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Goodbye mice, danger and disturbing noises.


One of the chief barriers people learning to project face is fear.  Many are afraid that they may die, or be harmed in some way as a result of their projection. Once you can counteract this fear you can begin trying to project.  

Step one:

Relax the body. According to Monroe, “the ability to relax is the first prerequisite, perhaps even the first step itself” to having an OBE. (out of body experience) This includes both physical and mental relaxation. Monroe does not suggest a method of attaining this relaxation, although Progressive Muscle relaxation, coupled with deep breathing exercises (inhale 1, exhale 2, inhale 3…. until 50 or 100) are known to work well.

Step two:

Enter the state bordering sleep.  This is known as the hypnagogic state. Once again, Monroe doesn’t recommend any method of doing this.  One way is to hold your forearm up, while keeping your upper arm on the bed, or ground. As you start to fall asleep, your arm will fall, and you will awaken again.  With practice, you can learn to control the Hypnagogic state without using your arm.  Another method is to concentrate on an object.  When other images start to enter your thoughts, you have entered the Hypnagogic state.  Passively watch these images.  This will also help you maintain this state of near-sleep. Monroe calls this Condition A.

Step three:

Deepen this state. Begin to clear your mind.  observe your field of vision through your closed eyes.  Do nothing more for a while. Simply look through your closed eyelids at the blackness in front of you.  After a while, you may notice light patterns.  These are simply neural discharges.  They have no specific effect.  Ignore them.  When they cease, one has entered what Monroe calls Condition B.  From here, one must enter an even deeper state of relaxation which Monroe calls Condition C– a state of such relaxation that you lose all awareness of the body and sensory stimulation.  You are almost in a void in which your only source of stimulation will be your own thoughts.  The ideal state for leaving your body is Condition D.  This is Condition C when it is voluntarily induced from a rested and refreshed condition and is not the effect of normal fatigue.  To achieve Condition D, Monroe suggests that you practice entering it in the morning or after a short nap.

Step Four:

Enter a state of Vibration. This is the most important part of the technique, and also the most vague.  Many projectors have noted these vibrations at the onset of projection.  They can be experienced as a mild tingling, or as is electricity is being shot through the body.  /their cause is a mystery.  It may be the astral body trying to leave the physical one.  For entering the vibrational state, he offers the following directions:

1. Remove all jewelry or other items that might be touching your skin.

2. Darken the room so that no light can be seen through your eyelids, but do not shut out all light.

3. Lie down with your body along a north-south axis, with your head pointed toward magnetic north.

4. Loosen all clothing, but keep covered so that you are slightly warmer than might normally be comfortable.

5. Be sure you are in a location where, and at a time when, there will be absolutely no noise to disturb you.

6. Enter a state of relaxation

7. Give yourself the mental suggestion that you will remember all that occurs during the upcoming session that will be beneficial to your well-being. Repeat this five times.

8. Proceed to breathe through your half-open mouth.

9. As you breath, concentrate on the void in front of you.

10. Select a point a foot away from your forehead, then change your point of mental reference to six feet.

11. Turn the point 90 degrees upward by drawing an imaginary line parallel to your body axis up and above your head.  Focus there and reach out for the vibrations at that point and bring them back into your body.

Even if you don’t know what these vibrations are, you will know when you have achieved contact with them.

Step five:

Learn to control the vibrational state.  Practice controlling them by mentally pushing them into your head, down to your toes, making them surge throughout your entire body, and producing vibrational waves from head to foot.  To produce this wave effect, concentrate of the vibrations and mentally push a wave out of your head and guide it down your body. Practice this until you can induce these waves on command.  Once you have control of the vibrational state, you are ready to leave the body.

Step six:

Begin with a partial separation.  The key here is thought control.  Keep your mind firmly focused on the idea of leaving the body. Do not let it wander. Stray thought might cause you to lose control of the state.

Now, having entered the vibrational state, begin exploring the OBE by releasing a hand or a foot of the “second body”.  Monroe suggests that you extend a limb until it comes in contact with a familiar object, such as a wall near your bed.  Then push it through the object. Return the limb by placing it back into coincidence with the physical one, decrease the vibrational rate, and then terminate the experiment.  Lie quietly until you have fully returned to normal. This exercise will prepare you for full separation.

Step seven:

Dissociate yourself from the body. Monroe suggests two methods for this.  One method is to lift out of the body.  To do this, think about getting lighter and lighter after entering this vibrational state.  Think about how nice it would be to float upward.  Keep this thought in mind at all costs and let no extraneous thoughts interrupt it. An OBE will occur naturally at this point.

Another method is the “Rotation method” or “roll-out” technique.  When you have achieved the vibrational state, try to roll over as if you were turning over in bed.  /do not attempt to roll over physically.  Try to twist your body from the top and virtually roll over into your second body right out of your physical self.  At this point, you will be out of the body but next to it.  Think of floating upward, and you should find yourself floating above the body.  Monroe suggests you begin with the lift-out method, but argues that both are equally efficacious.

Source: Scared text archive & (Taken from Leaving the Body: A Complete Guide to Astral

Projection, D. Scott Rogo, prentice Hall Press)

As Always


anonymous asked:

You should write some mute lance, whether its him having been mute in the past, being a selective mute, being injured and becoming mute, or straight up not talking anymore, i think you'd write it well


I kinda went on my own here, Whoops

On contrary to belief Lance didn’t like to talk. Well scratch that, he loved talking but he didn’t like to be talked over. Everytime he was talked over he immediately clamped up and he felt a lump form in his throat. Being the youngest in his family only lead to Lance being talked over constantly. 

It wasn’t uncommon for Lance to stop telling a story because everyone started a different conversation. It wasn’t uncommon for Lance to never finish a thought because someone would constantly interrupt him. 

