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The Lucky One Pt 4

Characters: reader, Marjorie (reader’s mom), Bucky (James), OC Kevin Jenkins, OC Caleb, mention of a certain other Avenger.

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Warnings: a little angst, SO MUCH FLUFF, ex being a jerk. Super light violence? Maybe? Tiny cliffhanger. 

Word Count: 3.7k (this one got away from me, but you’ll see why :D )

A/N: Eee!! So excited about this part! Originally for Stark Tower’s Movie Challenge, which has ended, but I’m continuing on my own just for fun. I chose the movie “The Lucky One” and I’m really excited about it! Please let me know your thoughts, whether you’ve see the movie or not, I appreciate your feedback!! :)

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The Lucky One Series Masterlist


Originally posted by snowfox934


“I don’t know much about my family. They’ve been gone for a while.”

Feeling a tug at your heart, you felt badly for bringing it up. “I’m sorry.”

He put on a brave smile, meeting your eyes. “It happens. Thanks again. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Good night,” you replied, offering a smile in return. You watched his figure retreat into the dark and then closed the door behind you. It was only after he was gone that you realized tomorrow was Sunday and his day off. Would he actually show up and refuse a day free from work again? You couldn’t allow that. There were labor laws, after all. And yet…part of you hoped to see him sooner than Monday. Knowing him only a few weeks, the man was still a mystery, but each clue given had you aching for more.  


The morning sun rose crisp and clear on Sunday, your ears tuned to any outdoor noises. Unexpected disappointment creeped into your mind to find silence. You had become accustomed to the early sounds of James sawing, hammering, or tossing bales of hay onto the ground outside the stables this early. You weren’t really surprised, given that it was Sunday, but the promised words of “See you in the morning” echoed in your mind from last night.

Shaking off this odd feeling, you climbed out of bed and pulled on a cozy sweater before descending the stairs toward the kitchen. Soon you had pancakes on the griddle and all the other breakfast fixin’s on the table. The delicious smells roused the rest of the house, soon hearing your mother’s shuffling feet along with the frantic scamper of your energetic boy approaching.

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Prequel: Azriel-Centric Stories Set Before ACOTAR (ch.3)

This is a collection of interconnected short stories about Azriel’s life before any of the events of ACOTAR through ACOWAR.



Time frame: 40 years after the War. 

Summary: The Prince of Adriata has been found dead in his sleep lying next to his wife, the newly crowned Princess of Adriata, Dorea. Knowing that the Night Court has a skilled spymaster, High Lord Narayan calls in a favor from Rhys. Azriel and Cassian offer to help investigate the death. Cassian may or may not accidentally destroy a building. 

(Note: This is the longest chapter yet and holds several clues to an overarching fic I’m working on. Remember that though these stories are spaced out and not posted chronologically, they are all interconnected. Enjoy!)

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The junkie squad

The rebellious mouse that was having a rock blast
under my magic carpet got bored one year ago
and planed a deserved vacation
somewhere on the Hawaii island.
On the road again like the bum writers
from the Beat Generation movement.
Along the way the mouse met a squad of drunken spiders,
a scared turtle, a baby elephant lost alone in the black wood
and a goblin magician who dismissed
with a coiled gesture all his super powers.
They gathered together under the dreaming clouds
taking advantage of the cool weather
and started to “gossip” about various topics.
It was mentioned from the beginning to be left out religion,
sports and other similarly boring subjects.
The whole bunch had pretentious and sophisticated demeanors and you couldn’t touch the top of their nose
even with a fidgeting broom.
They drank and ate and talked
until morning about celebrated scholars,
notorious witches, medusa eyed pirates and bad ass thieves.
As the dawn loomed between tremulous violets and stubborn roses they packed the dirt they made during the night
and proceeded to continue their journey
strolling happy against enchanted meadows,
grumpy mountains and smiled with all glittering teeth
and pale fangs at the sun popping like a sanctified godfather
amongst hidden in strange slumber, sisters in wander vagabond stars. Such a merry gathering no one have seen
since the renaissance troubadours used to travel
with 300 hundred pages of heart broken poems
placed strategically in the secretive pockets.
Next stop was at a german brewery
where they drank one hundred gallons of Irish beer
and a giant dozen of Austrian schnapps,
they smoked an unnecessary amount of indigenous herbs
and collapsed for an entire week
somewhere in a garden of blooming poppies.
All the journey until Hawaii island took one damned year
to be completed but Alas…
finally they landed at the aforementioned destination.
They found another mansion belonging to a surrealist painter
and settled again, all of them, in the basement
ready to explore an obscured underground life style
under the Hawaiian shimmering sun.
The junkie squad even bought a surfing board
though none of them really saved time to learn how to swim.
The issue is, I’m feeling fucking lonely
without the creeping noise in my basement
and I miss tremendously my best friend the rebellious mouse.
I guess I’ll gather my grotesque belongings
and move with them in case they’d receive me,
anyways I’m crazy about goth and rock&roll tunes
and I bet soon I’ll challenge with
stupendous blasphemies my eureka moments.
Much love from me guys and as you see this’s the mouse poem I promised you long time ago. I’m sure my old devoted friends will remember what I’m blubbering about.


【live】 2017 Spring Tour 念力発生 (Nenriki Hassei) day 16

16th day of Plastic Tree’s 2017 Spring Tour held at TAKASAKI club FLEEZ in Gunma on April 29th.


