and swing your hips,
girl, all you gotta say is,

my name is no. my sign is no. my number is no.
you need to let it go.
you need to let it go.”