Lance wasn’t a fighter so when this happened he would just clamp his mouth shut and listen to what the other person had to say, because it was obviously more important. 

Lance found himself talking less and less around his parents, siblings, and classmates. Nobody ever commented on Lance’s new quietness so Lance had no reason to start talking again. Lance would go days without saying anything to anyone. He communicated through shrugs and nods. 

Why should I talk, everyone is happier when I don’t. 


Fast forward to the Garrison when Lance met his roommate Hunk. Hunk wasn’t loud but he wasn’t quiet either. Sometimes Lance didn’t even hear him enter the room while other days Lance would hear him hallways away.  He liked Hunk, Hunk never pressured him to talk, Hunk just kept him company throughout their days. 

Hunk would ramble about projects he was working on and homework and Lance would listen quietly. It didn’t even dawn on Lance that he had never said anything to Hunk before in his life. 

They were both in their room, Lance on his bed reading a book while Hunk was laying on the floor building something. 

“Dang it, these wires all look the same, I can never tell them apart.” Hunk ran his hands through his hair in annoyance. 

Lance looked at his distressed roommate and looked down at his book. “Why don’t you put colored tape around the different wires.” Lance’s voice slightly cracked due to the lack of use and Hunk screamed. Not like a small scream but like ‘help someone is getting stabbed scream.’ 

Lance jumped causing is book to fly across his bed and he stared at Hunk who was staring at Lance his hands over his mouth. 

Lance swallowed around a small lump that was forming at the base of his throat. He inhaled “Sorry I didn’t mean to…scare you?” Lance wasn’t sure what he did wrong exactly. 

Hunk blinked a few times and slowly removed his hands from his mouth. His breathing started to slow down as he continued to stare at Lance. 

Lance started to shift where he sat. Why he is just staring at me? Lance was about to bolt out of the room but Hunk regained his bearings before he moved. 

“I’m sorry for screaming! You just have never talked before and I thought you were mute or something. Then you just spoke and I got scared. Like I wasn’t expecting that at all.” Hunk inhaled until his lungs ached “Sorry I’m rambling.” 

Lance smiled at his roommate “Hunk you ramble all the time, I’m used to it.”

Hunk started to laugh and before Lance knew it he was laughing with Hunk. They only stopped when they heard a knock on their door. 

“Officer Davis, opened the door. We have a complaint of a noise disturbance.”

Hunk and Lance shared a look and started laughing and Hunk went to open the door. 


Hunk and Lance became best friends within a week. They had shared everything with each other, and Hunk didn’t interrupt Lance once when he was talking. If he accidently did he would apologize immediately and beg Lance to continue what he was saying. 

Lance started to love talking again. 


The only time Lance would have trouble talking would be when he came back from a break. When Lance was around his family long enough he would clamp up again, but slowly Hunk would bring him back out of his shell. 


Hunk could only do so much and sometimes it wasn’t enough. They had just saved a planet from the Galra and they were all meeting up with the leader. 

Now Lance didn’t usually talk during diplomatic missions but he felt obligated to speak up when it concerned him. The leader was discussing how helpful the blue lion was and how it help save the planet. 

“You must tell me Blue paladin, how does the ice work?” The leader placed his (hand?) tentacle on Lance’s shoulder. 

“Well you see, Blue and I ha-” 

“That’s interesting but like was it just the lion acting on their own?”

“Kinda, you see I have to put my bay-”

“So are you not needed to fly Blue? If she does all the work what do you do?”

“Well I have to fly he-”

“But they are magic lions, surely they can fly on their own.” 

Lance opened his mouth to respond but slammed it shut before any words were formed. Then Lance did what he did best, he shrugged. That was all he did. 

The leader looked at him a bit skeptical before nodding “So how does the ice get formed?” 

Lance shrugged again. He kept his eyes directly on the leader and his lips sealed. Lance was nudged by Shiro, he didn’t care he wasn’t going to talk. He looked at the leader one more time before walking towards Blue and flew back to the castle. 


Lance didn’t bounce back like Hunk prayed he would. It had been about 2 weeks since the last time he said anything. He just shrugged and nodded. Never even opening his mouth except to eat. The castle was quieter than any of them wanted it to be. Mealtimes were filled with force conversation and Lance scarfing down his food in order to leave. 

Even during missions Lance wouldn’t say anything, Blue would send the other lions messages so everyone knew that things were going well but Lance never talked. 

When they met new species Lance would stand in the background silently, just watching everyone. 

Hunk tried his hardest. He would talk about things he knew Lance liked, but Lance would just smile and pat him on the back and walk away. 

The team couldn’t get Lance to talk, and they tried. They did everything they could but Lance would just sit in silence. He didn’t even talk to Coran, and that broke the older man heart. 


The paladins were hosting a party in the castle with about 7 species from different planets. They all worked together and received a huge win. 

Everyone was talking and enjoying the party and Lance was standing by the wall sipping his drink. He watched a boy, around his age, walk towards him. 

His arms and neck were covered in tattoos and he has pointy ears with piercing all over his body. His skin was a soft blue and his hair was a bright red. He smiled at Lance and stood by him. 

The boy thanked Lance for saving his planet, and of course Lance caught onto his flirting techniques. 

Lance laughed, like a real laugh. The first laugh in weeks maybe months. It echoed through the room and every paladin heard it. They attempted not to make it obvious but they were all listening to see if Lance would do anything more. 

Lance, who was completely oblivious to what his teammates were doing, stuck his hand out to the boy. “The names Lance.” 

Self-Projecting? Do I Know Her? 

Hell yeah I was self-projecting. 

I’m basically how I write Lance XD 

I hope you like it!

Sorry it took so long!!

Thank you for this!

