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Sensory Kits (Part 1)

This is the first post in a multi-post series about sensory kits. I figured a lot of you probably know about these already, but this might have ideas you hadn’t previously thought of? Idk. 

What are they?

As you may know/figure out due to the self-explanatory title, a sensory kit is a group of items that help mitigate sensory overload and its related issues. It can include comfort items, communication aids, and fidget/stim toys, to name a few. 

How do I make one?

This part is highly subjective and individual! It depends on how big you would like your kit to be and what occasion you will be using it for. 


For a small sensory kit, use a pencil case with a cool texture or pleasing design. It can be placed in a small bag if needed or carried by itself. These are good to leave by the door to grab quickly in case you’ve forgotten sensory items that might be helpful at your destination or during your trip there. You can also keep them in a car, locker, desk, or any random place.  

A medium sensory kit will have as many items as the small one, only with larger items such as a water bottle, medium-large sized stuffed animals, book/art supplies, or technology (such as a handheld game console or tablet computer). This kit can be kept in a drawstring backpack or small cross-body bag. Like a small sensory kit, it can also be placed in a larger bag.  

A large sensory kit will be kept in your living space. This one is not kept in a container and can include large/difficult to transport items such as a weighted blanket, balance board, spinny chair, or exercise ball. 

Items to include- 

When thinking of items to put in your sensory kit, consider all of the senses. For our purposes, let’s pick seven: (potential items to include for that sense are in parentheticals)

Visual- sight. (glitter ball, glitter wand, cellophane bubble stick, stim toys in pretty/soothing colors, mirror, colored flashlight, bubbles, sunglasses)

Auditory- noise. (noise reducing earmuffs, earplugs, acoustic filters, headphones (noise cancelling or other), noise-isolating earbuds, music player, tiny music box that requires you to turn the handle)

Tactile- touch. (virtually every stim toy- tangles, twiddle, stress ball, etc., soft fabric/ribbon, stuffed animal, soft art/makeup brush)

Olfactory- smell. (essential oils, scented lotions, coffee beans, tea bags, face masks, gum, mints)

Gustatory- taste. (food, chew toy, mints, gum, water bottle with iced tea/drink that tastes good)

Proprioceptive- sense of where your body is in space. (weighted/pressure vest, lap pad, putty, chew toy, exercise band)

Vestibular- movement. (This can be hard to fit in a little kit.) (movement suggestion cards- rocking, jumping up and down, skipping, running, flapping your hands/arms. Make a deck out of index cards/half index cards, shuffle, pick a card, and do the thing on it!) 

Other helpful items to include could be: Communication device or notepad and pencil, hand sanitizer, tissues, coloring book/art supplies, book/magazine, cell phone/computer, handheld gaming system, other comfort or distracting items, especially when the kit will be used in a stressful environment.

Hope this helps, and if you have any other suggestions for items please let me know! If you want to share your sensory kit you can submit a post through the main, I will be putting some of mine up soon. 

It's A Sign

A/N: this idea popped in my head and it’s actually the cutest, so I couldn’t help but write it. please be gentle I’m not a great writer.
relationship: Hotch X reader
warnings: abduction, vague themes, and some violence. super sappy and eye rolling love confession.
Narrator POV

Slowly blinking your eyes, you begin to regain consciousness. Immediate confusion. You try to lift your hand to assess the throbbing pain in the back of your head, but it’s restrained. The eye goop clears out of your eyes as you blink it away. You begin to evaluate your surroundings. Deep breaths. Flashing red light straight ahead, cardboard boxes taped to the walls, some kind of rectangular room, small light above your head illuminating the chair you’re restrained to… another deep breath. Panic begins to rise in your chest. You try to make a sound, but can’t seem to. A bandana is tied tightly around your mouth.

“What Happened? How did I get here? Where is the team? Where am I…” Your thoughts race.

You look around the room frantically looking for any clues, trying to gather your thoughts that seem to be splatter across the floor. You can hear a slight beeping… sounds electronic. A shuffling of feet comes from the direction of the red light. A questionable chuckle begins to come from the same direction.

“Oh joy… this will be a fun one!” Pulling your thoughts together. It feels like a teeter-totter of emotions. You think to yourself. It’s better to joke than cry… you might do both. Overwhelmed… very overwhelmed.

“Helllllooooo, there!” A confident voice booms, coming from the direction of the beeps. Followed by someone quickly typing on a computer keyboard and a clicking of a mouse.