01.バルーン (Ballon)
02.フラスコ (Frasco)
03.讃美歌 (Sanbika)
04.アローンアゲイン、ワンダフルワールド (Alone again, wonderful world)
05.テトリス (Tetris)
06.サイレントノイズ (Silent Noise)
08.嬉々 (Kiki)
09.メランコリック (Melancholic)
10.静かの海 (Shizuka no umi)
11.念力 (Nenriki)
12.ムーンライト――――。 (Moonlight ――――.)
13.マイム (MIME)
14.デュエット (Duet)
15.さびしんぼう (Sabishinbou)

01.リプレイ (Replay)
02.春咲センチメンタル (Harusaki sentimental)

01.NO NEW YORK (BOØWY cover)*

* BOØWY is a Japanese rock band formed in Takasaki, Gunma in 1981.

** What Ryutaro is holding in his arms, is a Daruma (達磨), which Pura has got from Takasaki club FLEEZ´s staff. It has been specially made for the band´s 20th anniversary.

Depending on the color, Daruma have different meanings. Black stands for prevention of bad luck. When you get a Daruma, the figure’s eyes are both blank white. You then will select a goal or wish and paint in one of the figure’s two eyes. Once the desired goal is achieved, the second eye is filled in.

Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

In the spirit of October

Creep out an Aries: With creepy taunts, cringe worthy images.

Creep out a Taurus: By stimulating their senses in creepy, crawling ways.

Creep out a Gemini: With horrible sounds! Grinding noises, chalkboard scratches, screams.

Creep out a Cancer: With real life scary and sad stories, their imagination will take over :o

Creep out a Leo: For this brave sign you have to get a little more hands on with jump scares, grabbing them, turning off the lights. Be careful of them punching you back!

Creep out a Virgo: With creepy visuals such as spiders crawling around, flashes of scary faces, blood on the walls.

Creep out a Libra: With visuals of gore or someone being hurt.

Creep out a Scorpio: With more subtle things like something out of the corner of their eye, misplaced items, strange stares.

Creep out a Sagittarius: With closed spaces, creepy threats, borderline stalking.

Creep out a Capricorn: With shifty eyes, gross textures, fast movements.

Creep out an Aquarius: With mind games.

Creep out a Pisces: With creepy facial features, crawling, distorted people. Seeing other people creeped out.


【live】 2017 Spring Tour 念力発生 (Nenriki Hassei) day 12

12th day of Plastic Tree’s 2017 Spring Tour held at KOBE VARIT on April 15th.


01.バルーン (Ballon)
02.フラスコ (Frasco)
03.讃美歌 (Sanbika)
04.アローンアゲイン、ワンダフルワールド (Alone again, wonderful world)
05.テトリス (Tetris)
06.サイレントノイズ (Silent Noise)
08.嬉々 (Kiki)
09.メランコリック (Melancholic)
10.静かの海 (Shizuka no umi)
11.念力 (Nenriki)
12.ムーンライト――――。 (Moonlight――――.)
13.マイム (MIME)
14.デュエット (Duet)
15.さびしんぼう (Sabishinbou)

01.リプレイ (Replay)
02.春咲センチメンタル (Harusaki sentimental)


Sources: 1 2 3 4 5

Morning Mischief | Zhang Yixing

Rating - Fluff, Smut References

Word Count - 1k

Summary - In which it is the morning after, and the two of you have plans with the boys but Yixing decides that it is a good idea to chase you around your flat in the morning first.

YouTuber AU

Originally posted by yixinqs


I was woken up by a ray of sunlight peeking through the blinds and hitting my eyes. I lightly scrunched my face as I got up and stretched my arms freely. I looked down at Yixing sleeping peacefully, as his toned chest rose up and fell down taking deep breathes. As I noticed his awfully messy hair, the memories from the night before flashed through my mind and I lightly blushed and looked down. I decided to start off my day with a nice vlog since we had a good day planned. I lay back down, as his arms instantly went back around my waist pulling my close to his bare chest.

“Good Morning my beautiful people! Y/YT/N here” I whispered to my vlogging camera. “Quick life update: It is currently 11am and I’ve still not managed to get out of bed because of a certain dimwit” I complained trying to wriggle out of his arms, to which he replied with a groan. Considering the fact that it was summer time, the whole room was unbelievably warm and we were both pretty uncomfortable. But he didn’t seem to mind as he tightened his grip around my waist, nuzzling his head into my neck.

“As adorable as you look right now, I’m really hot and you’re sticky. So please let me get up” I whined, attempting to get away. ‘Attempting’ being the key word here.

“It’s too early Y/N. They won’t be here for another couple of hours” He whined with his eyes still closed as I rolled mine.

“But the state I have this flat in right now, I think it’ll take a couple of hours just to get it to look presentable” I chuckled. Yixing finally opened his warm brown eyes and gave the camera a lazy smile.

“Morning” He greeted in his morning voice as he lightly pecked my lips.

“What are we doing today Yixing?” I asked him and he got really excited.

“We are going to an adventure park with the boys!” He exclaimed, his eyes lighting up with such a beautiful childlike glaze.

“Yeah, we’re both pumped.” I pointed, giving the camera a bright smile to the camera as Yixing sat up and rubbed his eyes with both his hands. I began to stretch out my arms, not getting any relief until my elbows popped. I started to make weird noises which apparently creeped the fuck out of him, as he looked traumatised.

“You sound so scary when you stretch” He childishly whined covering his ears and I rolled my eyes.

“Hey! If it doesn’t look like an exorcism is taking place, you’re not doing it right” I laughed as he continued to give me a weird look.

“I’m getting up” I quickly slipped out of bed catching him of guard. “You really need to work on your reflexes” I smirked as he tried to grab me but I easily moved away. He groaned as he swiftly got out of bed, and began to run towards me. I instantly darted towards the staircase and began to run up the stairs, occasionally almost tripping.