Btw give it up for my bisexual son ❤💜💙

Noise is another tricky issue: sufficiently loud noise can kill people, even moderate levels of noise can be very disturbing, especially at night, but insisting on zero noise would require encasing individual properties in some kind of vacuum flask arrangement.

It is impossible to derive the perfect level of allowable noise simply from the axiom of self-ownership, thus as ever we must fall back on social consensus, ie. politics.

Our Secret

Pairing: Scott x Stiles’ twin sister reader.

Requested: No.

A/N: This wasn’t meant to be smut, but hey, one thing leads to another. Smut warningggggg.

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The only light in your room was coming from the television hanging up on your wall where School of Rock was paused. You glanced at your phone seeing that it was nearing ten in the evening. Scott was usually here by now. You sighed cuddling into your pillow, closing your eyes deciding to have a rest before he turned up.

What felt like two minutes turned into two hours, and you were fast asleep; snoring slightly. Scott glanced through the window, seeing your sleeping figure and admiring the view, something he’s done for nearly a year now. He fixed his shirt, and held the bouquet of roses in front of him as he knocked quietly on the window.

“No, stop, Scott.” You mumbled in your sleep, hearing noises that where disturbing you. Another knock, you moved away from the noise trying to fall back asleep, but then another knock came and you realized who it was. Yawning, you got out of the bed and made your way to the window; only seeing Scott’s grinning face.

“Hey,” He whispered, falling effortlessly through your window and stood tall in front of you. You gazed at the flowers in his hand and a blush made it’s way to your face. “Scott, you shouldn’t have.” You muttered, grasping them in your hand and taking a sniff of them.

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Christian Yu: Happy Birthday Baby.

Type: Fluff, Smuttish (?) 

Warnings: Bad language, mentions of sex and alcohol.

Word count: 2355

A/N: Hi guys, it’s been a while hasn’t it? In light of Christian’s birthday I decided to write a short fun loving scenario for him. I am in fact still working on my second series but since university has started for me I barely have time to sleep, let alone write so this is a little ‘make up’ scenario for that I guess. Further information on the new series will be posted on my blog. For now please enjoy this “short” one and let me know what you think as always ;)

“He’ll notice” you say raising your eyebrow

“No he won’t, he’s so dense. We’ll just slip it passed him” Dabin says crossing his arms after parking the car.

You were parked outside of a department store, it was Dabin’s plan to come here and get some supplies to throw Christian a small birthday bash in some nice ass resort just outside of Seoul. It was a nice idea, but Dabin was in way over his head. You don’t think he gave it much thought when he invited everyone but Christian on the day of his birthday to do some shopping for the party, which was spontaneously decided to be held and planned just two hours ago.

“Scott, Michael and Cream will be here in just a second”

“You invited all of them just to go shopping?” you asked wide eyed.

“Yeah.. The more brains the better.” He smiled, happy with his plan.

“Obviously, since you don’t have one.” You roll your eyes, taking off your seatbelt to get out off the car. “If everyone is missing and he contacts one of us, which he will. What are we supposed to say? Especially me. I live with him.”

“Right. I didn’t think of that” Dabin says biting his lip.

“Did you think of what to get?” you ask blankly staring at your friend.

He simply shakes his head.

“Fucking hell Dabin.” You say raising your hand to your forehead.

He gives you an apologetic look and quickly jumps out of the car when he sees the other boys approaching.

You slowly get out of the car as well and walk towards them after loudly closing the car door.

You greeted them one by one with hugs, and put your arm on Scott’s shoulder to lean on him while you all looked at Dabin.

“So, why don’t you tell them your master plan.” You say giving Dabin a sarcastic smile

“It’s not much of a plan…yet. But that’s why everyone is here.” Dabin states a little less confident than he did just a minute ago.

“Dude why didn’t you say we were doing something a week before, so we could you know, plan this shit out.” Scott says a little annoyed.

“Fuck planning. We’re DPR we make shit happen on the spot” Dabin says with a cheesy smile.

“Wipe that corny smile off your face boy, we have shit to do if we want this done by tonight.” Cream says taking his phone out of his pocket. “It’s 1 PM, it’s a 1,5-hour drive to the resort. We need to invite people, do groceries, decorate the place, set up a sound system and make sure everyone is there before Christian arrives.”

Michael frowned. “That’s way too much.” He says scratching the back of his head.

“Okay.” You sigh closing your eyes for a second.

“Dabin, Michael. You guys do the groceries for snacks, alcohol and soda’s. Maybe even pick up a birthday cake and some candles, be wild with it.”

You turn to Scott and Michael who were standing on your left.  

“Scott, Michael; go on a hunt for decoration like balloons and stuff, but I don’t think I have to tell you how to make a room aesthetically pleasing, I know you have that covered. After you get the decorations be sure to pick up the speakers and sound system from the studio before you leave for the resort. Also don’t forget to pack some clothes and other necessities since we will stay there over night.”

The boys just nod at your demands, taking in every word you said just now.

“I will invite the rest of his friends and call the resort to see if they can provide us with the remote penthouse since we will probably be causing noise disturbance and we don’t want to bother other guests there. Also if any of the guests want to stay over after the party, I’ll tell them they have to provide their own stay.” You say determined.

“I suddenly understand why Christian fell for you.” Scott jokes, which earned soft chuckles from the rest of the guys.

You roll your eyes at his comment, giving him a slight smile.

“But wait, how do we get Christian to the resort without him noticing we are up to something?” Cream asks looking at you.

“Hmm, maybe I’ll just say that I booked a spontaneous romantic getaway for the both of us, I don’t think he will suspect much if I put it that way” you say shrugging.

“Yeah, but won’t he be disappointed that we don’t contact him to come and hang out or something.” Dabin says considering his friends’ feelings.