“Oh, alright! There she goes!” The voice excitedly says. The shadowy figure steps out of the darkness. Tall, nicely dressed, clean cut young man with a wild smirk on his face. He spins a computer screen around as your eyes grow wide. Penelope Garcia is onscreen. She’s totally not paying attention. Probably working on a case at the screen directly next to the one the webcam is turned on to. You try to make a sound to get Garcia’s attention.

“Nuh-uh, sugar. That would be too simple, wouldn’t it? Mic isn’t on yet, but you can hear her. Let’s call it a gesture of good faith!” He put some extra excitement on the last sentence for emphasis.

You need to pull your thoughts together! Come on. You’ve got this. Pick up some clues on the way. You’re here for a reason… why? British accent, cocky, harsh, lone wolf… you’re getting there. Start the profile…

You hear sounds coming from the computer. Penelope is still distracted at her other computer. The door behind her opens… Jennifer. JJ shuts the door behind her, file in hand, heels clicking, and a smile spread across her face. Not for long, though.

Looking down at the file… well her phone. Her phone was on top of the file. She begins to speak, but is cut off very quickly when her eyes find their way to the screen. Her eyes grow wide and she freezes. It seems like minutes before she reacts.

“GARCIA, LOOK AT THE SCREEN!” Penelope is jolted out of her deep concentration as she looks back a JJ, pointing at her other screen.

“oh my god… OH MY GOD! No, no, no, no, no, not again… not again. this cannot be happening again!” She increasingly gets louder.

“HOTCHNER! Garcia’s office now!” JJ screams out the hallway.

Aaron and the rest of the team come rushing into the room. Gasps and wide eyes are all that happened for several long seconds. But, all you see is Hotch. Hotch gave several demands as Derek and Emily scurried out of the room.

“Y/N…” Hotch gasped out lowly, but you could here him.

You have no idea what your captor wants from you. You can see him shuffling and preparing for something. Flipping switches, typing rather harshly, and tapping his foot impatiently.

“Well, now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let’s get to business! What I need from you is some information. If you can give me everything I need you MAY even get out of here with all of your body parts!! How exciting. But, a failure to cooperate may result in pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and maybe even death. Even more exciting, am I right or am I right?” he exclaims beginning to get more excited clasping his hands together.

The team’s eyes are starting to change… they’re reacting. He flipped on the microphone. Good, this is good. Garcia can isolate background noises, measure room depth and height, analyze the surroundings, and find where you are. This is all good, there’s a chance you may get out of here. The profile is working against you, but the computer genius is working in your favor. This should make you feel better, but it doesn’t. It really doesn’t. There’s so much you feel like you haven’t done yet… so much you haven’t said. All you wanted right now was to be able to finish your PHD (which you dreaded finishing), going on boring ass stakeouts with Hotch again (which you had a love-hate relationship with), and drink awful police station coffee with stale bagels. Your thoughts wander back to Hotch. Oh Hotch… the things that you want to say to him more than anything right now. The things you’d been absolutely terrified to tell him. The thoughts you’d been hiding for years. Well, you thought you were hiding.


You think back to the day Spencer nervously came up to you in the break room. He cleared his throat, “The human body subconsciously reacts to physical attraction. People tend to lean towards someone they’re attracted to when they’re talking. The human pupil dilates when looking at someone they love. We even tend to touch, said person, at unnecessary moments without realizing it…” Reid rambled on for five minutes while you sipped your coffee, occasionally zoning out. You finally cleared your throat because he began to look tired.

“Is there a point to this story, Doctor?” You chuckled at the naive young doctor.

“Oh, yes! Sorry. There is, indeed, a point and a good one at that. Y/N, I can see how you act around Hotch.” You choke on your coffee.

“Spence, you must be mistaken. I don’t have feelings for Aaron.” You laugh masking the thick nerves in the air. You lie seemingly well. But, Spencer saw right through it. He may be naive, sometimes, but he was a profiler first.


You wanted to go back to that moment more than anything. Any moment that wasn’t this specific moment. You were quickly pulled out of your thoughts when you felt a tear rolling down your face. Staring intently at the screen, at Hotch. He was staring right back, studying your face, and your body language.

“I need to know everything about Mission number 221, code name Morning Star.” Your captor spoke. Your heart sank immediately. Right then another tear dropped down your face, you were not getting out of here alive. Everything slowly started to make sense.


Garcia began typing into every government search engine she could think of. She typed the code word and mission number over and over again. The first engine she looked at was FBI, classified documents. Second engine, MI5, classified. CIA, no information. Secret Service, classified. Setting off many alarms because of the nature of the operation.

“Garcia, I need something, anything! declassify the damn files, DO SOMETHING!” Hotch said hurriedly.