“It’s seriously way too early for playing tag around the house; I’m usually asleep at this time!” He whined as I continued to dash around the furniture of the living room. I stopped momentarily to laugh at Yixing’s poor attempt of trying to catch me, which was a big mistake as he quickly caught up to me and I let out a little squeal as my back hit his chest.

“Gotcha” he whispered in my ear before wrapping his arms around my waist once again, sending shivers down my spine.

“About damn time Zhang Yixing” I muttered and he raised an eyebrow.

“Babe, we both know that it took me a while, because I’m not a morning person. Other times I’m way faster than you” He grumbled placing his head in the crook of my neck, placing butterfly kisses on it.

“Whatever, go put a shirt on” I instructed as I pulled away from his grip to throw on a jumper.

“You know you love it babe” he smirked as I rolled my eyes before going back to my room to get ready for the day.

Hearing the bell ring and I rushed to the door, swinging it open to reveal the rowdy bunch of five year-olds, already beginning to pile into my apartment with a few greetings. They were all just sat scattered around my flat whilst I was in the kitchen preparing a little lunch for us before we left. I suddenly felt Yixing creeping up behind me.

“My back is killing me" Yixing complained as he wrapped his arms around my shoulder.

“Sleep on it weird?” Baekhyun suggested devouring a tube of Pringles and Yixing shrugged.

When Yixing turned to go back to the sofa, I instantly noticed that the back of his shirt was slightly see through and you could see light marks on his back. I ran upto him to give him a heads up, but before I could say anything, some of the boys had already noticed.

“Unicorn got some last night!” Jongdae wolf whistled as all the attention in the room diverted to Yixing and I. A slight blush begging to tint my cheeks, Yixing noticed my embarrassment and pulled me into a hug.

“As long as you were safe…” Chanyeol continued and I threw a cushion at him which he dodged.

We were all waiting for the company car and grabbing last minute things, when Yixing decided to quickly pulled me to the side.

“Thanks for not telling me in the morning” He laughed and I smacked his chest.

“Well it isn’t my job to look at your freaking back to check for marks” I replied.

“So I’m just that good huh?” He smirked stepping into the space we had between us and I rolled my eyes. I slowly began to lean in and quickly turned my head so he kissed my cheek.

“Love birds! Continue this in the bedroom later, we’ve got a car waiting for us” Junmyeon hyung announced as he walked past us as we simply laughed it off and went down to the car

A/N: My first Yixing imagine! Just a little post I’m gonna keep while I’m working on the requests I have :) I’m currently working on a Harry Potter AU (I know! So friggin excited!) so those requests will be worked on throughout the week, and hopefully be posted soon. My week is going to get slightly busier than usual, but hopefully I’ll be able to manage :) Thank you so much for reading Loves!

~Shazz xx


Midnight Snacks- Bucky Barnes X Reader

Prompt: You can’t sleep and get up to have a midnight snack, Bucky also happens to want a midnight snack and ends up scaring the crap out of you on his way to get his desired snack.

Word Count: 1226

Warnings: None (:

You were laying flat on your back, your eyes tracing shapes along the ceiling, blankets strewn all over the floor and bed. The night outside was cold and bustling with the sounds of New York life. Bucky’s breathing was even and soft in the space next to you, your breaths intertwined with the minutes that ticked away on your bedside clock. You continued to stare at the ceiling, your mind meandering through scenarios and thoughts about the future. Not ten minutes later, your stomach let out a menacing growl, and you noticed your were suddenly ravenous. You rolled out of bed, your body heavy with fatigue; and despite the fact you had been lying awake, sleep was unable to tame your overactive mind. You trudged down the stairs and into the dark kitchen, switching on the lights, your eyes blinking in the sudden brightness. You padded over to the fridge, searching for a suitable snack. There were a plethora of items in the fridge, some cold pizza from dinner a few nights ago, fruit, leftover pasta, some meatballs, and chicken. You sighed, nothing in the fridge seeming to grab your attention. You then moved to the cabinets, peeking over the crackers and cans of soup until you found what you were looking for. You pulled a packet of hot chocolate mix from the box and filled a mug with milk, microwaved it, mixed in the packet and topped it with marshmallows and whipped cream. After the hot chocolate was done, you grabbed a few cookies from a tub on the counter. You smiled at your culinary creation, and padded over to the living room. As you turned around to come out of the kitchen you noticed a dark figure standing just outside the pool of light coming fromt the kitchen, near the base of the stairs. Your heart leapt into your throat and your breathing halted.You screamed and launched the mug of steaming liquid in the general direction of the dark figure and let the plate of cookies clatter to the ground.

“Holy shit that is hot, goddamit,” The figure hissed, hopping around, trying to avoid the scalding liquid and broken glass on the floor.

“Bucky?” you asked, switching on the lights and seeing your boyfriend jumping from foot to foot, his gray sweats splattered with hot chocolate.

“Yeah, it’s me,” he assured, stepping over the shards of the broken mug on the floor.

“What the hell were you doing creeping around in the dark, I almost just died of a heart attack,” you scolded. Bucky shrugged and skirted around the mess, slipping into the kitchen to find a broom and dustpan. You followed him, your heart still thundering against your ribs.

“But seriously, you really should make more noise while you creep around in the shadows at two A.M.,” You pointed out.

“Sorry doll, I guess my master assassin skills just kicked in, it’s not my fault I’m incredibly good at creeping around,” he smiled, putting finger quotes around the word creeping. You sighed and went back into the living room to sweep up the glass and mop up the sticky hot chocolate.