Michael shrugged. “I think the party itself will make up for that.”

“Okay, so everything is set then?” You ask looking at all of them one by one.

“One last thing” Scott says. “Make sure he wears a shirt and actual pants instead of those jogger shorts he always has on.”

You chuckle. “Got it.”

“Babe, you’re so random” Christian says as he rubs his eyes, looking at you pack his and your own stuff.

“Yeah well, we rarely do these kinds of things so what better way to spend your birthday than in a luxury resort with just the two of us” you say walking towards him and wrapping your arms around his neck.

He smiled at you, stealing a quick kiss. “It’s still so unlike you” he says letting go of you. “You’d tell me like two months in advance.” He chuckles sitting down on the bed.

You turn around to grab a shirt from your closet, biting your lip. God you wished he’d just go with the flow without asking difficult questions. But you understand. It’s unlike you. That’s for sure.

“Have you heard from Dabin today? He wished me a happy birthday but didn’t call me back” Christian asked frowning looking at his phone.

“No babe, I don’t know” you lie. At that your phone rang. You took it out of your pocket to answer.

It’s Dabin. Nice timing, as always.

You look back at Christian who was still sitting on the bed, focused on his phone, scrolling through his Instagram comments.

You answer biting your lip.

“y/n we’re going to need another hour or so.” He immediately says.

“Ohhh-h-hi mom” you say cheerfully.

Christian looked up from his phone to look at you.

“What?” Dabin asked, obviously not getting the hint.

“Yes mom, I’m fine.” You say smiling. “Yes Christian is fine too, I’ll tell him you wished him a happy birthday.”

Christian smiled putting his hand out. “Let me talk to her” he says.

“Ehh, yeah one hour is fine.” You quickly say. “Yes! Bye mom. Love you too.”

You hang up the phone, quickly putting it in your pocket again, earning a confused frown from Christian as you did so.

“She said she’d call back in an hour.” You say laughing nervously.

“You’re acting all kinds of weird today, you know that?” Christian chuckled looking back at his phone again.

You walk towards him, sitting down on his lap sideways, wrapping your arms around his neck again and kiss him passionately. In between kisses you take his phone from his hand and put it next to you on the bed. You take his hands and put them on your ass; where you like it, as you straddle him.

“I am?” you softly say while seductively starring into his eyes.

He smiled biting his lip, looking you up and down while firmly squeezing your ass as he falls back on the bed with you on top of him, hungrily kissing you back.

“How much time do we have before we leave?” he asks a little out of breath, putting a strand of your hair behind your ear so he could see your face better.

“One hour” you say smiling.

“That should be more than enough” he playfully says as he roughly flips you over so he’d be the one on top now, earning a surprised squeal from you in the process.

You took off his shirt in one swift move as he started to kiss your neck, helping you out of your shirt as well. “I love you baby” he mumbles against your skin while leaving a trail of sloppy kisses down your neck.

You moan at the sensation, wrapping your arms around him to bring him closer so you could kiss his lips. “I love you too Christian.”                                                    

“3 minutes” you text Dabin as you got out of the car.

Christian grabbed your travel bag from the trunk which had both of your belongings in it.

You watched him do so, and you had to admit. You were really excited to see his reaction. He didn’t think his friends would make a big deal out of his birthday, but god is he in for a surprise.

You linked arms with him as you walked inside the building. It was absolutely gorgeous inside and out. The pool looked amazing and the overall aesthetic was so pleasing to the eye.

Christian eyed the pool outside. “Imma have to dive in there” he said giving you a boyish smile. He was already excited, and happy to spend time with you in a place like this.

Just looking around he had his whole night with you planned already. Get in the sauna, jump in the pool, go for round 2 of birthday sex in your room and order too much room service after you take a hot shower together.

He swung the bag over his shoulder and let go of your arm so he could hold your hand, intertwining your fingers as you made your way up to your suite.

While waiting for the elevator to arrive at your floor he sighed, completely content and happy to be here with you in this moment. He absently kissed the top of your head, sweetly putting a strand of your hair behind your ear afterwards.

You looked up at him, giving him a sweet smile.

He looked at the number of the floor you pressed and frowned. “We have the penthouse? Babe that’s ridiculous” he says as his jaw lightly dropped.

“Just shut up until you see it” you chuckle.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened. You took his hand and dragged him with you. You searched for the keycard in your purse and opened the door. You walked into the dark open space with Christian right behind you.

“Why is it so dark in here?” he asked turning on the light switch.

“SURPRISEEE!!!!!!” Everyone yelled in unison.

Confetti canons popped and the music immediately started playing. The suite looked amazing. They put up cut outs of Christian’s and Lori’s faces on the walls. You laughed at the pictures and diverted your attention back to your boyfriend again.

You smiled widely as a startled Christian took a step back, taking everything in. A huge grin crept onto his face as he sees his friends approaching to congratulate him.

Dabin tightly hugged Christian first, while Scott and Michael shook him and patted his back. Cream, Jun and some others approached him afterwards for a hug as well.

“How did we do!?” Dabin yelled over the loud music.

“Dude everything makes so much sense now!” Christian replied still smiling and laughing away with them.

So many people turned up to celebrate Christian, even if it was last minute. Almost anyone and everyone he held dear to his heart linked up to have a good time with him.

After the majority of the people had greeted and congratulated him, Christian’s eyes started to look for you. He hadn’t even thanked you yet. He was so overjoyed and distracted by the fact that all of his friends were here, that he had lost track of where you were.

“Excuse me for a second mate” he said to Dabin, putting his drink down.

He made his way through the penthouse to see you in a deep conversation with one of your mutual female friends. She smiled at him and poked your shoulder, pointing her finger so you’d catch attention of Christian who was right behind you.