“I’m analyzing the background, running his voice through analog and voice rec, searching for the code words. I’m doing everything sir, everything.” Garcia sobbed slightly, tears silently streaming down her face.


Morning Star was an undercover operation you were assigned before being assigned to the BAU. You were deep undercover for 18 months in Europe trying to find a mole in MI5 that was leaking operation secrets, safe house locations, undercover officer identities, and highly classified information from joint agency operations and task forces. When you finally began getting leads in the case it led you to a highly respected senior agent. You began a relationship with him to get closer to him and figure out who he was leaking the information to and who was targeting the FBI, MI5, and other joint forces currently working on operations together. Evidence led you to find ties to the Russian mafia. When your handler got your most recent evidence an infiltration of the mafia was put into place. After months of careful planning and investigation, your team found the headquarters of the group of Russian assassins targeting joint government agencies. The op was a go, you were ordered to apprehend the group responsible. During the breach of the base, the element of surprise was compromised when an alarm was triggered. The operation went south quickly. The senior agent mole and four Russian mafia members were killed in the operation while several unknown subjects escaped. After the Op your team received Intel that the Senior Agent’s son had deep connections in the Russian mafia. You and your entire team were immediately assigned back to the states after the sting due to your covers being compromised and unusable.


You knew this was probably going to be the end. The mafia doesn’t simply let someone go that killed several of their own people and destroying their operation. You could not die. You could not die without telling Aaron the truth. You could not die with so many things left unsaid But, how? You were gagged and bound. Morse code? No, they probably wouldn’t recognize it right away. You have to tell him, you have to. While they work to get you out of here you need to get all unfinished business completed just in case you don’t make it out alive. Sign language, you could sign to the webcam! You learned last Christmas break when you were sick with the flu.

Liam, the senior agents son, approached you slowly. Becoming completely visible to the team. You assume Garcia is already trying facial recognition.

Liam cracked your arm with a whip unexpectedly, demanding information. You knew you couldn’t give him anything.

He quickly undid the bandana gagging your mouth, “TALK NOW!” he boomed.

You couldn’t say anything without risking the cover of the agents that went back under. Any slip up of any tiny bit of information could damage the entire operation and get the agents killed. It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve been tortured. You just cried. There is nothing you could do to stop this. Now or never.

You began to sign while Liam was distracted.

Aaron first, life saving information second. sounds logical.

(A, closing your fist, lifting you hand, and waving it slightly.)
(signing A again)
(R, fingers crossed.)

“She’s signing…” Reid whispered, but you heard him. You smiled slightly.

Liam cracked the whip a dozen more times across your legs. You had to stop signing the pain was getting too great and you were afraid he’d see what you were trying to do. Tears were flowing like an open spout.

“This has been so much fun, Y/N. I’ll give you a little break to think about what you’re GOING to tell me.” He patted my head and threw the whip to the side with a huff. Wrapping the bandana around your mouth again. Sobs escape your mouth again. He walked over to the sliding door and the sun beamed through as he hopped down off a- something… you couldn’t tell. He left their mic on… mistake! Relief washes over you, there’s a chance. You began to sign again.

(O, making your hand a circle.)
(N, putting your thumb between your ring and middle finger)

“She spelled Aaron…” Reid stated with a slight shock in his voice. Hotch eyes widened, extremely surprised. You smiled through the sobs.

“Y/N, I’m here.” Hotch said sadly. You lifted your hand up with your pinky, thumb, and index raised. Sobs continued to escape through the bandana.

“and that means I lov-”
“I know what it means, Reid.” Hotch interrupted, sternly. The team focusing in on Hotch as he stared at the screen. Garcia continued to type trying to find anything she could to save you.

“I’ve got something!”


Part 2?

chameleonspace  asked:

hello! got a idea/suggestion for fanfic but i'm dreadful at writing (unlike you)! alternate universe malec and magnus reveals/shows/tells alec he's a warlock?!✨✨✨ don't worry if you don't want to xx

thank you :x i didnt know whether u meant any au or the season 1 au, so i improvised i hope you like it!

The rain glowed neon in the city light, pouring from the grey clouds that overtook the sky. The sound of it meeting the ground drowned out all other noise, creating isolation out of soothing chaos. Magnus couldn’t help but think of how fitting it was. That today of all days would see nature announce its sorrow.

It had been months now since that fateful party. Since Magnus had regained his magic and his heart. Since he met the boy in blue. He could still remember Alec asking him to stay, how the confidence had made Magnus hesitate until he noticed the careful urgency radiating off Alec. Therefore, body still brimming with new-found life, he had agreed, and felt his heart skip at the smile that lit up Alec’s face.