“What were you doing coming down here anyway?” You asked, bending down the pick up some glass.

“I woke up hungry and noticed that you were missing, so I came downstairs and saw the kitchen lights on right as you turned around and tossed a vat of flaming hot liquid at me,” he explained, wiping up a puddle of hot chocolate off the floor. You smiled at his account of the story and dumped your dustpan into the trashcan. After the mess was cleaned up you went back into the kitchen to re-make your midnight snack. You were pulling a mug out of the cabinet when Bucky came up behind you, snaking his arms snugly around your waist, lifting you up off the ground slightly.

“Here doll, let me, after all, I did ruin your last one,” Bucky offered, setting you aside to reach up and grab a second mug from cabinet. As he reached up his shirt rose, the skin exposed just above his hip catching your attention, you smiled and drifted your finger around the exposed skin. Bucky let out a giggle and almost dropped the mug, you smiled slyly and grabbed the milk from the fridge, filling each cup as Bucky retrieved the packets of mix from the pantry. As Bucky watched your mugs spin in circles in the mircowave, you fetched the toppings for your hot chocolate. You pulled each mug from the mircrowave, dropping exactly six marshmallows in each cup, next you swirled a healthy dose of whipped cream on each and drizzled chocolate syrup on both as a finish. Bucky took his and yours, heading toward the couch, you grabbed a few cookies on your way out of the kitchen. You nestled yourself next to Bucky, pulling a blanket over yourself. You began sipping your hot chocolate as Bucky switched on the TV. You looked over at him to find hip licking whipped cream off his lip, smiling lightly as he struggled to get it all. You smiled back and offered him a cookie, but snatched it back and took a huge bite out of it just as he reached for it. His mouth dropped open in surprise as you smiled deviously and munched on the cookie.

“Well that was rude,” Bucky exclaimed, turning away from you, giving his attention back to the TV.

“Well so was sneaking up on me and making me drop my midnight snack and go into cardiac arrest,” you argued, taking another sip of your hot drink.

“Pfft, you did not drop it, you threw it at me,” Bucky pointed out, snatching a cookie from your plate and smiling at you through a full mouth.

“Whatever,” you huffed, leaning your head on Bucky’s shoulder as the TV played monotonously in the backgroud. After another half hour your cups were empty and your stomachs were full and heavy. You inhaled, snuggling closer to Bucky as he pulled the blanket tighter to your bodies.

“You ok doll?” he asked as you sighed.

“Yeah, fine, just tired is all,” you admitted.

“Then go to sleep, I’ll still be here when you wake up,” he promised.

“Well I know that, silly,” You scoffed, tracing shapes into his arm that was snugly wrapped around your midsection.

“Then why are you so restless?” he prodded, running his cool metallic fingers through your already tousled hair.

“I don’t know, I’ve just learned to take it as it comes, some days are better than others, but usually my restlessness isn’t something a little midnight snack can fix,” You yawned, sleep just out of reach for your tired body.
“Well I guess I ruined that,” Bucky trailed off.

“Yeah you did,” You joked. Bucky chuckled and went back to running his fingers through your hair.

“Just close your eyes and relax,” Bucky advised.

“You don’t think I’ve tried that?” you sighed.

“Just do it,” Bucky pushed. You followed his directions, focusing on his shallow breathing and the rhythmic motion of this hands in your hair.

“See doll, isn’t that better,” Bucky cooed, but his words were lost on you. You were already fast asleep, small snores leaving your slightly parted lips. Bucky stared, his attention caught on you and only you. He smiled, glad he had come down to join you for your midnight snack tonight.

Other Imagines by me





【live】 2017 Spring Tour 念力発生 (Nenriki Hassei) day 13

13th day of Plastic Tree’s 2017 Spring Tour held at The Bottom Line in Nagoya on April 16th.


02.フラスコ (Frasco)
03.本日は晴天なり (Honjitsu wa seiten nari)
04.君はカナリヤ (Kimi wa canaria)
05.退屈マシン (Taikutsu machine)
06.サイレントノイズ (Silent Noise)
08.嬉々 (Kiki)
09.メランコリック (Melancholic)
10.スロウ (SLOW)
11.念力 (Nenriki)
12.ヘイト・レッド、ディップ・イット (Hate Red, Dip It)
13.マイム (MIME)
14.あバンギャルど (Avantgarde)
15.さびしんぼう (Sabishinbou)

01.藍より青く (Ai yoru aoku)
02.春咲センチメンタル (Harusaki sentimental)

01.puppet talk

Sources: 1 2 3 4 5

“See Something you like?”

This fic is for @keyths who asked for it (or something like it) in this post.  I did my best. (Art cred to @doucheyandroids who is working on a print version! I love this drawing!) 

They’re training when it happens.

Keith looks up just as Lance punches the head back on one of the training dummies, and his breath catches in his chest. Lance is – beautiful. He’s glaring intensely at the malfunctioning dummy, his sharp jaw set, the muscles in his arms still quivering. They’d both stripped down to basketball shorts and tank tops to train, and Keith can see the droplets of sweat running down Lance’s neck and into his shirt. The thin white fabric sticks to his torso, outlining pecs and abs Keith didn’t know Lance had. All the paladins had gained muscle with training, even Keith, but it was suddenly painfully obvious that Lance was no longer as scrawny as he had once been.

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Dex’s family headcanon

Okay so we all know Dex comes from a big family, I also have a big family, so here’s some headcanons based off my knowledge of having a big ass family!