You turned around and smiled brightly at the sight of him. “How do you like your party?” you ask looking up into his eyes.

He chuckled, holding on to your waist. “You’re so sneaky, and a terrible liar now that I think of it. Distracting me with sex huh?” he says pointing his finger, pretending to be mad about it.

You hide your face in his chest. “I’m sorry” you cutely say.

He smiles grabbing each side of your face with his hands and places a soft kiss on your forehead. “It’s okay babe, this is amazing, although I did hope for a round two once we got here.” He says seductively biting his lip while looking into your eyes.

“The night is still young” you whisper in his ear. “Besides, we have the whole day tomorrow as well.”

He loudly groaned, pleased to hear you’d have some alone time together after all.

“You’re such a dream” he says pulling you closer and trapping you in for one of his bear hugs.

At that the lights went out and Dabin walked in with a birthday cake. He slowly approached trying not too drop it while “Birthday Sex” by Jeremih starts to play as a theme song. All eyes and phones were diverted to you, Christian and Dabin, either snapchatting or just recording the whole thing.

Everyone burst into laughter as Dabin started to do some ridiculous “sexy” dance moves with the cake in his hands while he walked up to the both of you.

Dabin finally made his way to him and stood in front of Christian, holding the cake up for him. “Make a wish bro!” he yelled over the loud music.

Christian smiled, closing his eyes for a second before he blew out the candles, which was followed by applause and cheers from everyone in the room.

He smiled and so did you. Simply being happy and content because he was. You quickly peck his lips. “Happy Birthday baby”

A/N: Read my Christian Yu series here (completed)

Torn Up (Part One)

Originally posted by leafbabies

A couple of disclaimers:  

1. I’ve never ever published an imagine before, and this is just the first part of many, so if you want to read more, shoot me a message and I’ll continue to post this story!

2. This is gonna be a big one. It’s already 15k words on the google doc, and I’m nowhere near halfway done, so I’ll be releasing it in parts if y’all want me to continue.

3. I’m not sure about the pairing yet, so in a couple parts if y’all have any opinions, feel free to weigh in!

Warnings:  Some foul language, probably rude jokes, ambiguous romance at this point… 

Parts Two through Five

The first time I tried coffee, I was convinced that it was the most vile thing on Earth. Granted, it was that super bitter, low-quality instant stuff. As I got older and tried higher quality beans and roasts, I fell in love with its complexity. Fast-forward seven years and there I was working as a barista in a quirky little coffee shop in downtown Toronto.

I had always wanted to go to college outside of the United States; I could never really stay contentedly in one place. The constant relocation that came with having parents whose jobs included constant moves was the most likely cause of my wanderlust. That, and the fact that I was raised in places like Germany and England, Texas and Canada. Out of the thirteen different places I had lived, Canada was my favorite; granted, it was Niagara Falls which was known for being very American. Canada was just foreign enough to be separate from the U.S., but Toronto was only seven hours away from where my parents had retired to in Indiana. They weren’t happy about me studying in another country, but conceded that Toronto wasn’t as bad as sending me off to Europe.

The stress of classes hadn’t quite hit me yet, as it was only three weeks into the fall semester of my freshman year at the University of Toronto. I was feeling confident enough to get a job at a coffee shop a couple of blocks away from campus and was enjoying the sense of purpose it gave me. I did however dread the idea that I would possibly have to give it up if my grades started to slip. Granted, the employee benefits of working at a niche little place like Espresso Yourself, along with the free coffee and flexible hours, it would be difficult to leave, no matter how tough my classes got.

After about a month of working at Espresso Yourself, I already had a few regular customers. Most of them were young professionals who would show up in immaculate suits and with purposeful, if not superior, expressions on their faces. While they all seemed to order the same three things, kind of like how they all wore variations of the same three outfits, I learned to predict whether someone would order real coffee or a fancy, sugary drink from the rest of my customers.

Adversely, the only two true regulars who didn’t show up dressed like they would kill each other for a job were two young guys who pretty much lived in Toronto Maple Leafs gear. Despite them being regulars, they never seemed to show up at the same time every day, but by their third visit I knew them by name and their orders by heart. Mitch was the shorter of the two and without fail would order a caramel mocha with extra whip. His friend Auston (double espresso, splash of cream) teased Mitch mercilessly after every order for choosing something so sugary and girly, to which Mitch complained that it was the only out of diet thing he consumed and that he was trying to put on weight anyway. The two bickered like frat boys. Or old women.

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Having fun ?