After that it had been meetings between clients, late night texts, laughter shared across food, fingers intertwined, and lips pressed to cheeks. Being with Alec was exhilarating, the energy between them palpable. Every date felt like they were caught in their own personal gravity, pulled closer and closer together with each smile.

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calictii  asked:

Hello do you or your followers have any recommendations for noise cancelling/noise isolating (I want quiet because earplugs get lost easily and hurt my ears.) headphones? I'm really thinking that they will help me out in getting overloaded at my favorite places (Coffee shops). Thank you.

You could use headphones for music that are made to be noise canceling. It usually says it on the box, I think. I use noise canceling music headphones myself.

There are also noise canceling headphones specifically meant to muffle out outside music without using sound. You could probably Google it and see if they are sold somewhere online. I think you can get it prescribed too, so that medical insurance might cover it, but I’m unsure.


anonymous asked:

Is sensory overload an ADHD thing? Don't know if I'm using that term right, if I'm thinking and suddenly I hear a lot of noise I can't get away from and it doesn't stop I breathe so hard and squirm and get so so so upset, people say I get aggressive, I'm not, I'm just so overdriven and upset and I can't make it stop I can't ask for them to stop. I have to blast music from my earphones so horribly loud. I'm also light sensitive and and get migraines, not sure if auditory pro' or sensory disorder?

Sensory processing disorder is something that is common with ADHD. Auditory processing disorder is a type of sensory processing disorder.


This definitely sounds like sensory overload. I find there are a couple of things that help me:

  • I often carry disposable foam earplugs with me, which help attenuate noise.
  • I also use noise isolation headphones and white noise generators to block out sound in the environment.
  • Sunglasses can also help with photosensitivity, as do hooded clothes or hats, which you can use to pull up over your eyes to shield glare from overhead lighting.
  • Additionally, I have a little coin purse which I carry with me, which contains little things I can fidget with, because I find focusing on fidgeting with something can help block out unwanted environmental stimulation.

- Prue

RHA’s newest headphones will compete against Apple’s Beats X
RHA is releasing two new headphones this summer, the MA650 and the MA750, and they’re both inspired by Apple’s Beats X. Both headphones feature the flexible, contoured neckband popularized by Apple’s latest headphones, and both come with the usual slate of midrange headphone specs including aptX, noise isolation, and 12 hours of playback. The MA650 features a 380.1 dynamic driver while there is a 560.1 dynamic driver in the MA750 (as well as over-the-ear hooks), likely making up for the $70 price difference. Read more

anonymous asked:

Best headphones for listening to drama cds?

( ^ - ^ )

I could talk about headphones for ages, but I’m assuming you probably want the shortened version of my spiel on recommended headphones (for listening to drama CDs and things in general.)

Thus, without further ado:

TL;DR below for a long-winded discourse (+list) on headphones.

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submitted by Jack

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I’ve been slowly growing my collection of brass gear. Love the patina on brass, most of these objects aren’t coated, just raw brass, so they age nicely and darken over time.

Submitted by Benson Chen

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Balancing style and performance on a budget.

Submitted by Nathan Beers

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I am a home-based analyst, and most days I walk or ride my motorcycle down to a park or coffee shop to work. I have everything I might need in this bag for work or play and it all weighs in at less than 13 lbs. A few notes on these items: -I ALWAYS have the Architect Wallet (with Space Pen and Moleskine notebook), iPhone with case, and Leatherman on my person. The rest still comes with me everywhere I go, but could be 10-15’ away at any given time. I have Tile locators on my bag, bluetooth speaker, and glasses case (this last one has been a real lifesaver!) -I searched for years for a bag to replace an old satchel I’d sewn back together half a dozen times over the past 10 years and finally settled on this Bluboon Backpack. I love the style, it’s fairly small while still able to carry everything I need, and it cost less than $40! I have had to strengthen a few of the stitches, but it’s worth it! -The Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer contains toiletry and first aid hand items. -The 145g Discraft is by far the best small size frisbee I have ever used. It flies as well as a regulation size 175g disc, but saves space in my bag. -The Eno Sub7 is a new release hammock that weighs just 6.9oz, less than half the weight of their Singlenest. It’s perfect for a go bag! -The Matador is another new find. It’s a super compact picnic blanket. Perfect for keeping in my bag and throwing out on some damp grass. -I’ve hacked the car keys and mounted a transponder on the steering column so that I can use a plain metal key without the plastic head. This allows me to fit my keys into the super compact True Utility Key Shackle. -I’ll often throw in my AEO Vintage Denim Western Shirt which works great as a stylish and comfortable extra layer when needed. -Any recommendations on a more compact umbrella?