  • His mom always cooks for an army, because she’s literally is feeding a small army of ginger. And there’s barely any leftovers.
  • There’s always someone who knows how to fix something or how something work. Dex’s has an uncle and an aunt for everything; electricals, plumbings, mechanics, knitting, cooking, you name it.
  • Dex’s dad knows everyone in town. Sometimes Dex will think someone is a stranger, but no, the person is his dad second’s cousin best friend from the 70’s.
  • When they talk politics, it turns into a battle of who can scream his opinion the loudest. At some point grandma Poindexter set up a swear jar that people had to put a quarter every time they talked about politics. She made 100$.
  • The family owns a shack by a lake and it’s extremely rustic: no electricity, no showers or clean water. It’s huge and they can sleep at least half the family in there. This is where they have their family reunions in the summer and for thanksgiving.
  • Every time the family come together, somehow the aunts have perfect control over everything happening.
  • SO.MANY.COUSINS. Like, there’s at least 20 who are older than Dex and all of them have kids so there are about 40 small gingers running around and screaming.
  • A quiet house is not something Dex know, so whenever he’s alone in the Haus, he always needs some background noises because the quiet creeps him out.
  • Privacy is also non-existent in his household.
  • Random relative showing up uninvited for no reason is common. Them staying the whole day is also common.
  • Everyone knows everything about everyone, so if someone fuck shit up, the entire family will know within 48 hours.
  • Their family from Ireland come visit every 5 years or so, and they make the biggest party in the history of parties.

Now imagine Nursey reacting to Dex’s family:

  • Nursey is very overwhelmed the first time Dex brings him home for thanksgiving/Christmas.
  • Nursey had never seen so many shades of red hair.
  • He once mistook one of Dex’s cousin for Dex himself, turns out he was the gay cousin™ and was very interested in Derek. Dex was pissed.
  • Nursey is even more overwhelmed when Dex brings him to the family reunion when his Irish relatives are coming over because they speak Irish so fast what the fuck is even going on.
  • Dex warned him to not talk about politics. Nursey didn’t get why until he saw the entire Poindexter family arguing about whether or not the US should keep the pennies while throwing quarters into the politics jar™.
  • They can’t kiss because there’s people e v e r y w h e r e.
  • “No wonder you’re so uptight, can’t even jack off in peace” “NURSEY!”
  • Apparently Dex own so much flannel because his family back in Ireland have sheep and make flannel shirts with the wool. Who fucking knew.
  • There is so much food going around and Nursey doesn’t even know what half of them are.
  • The place is SO LOUD. Derek’s ears are buzzing when they leave.
  • Derek loves Dex’s family but he is drained and cannot understand how Dex was able to live in that environment 24/7. 
  • Dex loves his family, but he loves to be alone with Derek too, it’s different, but it’s nice.
Sea of Melancholia. (One Shot)

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Here you are! :D

And I’m really sorry that I keep you waiting for so long.

(Gif by X)

Title: Sea of Melancholia.

Suggesting Listening: Wildest Dream. (Sorry, I can’t find the original version.)

Words Count: 3,638

Warning: Angst.  

(Special Thanks to the-gothic-assassin​ for helping me edit this fic. XD)


(Y/N) was finally preparing herself for bed, but not before she had sat and read for hours, waiting for her lover.

She sent for him, requiring his presence. He had promised that he would pay a visit, after his work was done – around midnight. But now as she looked at the clock, it was almost two in the morning already.

She couldn’t help having some bad thoughts. He might be severely wounded somewhere at a dark and cold corner of Paris, or worse – he might have been lay dying right now.

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Imagine visiting a Haunted House with 1970s Roger Waters. He takes you there as a date, aiming to look like a total badass so that he can “protect you” (and to take advantage of you when you get scared). But as soon as some spooky noises start to creep up from nowhere, you are the one holding him in your arms and trying to calm him down.


【live】 2017 Spring Tour 念力発生 (Nenriki Hassei) day 11

11th day of Plastic Tree’s 2017 Spring Tour held at HEAVEN’S ROCK SHINTOSHIN VJ - 3 in Saitama on April 9th.


02.フラスコ (Frasco)
03.本日は晴天なり (Honjitsu wa seiten nari)
04.君はカナリヤ (Kimi wa canaria)
05.退屈マシン (Taikutsu machine)
06.サイレントノイズ (Silent Noise)
08.嬉々 (Kiki)
09.メランコリック (Melancholic)
10.スロウ (SLOW)
11.念力 (Nenriki)
12.ヘイト・レッド、ディップ・イット (Hate Red, Dip It)
13.マイム (MIME)
14.あバンギャルど (Avantgarde)
15.さびしんぼう (Sabishinbou

01.藍より青く (Ai yoru aoku)
02.春咲センチメンタル (Harusaki sentimental)

01.puppet talk

Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Winchester’s Garage and Salvage

Imagine applying to work for Dean at his garage, and him giving you three days to prove you’re worth hiring. 

Author’s Note: This Dean x reader is a couple different requests put together! For working with Dean at his garage, fighting with Dean but him having a soft spot for you, and reader and Dean getting along only because they’re both stubborn. 

Dean is callous and rude in the beginning. The story is based off of him running the garage/salvage by himself, so presumably Sam has left him and Bobby is gone. Dean has a dog. Dean doesn’t really like the dog, but he keeps it around because it’s Sam’s. There was SO much more I wanted to do with this but I didn’t have time. Oh well! I tried to fit a lot in there. Dean and reader are both stubborn and fight but cute fluff in the end! It’s comical/light. Oh and there’s probably a ton of typos… it’s really early in the morning.  