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 4 295
warning : smut 
summary : Kai is on the phone and Reader is suuupppeeer horny , but he wont pay attention to her and she decides to take matters in her hands.
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An afternoon at home. It was what Y/N and Kai loved most - just the two of them and no one around to interrupt them or butt in. They sat on the couch , his arm around her shoulders while the low noise from the TV disturbed the silence. Kai could feel her heart beat racing when he brushed his palm against her cheek making her turn around towards him. Their lips met in a deep kiss and just as he was about to back her against the couch , his phone rang. Kai closed his eyes and sighed , reaching for the phone on the coffee table. Y/N couldn’t see the caller ID but whoever it was , Kai decided he had to take the call.
“Hello ?”
Y/N got off him , sitting on the other end of the couch , not taking her eyes off him. Getting interrupted was the last thing she wanted in that moment. Ever since she had woken up that morning her skin had felt on fire and it had nothing to do with the heat outside. It had everything to do with Kai. They had been together for almost a whole year now but every single day with him felt like the first , every touch , every kiss felt as if it was happening for the first time. It was enough for him just to look at her , brush his fingertips lightly against her skin and she’d melt completely. Y/N got up , running her fingers through her hair and went to get a snack from the kitchen feeling Kai’s gaze following her.
That call seemed to be taking forever because when she walked back to the living room he was still talking with whoever it was on the other end of the line. Y/N tossed herself on the couch , resting one of her legs on Kai’s lap and sitting on her other leg. Every time she tried to get his attention things didn’t work out in her favour. No matter what she tried , he just shut her down.
Y/N felt on fire just starring at him , watching his lips move and listening to his sexy voice. Not to mention his eyes - they drove her completely crazy. Kai was looking hotter than ever , wearing a black t-shirt and boxers , his hair was a bit longer and he had a slight beard which she loved so much to play with. Her panties were pooling and the longer he ignored her the worse things seemed to get. Kai brushed his fingertips innocently across her leg sending shivers all over her body and pushed it off his lap.
“Yeah , no , of course not -”
“Kai ?”
Kai motioned with his finger for her to wait a moment and continued talking to whoever it was on the other end of the line. A groan of frustration left her lips and she moved closer to him , placing her hand on his chest not taking her eyes off him. Slowly she moved her hand down towards his hip and leaned in placing a soft kiss on his cheek , leaving another and another on her way to his neck pulling herself closer to him.
‘I am so wet because of you.’ she whispered in his ear , swinging her leg over him and sitting on his lap. Y/N straddled him slowly tryng to find any relief for the pressure , looking him in the eyes while biting her lip. Kai glanced at her and pushed her away without saying a word. She tried hard not to groan in frustration again and sat on his thigh not willing to give up just yet. Whoever it was on the other end of the line could probably wait a few minutes , a half hour or longer.
Get off the phone , please.’ she mouthed but he only shook his head slightly.
It was hot as hell outside and she was barely wearing a t-shirt which made it so much easier for her to get what she wanted. If Kai wasn’t planing on hanging up any time soon , then she’d have to take care of it herself and since he didn’t like it when she had fun by herself there was only one other option left. He looked at her with curious eyes as her fingers brushed through his soft hair gripping on it lightly.
So hot. How can you be so hot?’ she mouthed trailing her finger on his jawline and down his chest all the way down to the slight bulge in his boxers.
Kai slapped her hand away but Y/N didn’t give up. She straddled his thigh slowly at first , looking innocently at Kai seeing his eyes darkening and starting to burn with fire. He gave her a warning look which she completely ignored , finding a way to snake her hands under his shirt and up his bare chest. A low growl came from deep inside his throat and he pushed both her hands away. Y/N pouted and continued swaying her hips on his thigh a little faster.
You can have me any way you want-’ she mouthed.
Kai’s eyes widened a little and she could swear his smirk was hiding at the corners of his mouth. His eyes were darkening with lust more and more as she picked up the pace.
“What ?” she wondered out loud.
Her hands squeezed her breasts and she held her lip between her teeth. Soft moans tumbled off her lips and she started moving her hips a even faster , picking up the pace more and more each movement. Her fingers tangled in his hair and she could see the slight bulge in Kai’s boxers become more visible. Y/N tried to suppress a smile - perhaps she would get what she wanted after all. There was no way he’d let her walk away after this.
‘Fuck me Ma -’ she whispered.
Kai glanced at her and pressed his hand over her mouth until Y/N pushed it away. Her eyes pleaded with him but he only pushed her hands away again. He was trying hard to focus on what Damon was saying in his attempt to convince Kai to help him with something but it was getting harder and harder for him to think clearly. His girl just didn’t give up and it appeared the more he pushed her away the more determined she got. Kai could feel his boxers tighten around him and it was more than clear how eager Y/N was. Her teasing was driving him completely mad , making his skin feel like it was on fire. He was pretty sure Damon could hear everything from the other end of the line if he listened carefully. Y/N looked at him with innocent eyes and grabbed his free hand placing it on her breasts.
‘Hang up -’ she mouthed.“- please.”
Kai shook his head , mouthing ‘No.’
A smile spread across her face. For someone who kept saying no and pushing her away , Kai surely seemed to enjoy a lot what she was doing. His hand massaged her breasts through her (well , his) shirt while her hand massaged his member through his boxers. Her boyfriend closed his eyes for a moment and pushed her hand away. Y/N knew he was this close to getting him to hang up , she only had to take it up a notch. She pushed aside her panties letting her clit touch his bare skin and started moving faster , her moans getting a little louder the closer to her release she got. His thigh was starting to get wet and to add more to it she reached her hand down to her core rubbing her clit.
Kai’s eyes widened a little , drifting between her parted lips and what she was doing with her fingers and he forgot completely what the call was about. He cleared his throat , trying to return his attention to the phone call but it was too late. Y/N had his complete attention. His girl was starting to move ever faster on his thigh , her moans getting louder each time and Kai pressed his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet while he finishes his phone call.
“Yeah.” he said not taking his eyes off Y/N , seeing her eyelids fluttering closed as she was getting closer to her release. “I’ll call you later. There is something that requires my immidiate attention. No. I don’t care you are under a time crunch.”
Kai ended his phone call and left his phone near the reading lamp. He watched her continuing to ride his thigh faster now. Y/N looked so hot in that moment he felt his boxers tighten around him even more , watching her run her fingers through her hair before placing her hands on his shoulders for support. She threw her head back a bit feeling her walls tighten more and more as she neared her release. A louder moan came from her lips as her fingers found their way in his hair gripping on it lightly as her orgasm tore through her body. It didn’t even seem like she had noticed he had hung up until his voice returned her to reality.
“Having fun?” asked Kai with a devilish smirk on his face. Y/N met his eyes and hummed in response. He furrowed his brows. “Without me ?”
Trick question. she thought , biting the inside of her cheek.
Kai’s eyes were flashing with a warning. Technically she hadn’t broken his rule , she was riding him but - part of her doubted that would count. Whatever he had planned to get back at her made her horny all over again.
“Wouldn’t dream of it.”
Kai laughed under his breath for a moment , contemplating what was to come. Y/N had droven him mad and now it was his time. He couldn’t decide what to do first.
“You are such a naughty girl.” he said in a low seductive voice , tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear. “Were you really that horny you couldn’t wait 5 more minutes?”
Y/N placed her hand on the bulge in his boxers massaging it slightly for a moment before sliding her hands up his chest and towards the back of his head. Her eyes drifting between his eyes and his lips the entire time.
“I’ve been waiting exactly -” she glanced at the clock for a second “- 43 minutes and 19 seconds for you to stop talking and even look at me. Was that phone call really more important than doing me me ?”
“Nothing is more important than doing you , sweetheart.” he smiled.
Kai’s lips crashed against hers , more hungry and demanding than ever. His hands moved up her back , pulling her towards him while her hips moved faster against him. His fingers tangled in her hair , both of them moaning into the kiss when he grabbed a fist full of her hair pulling her head back an away from him.
“You want me to pay attention to you baby ?”
“Yes.” she answered , knowing fully well he knows the answer already.
Kai smirked devilishly at her and the next second she was pinned to the couch with her wrists held over her head. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. He brushed his fingers against her cheek , lightly touching her lips with his fingertips.
“Well – you got my undivided attention now.”
Kai’s lips crashed against hers again , demanding and hungrier than ever kissing her as if he was trying to swallow her whole, his crotch pushing against hers the entire time. Y/N struggled to free her wrists with no luck , wishing she could pull him even closer to her even though there was nowhere to go. His hand slid up her shirt massaging her breasts for a second before his fingers gripped on her shirt - his shirt - tearing it off her in a split second , tossing it somewhere on the floor. Kai left wet sloppy kisses on his way down to her core , his eyes never leaving hers. He pulled the front of her panties up so hard the fabric dug into her core cutting through it making her moan out a little louder.
“You were so distracting – teasing me like that with your wondering hands. You just can’t keep them off me , can you ? ” cooed Kai , brushing his nose against her sensitive clit making her moan out softly.

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mwave meet & greet: a summary

•a hot mess
•binjin chin kiss
•"green boy"
•sanha & moonbin english
•rocky: tackled
•eunwoo nearly snaps mj in half with hugs
•(english) “jinjin i respect u” “thank u~”
•rocky does aegyo WITHOUT screaming in embarrassment
•everyone done w sanha’s aegyo
•jinjin abs @ concert ?????????
•bin pooped his pants
•jinjin i want to bite u aegyo
•rocky in a dress
•eunwoo exposes jinjin for “kind of~”
•rocky sweating as he reads japanese
•astro sucks at random dance play (except bin. he’s perfect)
•jinjin wAaaAaeEeeE guUuraAaaAAeeEeE
•mj “i won’t hit u jinjin”
•intense carnival music playing during game 3
•eunwoo vs jinjin basketball poses
•mj is best at being loud “we don’t need to prove it. i don’t want to hear it”
•jinjin tries to fight sanha for Tallest, is shut down by shorty #2
•bin is a genius at the 4 syllables @ once game ???
•sanha however …
•literally everyone on the floor 99% of the time
•[fumbling paper] [disturbing breathing noises] [cackle]
•rocky can’t pop balloons anymore “it hurts”
•mj is literally on the floor for most of this event
•after rocky is tackled, bin [chanting] “KISS KISS KISS”
•eunwoo saves 3 points of visuals for jinjin, astro’s top visual
•rocky is DESPERATE to make rocky swag a meme
•astro truly does not care abt their image whatsoever

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start a noodle religion. all praise the magical noodle!!!

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noodle, o mighty wiggly one, is a mysterious being. She can only be found at night or during the tri-weekly Event of the Feeding. 

Originally posted by snowflakeeel

the almighty nood demands octopus as an offering. it must be seasoned with garlic as it adds to her magic powers by enchanting the food with “better tastes”

Originally posted by snowflakeeel

nood lives as the Good in the world while the “Meanie Blue Fish with Yellow-Butt” is the antagonist to the goodnoodle ways

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noodle wants the world to be peaceful. and also quiet. loud noises and movements disturb the Mighty, Powerful, and definitely not ever Scared, Noodle. 

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A langst where Lance was in a abusive relationship before joining voltron and he has a had time dealing with these memories. After awhile the team notices he's showing signs of physical and emotionally abuse and they try conforting him about it.


Mentions of Physical, Mental, and Sexual Abuse. 

I more just hint at them but still read with care! 

Lance thought that they were perfect. He firmly believed that they would and could do nothing wrong.

Lance understood that he was a hard person to be with at times. 

He never questioned them when they would slap Lance when he got too loud. It’s okay, I should just learn to be quiet. 

Or they would tear Lance down every time he thought he looked good. They had a point, I should only look good for them, not for everyone on the street. 

Or even when they didn’t take no for an answer, Lance still didn’t say anything. I just need to get out of my shell more. 

Nothing could change Lance's mind about them, they were ‘perfect’. 

Lance dated them for almost 2 years before his mother begged him to leave them. She said that they were not healthy for Lance, Lance didn’t believe them 

It wasn’t until Lance found himself in the hospital, bruises and cuts littering his body. They had a fight, Lance wanted to go for a walk to clear his head and unfortunately they didn’t like the idea. 2 hours later Lance was rushed into the ER being found by the cops due to a ‘noise disturbance’ by their neighbors. 

It took his family a month to convince Lance to leave them. He finally did. 

However the damage was already done and Lance would be forced to live with effects. 


Lance didn’t notice the damage immediately but slowly he started to learn how bad he was damaged. 