Warnings: Dean being a jerk, drinking, language, 

I wiped my palms off on the front of my jean shorts and scooped my hair up into a messy pony tail. Three different jobs in the last week, and each left me high and dry. I needed this, bad. The rusted carcasses of vehicles surrounded me on every side. I was fairly familiar with most of the models, drawing on what my father had taught me as a child. I used to resent him for the hours we spent sitting in the garage together, but his captive education might come in handy now. The long dirt road lined with scrapped cars eventually ended in front of a small building. The windows were thick with dust and the door was wide open to the summer air. I sighed and silently prayed this wouldn’t be an unfortunate end to an unsuccessful day. When I crossed the threshold my feet creaked across the aged floor, alerting a sleeping dog not far away. He immediately rose and scampered towards me, floppy ears shaking with each step. I dropped to his level and rubbed the scruff around his collar. 

“Hey, boy. Yeah, you’re a cutie. What’s your name?” The dog lapped at my hand in wordless approval. 

 "Bones! Come!“ A gruff voice startled both of us and the dog retreated behind a pair of jean clad legs not far away. I slowly followed their bowed length upwards till I met piercing eyes and a stubble framed scowl. The man had his arms crossed over his chest and a blackened bandanna jutted from his front pocket. I’m not sure what was more startling, the rumble of his words or the intensity of his sharp, dirt smudged features. "Can I help you?” His impatient tone suggested he had little intention of carrying on the conversation longer than necessary. I quickly tried to recover my chance at making a good impression. 

 "You’ve got a nice dog.“ He narrowed his eyes and looked me up and down repeatedly. When he finally did speak it was perfectly disinterested. 

"He’s not mine. Look, are you lost, hon?” Great, he was a total hard ass. “I’ve got an long driveway for reason. You’re a little old to be selling Girl Scout cookies, aren’t you?" 

"I’m here about the help wanted sign out by the road. I was hoping-” Before I could repeat my well practiced request for employment, the man erupted with callous laughter. 

“Is something funny?” He stopped all too abruptly and cocked his head. 

“Oh wait, you’re serious? You really think you can work here? You might chip a nail.”  By now I had indignantly placed my hands on my hips. I scoffed and imitated his prideful stance. 

Don’t patronize me, Winchester. I may look like just another girl, but give me a chance… That’s a nice Impala you’ve got out there. 327, 4-barrel, V-8 engine, automatic, 4-dr, hardtop… How’s she handle?” The man’s jade eyes widened, suddenly appearing like gems amidst the grime on his face. He swallowed back surprise and gave a little shrug. 

“Like a champ; I see you’ve done your reading… Tell you what, if you can last a three days here, the job’s yours. Six tomorrow, don’t be late.” I smirked and nodded quickly. At the first sign of my excitement he grimaced. “And please, just call me Dean.”


The first day of working for Dean was brutal. I arrived at six in the morning and sat outside for thirty minutes before he showed up at the door in boxers and a T-shirt. He squinted at me for a long time before finally allowing me inside. He didn’t offer me any of the coffee I could smell brewing, or any friendly conversation. His first job for me was organizing the paperwork in the office. I muttered a few frustrated remarks about "administrative punctuality” and “sexist assignments.” But he wasn’t phased by it in the least. I sat, sorting various piled receipts and bills for three hours in that 99 degrees Fahrenheit hell-hole. 

 "Dean, how come some of these bills aren’t even in your name? In fact, they’re in a bunch of different names…“ I studied the few photo frames on his desk. There was one of him and a man with long hair, the slight family resemblance suggested a brother or cousin. Another showed a graying man in a wheel chair in front of the salvage yard. Probably his father. A clatter from the adjacent room sent the dog running to lie under my feet. 

 "Dammit, Bones! I buy you toys and all you want is my clothes!” The golden retriever dropped a wrinkled plaid shirt by my shoe. I grinned and patted his head softly. 

 "Good boy, Bones. Is he always so grumpy?“ The sound of Dean clearing his throat nearly sent me out of my chair. He was standing there, bare chested and just as unimpressed as ever. He must have just gotten out of the shower because I could actually see his facial features for the lack of grime. I was surprised how handsome he was, despite the stern brow. 

 "May I have my shirt?” Honestly I had no interest in giving him the plaid button down. The view I had was already perfect. His time working in the garage left his upper body bulky and toned. The curved of his shoulders seemed to be carved of marble. 

“I asked nicely. Now quit gawking and give me the shirt.” He crossed his arms, which just brought further accent to the muscles there. Even while he was glaring I had to laugh as I tossed the material in his direction. His wet hair was dripping slightly when he began to button up the shirt, eyes still on me and jaw set firmly. 

“Now if you’re done playing secretary. Let’s go do some work." 


 By the time the sun was setting I was covered in sweat and grease. Dean was merciless. We replaced tires, welded frames, hauled scrap, and painted bumpers, and that was just before lunch. My entire body ached and I was ready to take a nice long shower, even though going straight to sleep sounded just as inviting. Throughout the day Dean didn’t say much, but his lack of words wasn’t a lack of communication. I could tell from his behavior that he was growing more and more used to me being around. He stopped making rude remarks whenever I attempted to carry something, and refrained from calling me weak when I had to stop for a break. By the end of the day we were content to work side by side in silence, and that said more than any compliment could have. When I was getting ready to leave I leaned against the door frame to say goodbye to Bones. 

 "Looks like he’s going to try to follow you home.” Dean frowned at the dog’s affection towards me. “Damn traitor.” I laughed and swung my backpack up over my shoulder. 