The first thing Lance learned was how much anxiety it gave him when someone would stand behind him. He always thought that they would hurt him, even though they were just in line for lunch. 

The next think Lance notice is how he would flitch if someone raised their hand slightly to fast near him. He always anticipated when it would come down on his face, but it never came. They were just waving hi at someone. 

The last thing Lance realized was how much of a perfectionist he had become. Everything constantly had to be perfect. From his hair, to his clothes, to his work. He would be put in a spiral of panic every time someone critiqued him even the slightest. 

Lance became well acquainted with nightmares as the knights moved on. Every Night he always relieved what his life was like with them in it. 

Lance would often wake in a cold sweat, while crying into his pillow. He couldn’t escape what they had done to him. 


The main two things that kept Lance in one piece was his therapy sessions (provided by the Garrison) and the fact he could always call his mother to talk.

Anytime of the day she would answer his call and sing to him in Spanish and help him through his fits of panic. 

Lance didn’t think that he relied on those things as much as he actually did, until he found himself in space, very far away from the two things that grounded him. 


It didn’t take longs for Lance to feel the affects of going ‘cold turkey’ on his coping mechanisms. He didn’t exactly have a trained therapist to talk to and he couldn’t talk to his mother whenever he needed. He was alone. 


It didn’t take long for the team to realize that something was wrong with Lance, very wrong. 

Shiro nearly gave the poor boy a heart attack when he gave him a pat on the back. He had never seen someone jump so high and have trouble breathing like Lance over a pat on the back. 

Allura noticed after she told him to fly just a tad tighter in formation. She meant no harm in it, she was simply telling him what to fix. He flew the rest perfectly. She didn’t quite understand why his breath quickened and he ran out of the room. 

Hunk, Pidge, and Keith noticed when they were shopping for clothes. Lance had tried on a new outfit and immediately received a compliment from one of the stores workers. They told Lance that he looked fantastic and handsome. Lance immediately put the clothes back and walked out of the store, leaving his confused teammates behind. 

Cora grew suspicious when he saw Lance fold in on himself certain days. He also saw how pained Lance’s eyes looked when he talked about his past, avoiding certain areas of it. 


“Shiro I’m worried about Lance.” Hunk had approached him after training one day. Lance had showed up but didn’t exactly put much effort into fighting. He avoided everything the bot threw at him and barely fought back. 

Shiro looked at the boy “Yeah, so am I.” 

“What should we do?” Both Shiro and Hunk turned towards the voice only to find Pidge, Keith walking up behind her. 

Shiro looked at his team before turning towards Hunk, “Hunk, you’re his best friend do you know anything?” 

Hunk was silent for a few moments before he shook his head “No, he kept his life personal back at the Garrison.”

Everyone was lost in thought, thinking about what to do. 

Shiro exhaled “I hate to admit it but the more I think about it, the more I think I know about the problem.” 

Everyone stared at their leader. “What do you think it is?” Pidge pushed their glasses up higher on their face. 

Shior inhaled a shaky breath. “I believe that Lance may have been in a abusive relationship.” 

Everyone was silent. Nobody moved, they just let the words sink in. It all made sense. 

“He was in a relationship before he met me.” Hunk’s voice was barely a whisper. 

More silence 

“Should we confront him?” Keith glanced at the exit. 

Shiro glanced at everyone. “Yes. But we can’t force anything out of him. He need to tell us on his own terms.” 

Everyone nodded in response and made a plan to confront Lance. 


Finding Lance would be the easy part, getting Lance to talk would be challenging.  

Hunk was the first person to find Lance, he’d walked into the kitchen and saw Lance sitting at the table eating a plate of goo, looking at the wall. 

Hunk quickly backed out of the room and told the others where he was. They all made their way down to where Lance was. 

Lance barely looked up when they all entered the room and just kept his eyes on the wall. 

Shiro motioned for everyone to sit down and everyone looked at Lance. 

Lance took another bite of his food, and put his spoon down. He shakily ran his hand through his hair. “Hey guys, did I do something wrong?” 

Everyone shook their heads no and Lance slightly calmed down. 

After a minute or so of awkward silence Shiro cleared his throat. “Lance we need to talk to you.” 

“I thought you said I didn’t do anything wrong?” Lance’s eyes widened as his breath slightly picked up. 

“No you didn’t…. we are all worried about you Lance.” 

Lance looked at everyone and swallowed. “Why?” 

“Something’s wrong Lance, we want to help you.” Keith kept his tone light. He didn’t want their “rivalry” to ruin the moment. 

Lance started to play with the sleeves on his jacket. “I’m fine.” He wouldn’t look at anyone. 

Shiro inhaled until his lungs ached and slowly exhaled. “Lance we know that you were hurt in the past. We want to help and support you. We know something happened but we won’t force you to tell us. We won’t judge you and we only want to help you.” 

Lance slowly looked at everyone at the table. He looked back down, slightly trembling. He knew talking would help him a lot, it always did back on Earth. “Okay.” 

Sorry this took so long! 

I hope you like it!!!

Thank you for this 

unseen (m)

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summary: jungkook struggles to keep his hands to himself

rated m for mature themes. word count: 740 (drabble of sorts)

Calm and calculated that was Jeon Jungkook. He is daring today, pushing up beside you on the kitchen counter. He watches inches away as his two best friend’s furiously tap at their controllers, eyes focused on the bright images flashing upon the screen in front.

He comments on the dull weather and you hum flicking at the page of a magazine. At a glance the interaction seems innocent enough, your brother’s best friend casually engaging in conversation with you. Unseen, his hand wanders up the soft flesh of your thigh his grip tight, fingers smoothing over your skin as he hikes up the soft cotton of your shorts.

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