 "Nah, he knows where home is. Speaking of home, I’d better get going. Have a good night, Dean.“ The man across from me nodded and waved me away with his hand. I smiled at his passive gesture and began the long trek down the road. 

Even at dusk the summer air felt hot and oppressive on my already damp skin. I was about a hundred yards down the road when I heard an engine roar to life and the crunch of tires over gravel. The creeping noise became louder and louder, till I looked behind and saw Dean driving up beside me in his Impala. He stuck his head out the window to get me to stop walking. 

"Where are you going?” I looked at him as if he was crazy, and at this point it seemed like a possibility. 

 "What do you mean, I’m going home.“ He rolled his eyes like I was the biggest idiot he’d spoken to in months. I was probably the only person he’d spoken to in months. 

 "There’s nothing within two miles of here. Where the hell is home?” His teeth were grinding when he asked, this time sure that I understood the question. I sighed heavily and continued walking. The impala stayed moving slowly beside me. When I was sure he wasn’t going to leave me alone I relented. 

 "… The motel on the corner of Cooper and Dodge Mill. It’s no big deal, I’m kinda in between places right now.“ My living conditions were embarrassing to say the least, but Dean isn’t seem too surprised. I wondered if maybe he was familiar with staying in motels. 

 "At least let me drive you.” The road felt especially long now that my legs were sore. I shook my head, but not before he recognized my consideration. “I know you can handle yourself, but climb in. You’ve earned it." 

 Our car ride was comfortably silent. I thumbed through the box of tapes under the seat and smiled at his taste in music. When I stuck an ACDC track into the player he didn’t object, and I sang along by myself through the short drive to the motel. When we pulled in I didn’t expect a goodbye, but Dean yelled after me. 

 "Hey!” I reluctantly spun on my heel, half anticipating a cruel joke. “You did good today kid, keep it up.” The man at the wheel gave a barely-there grin before burning out of the parking lot. 


The second day started well. Dean and I even talked for a bit, although about nothing in particular. But as the day dragged on we both became less inclined to speak and closer to snap at each other. One spat became two, and soon we were screaming at one another from across the junkyard. Dean called my work shitty, and I called his attitude shitty. He said I was a stupid girl who couldn’t keep a job, so I said he was a grumpy ‘old’ man who couldn’t keep any friends. Soon we were throwing insults with same force we had been putting into our scrap metal. As soon as the day was over I grabbed my things and began to throw down his

“I finished everything you asked. Here’s your wrench and your stupid shirt.” I unbuttoned the flannel I had been wearing over my tank top and tossed it into the floor for Bones. “Go to hell, Winchester. A day with you makes me feel like I’m already there.” Dean yelled at the dog to come back with his shirt, and then at me out the door.

“Good luck getting a job, you ungrateful wench!” I flipped him off and began my trek down the driveway. All I could think about was getting out of here, and maybe breaking something back at the motel… if everything in the damn room wasn’t broken already. It was getting dark quickly, and by the time I reached the main road I couldn’t see much besides the few vehicles passing by. Suddenly my world was enveloped in the bright glow of headlights as someone pulled up beside me. I hoped it was a cop. When my eyes readjusted I swore under my breath and pretended not to see. 

   “Get in the car.” Dean reached across to open the door to me, but I pushed it shut. 

“No, Dean! Go back to your shitty little garage." 

 "I’m not letting you walk home at night alone so you can get picked up by some lonely truck driver.” Now that he mentioned it, my situation was fairly unnerving. I had never walked this road at night before, and the only drivers I had seen so far were semis hauling freight to god knows where. Dean growled and pounded a fist on the steering wheel. 

 "Y/N, get in the frickin car or I will follow your stubborn ass all the way to White Pines.“ With a look that could kill I finally ripped open the door and threw my bag between us. “I hate you.” He just shrugged and turned the radio up too loudly for either of us to speak over. 


 The next morning I was still pissed off when I woke up. I debated gathering my things and spending my last dimes on a bus ticket to a neighboring town. At least somewhere else I wouldn’t have to be harassed by my "boss” and treated like an incompetent child. I stormed around my room for a while until the anger had mostly subsided, but in my pacing something in the window caught my eye. My attention was drawn to a shiny black vehicle parked outside, the sleek paint job reflecting the rising sun perfectly. I could recognize that ride anywhere. 

 I threw on my only set of clean clothes and slammed my door on the way out. Dean watched me march across the pavement till I was close enough to touch. My nostrils were flaring and my heart was pumping as I glared into his eyes with every bit of frustration that had kept me awake for most of the night. From the looks of his face, he didn’t sleep well either. 

 "Dean Winchester you are the biggest asshole I know.“ I snarled at him before walking around the the passenger side and throwing myself in the seat. Nothing I did before then surprised him, but now he sat dumbfounded, mouth slightly agape. I jammed a cassette into the radio and rolled my window down roughly. 

 "Well what the hell are you waiting for? We have work to do, don’t we?” He stared for a few more seconds, completely unsure of how to respond. The first change in his features was a sudden smile, one wider than I had ever seen on his face. He shook his head and revved the engine. 

 "And you, Y/N, are the craziest, most stubborn woman I know.“ 


 We had only worked half of the third day when Dean did something out of character. He motioned me to follow him inside to the fridge, brought out a pack of beer, and shoved one into my hand. I wrinkled my forehead at him. 

 "What do you want me to do with this?” He threw his head back in a loud laugh, one so unusually happy that even Bones lifted his chin off the floorboards. 

“Well generally people drink it, but do whatever you want I guess.” His soft green eyes were gleaming with mischief when he ripped the top of his own can open and poured it into his mouth like a desert man drinks water. I still wasn’t convinced this wasn’t some kind of test, so I drank very slowly, eyes on Dean for any clue as to what was going on. Finally, after polishing off his second can he leaned back on the counter and returned my gaze. 

 "I wanted to apologize, Y/N.“ I watched his 5 o'clock shadow shift with the clenching of his jaw. "For yesterday.” I found myself increasingly uncomfortable with this new openness. I wasn’t sure how to approach Dean when he wasn’t biting back insults. 

 "Do you usually apologize to people by bribing them with cheap beer?“ He gave me a familiar scowl and flicked a can tab at my face. 

"You’re ruining it again. This morning I didn’t even have time to speak before you went bat shit crazy and jumped in the Impala.” I blushed down at my drink and tried to hide behind several large gulps. Before I knew it the can was empty. 

 "You were going to apologize? That’s why you came?“ Dean nodded and smirked at the thought of my erratic behavior. I shifted from side to side awkwardly and wished I hadn’t been such a hot head. 

 "You’ve been really… Good, to put up with me. I know I can be difficult sometimes.” I nearly spat out my drink when he spoke. 

 "Sometimes? Dean you’re a regular pain in the ass, most of the time.“ He chuckled in surrender and tossed another beer my direction. "So…” I kicked at one of the crinkled cans on the floor and tried to keep my voice from breaking. Dean eyed me impatiently when I didn’t finish my question. 

“So what?” His regular disgust painted his tone and made me feel comfortable. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the worst. 

 "Are you hiring me?“ He emptied the beer in his hand while I waited. My heart was pounding out of my chest before he finally crusted the can in his fist and tossed it into the bin. When he did speak it was all I could do to keep myself from jumping up and down.

 "Y/N, as far as I’m concerned, you’ve been hired for three days now." 


 That night I grabbed my things and headed towards the door, but Dean didn’t budge from his place on the couch. I waited a little while longer before turning to make sure he saw me. When I looked up his eyes were already locked with mine. “What, you’re not going to give me a ride home?" 

 "Nope.” He enjoyed watching me stand there, clueless as to what to do or what was happening. His little grin made me both curious and nervous. 

“You didn’t just get the job. Let me show you something.” Dean looked strangely childish as he motioned me to follow him past the garage door and to an old flight of stairs. Each step creaked loudly under our weight. The walls rising around us were printed in a faded floral wallpaper that seemed quite homey. I guess Dean didn’t care to paint over this section of the house. When we finally reached the top of the staircase he stopped in front of a door and smiled back at me. I could see his excitement in the way he ushered me closer. 

“Close your eyes.” I laughed at his request and crossed my arms over my t shirt.   

“No way in hell, Dean. I don’t trust you for a second.” He rolled his eyes, and bit the inside of his cheek in an annoyed smirk. 

“Come on, just do it. You’re ruining the surprise… Here, let me help.” Before I could protest he removed the bandanna from his pocket and was placing it over eyes carefully. My hands thrust forward and grabbed his shirt to compensate for the sudden darkness, and then it was his to laugh. I felt his chuckle vibrate in my clutching fingers as he tied the cloth gently. I could smell the earthy scents of oil and dirt on the rag, as well as spicy aftershave from him being so close. When he was finished, he began to guide me by my shoulders into the surrounding blackness.

 "See, that wasn’t so hard.“ I stuck my tongue out at him and he muttered "stubborn asshole” into my ear. The door creaked and I was walked into a room I had never been in before. I could already tell it was brighter than most places in the house from the light just barely seeping through my blindfold. 

 "Where are we?“ Dean ran a calloused hand up and down one of my arms and I hoped he didn’t notice the way it made me shiver. 

 "Okay, ready? You can open your eyes.” Sudden brightness flooded my vision and I had to squint for a moment. With each blink the room around me came into being. The first thing I noticed was the large, circular window on the wall that overlooked the field outback. A plain but clean white curtain hung in front of the glass and fluttered above a small bed. The mattress was piled with blankets of varying sizes and mismatched colors. Some where probably handmade gifts from loved ones. A little TV sat across from the bed and some refurbished tables and dressers gave the room overall congruence. I couldn’t imagine why Dean would need something like this. 

 "It’s not much, I know, but I’ve been to the White Pines motel and I can guarantee this is better.“ It was all starting to make sense. Dean was walking around the room pointing out various things, but I was too busy looking at him to notice what he gestured to. 

 "It’s a new mattress, cable TV, running water that actually gets hot. I put up a mirror over here…” He looked so satisfied with the work he had put in. That same sense of accomplishment he got when he fixed something was in his eyes now. And it was for me. 

 "Oh and there’s an empty bureau here for your clothes.“ He scratched at the back of his hair and shrugged shyly, suddenly aware I was staring. 

 "And best of all you’re right over your job. No more long walls to work.” Gratitude like I had never know was threatening to tear me apart at the seams. Dean had given me a job, a home, a new life… Tears were welling in my eyes and there was nothing I could say without letting them go. My silence must have come across as disinterest because Dean started to speak quicker and with less pride. 

 "I mean, if you don’t want it I’ll still give you a ride from the motel…“ Before he could finish I threw my arms around his neck in a crushing hug. My head was tucked into his shoulder perfectly, and I hid my tears in his shirt. 

 "Dean, of course I want it! It’s perfect!” He was stunned for a moment, hands limp down at his sides before reaching up to rub circles in between my shoulder blades. I couldn’t bring myself to let go of him. 

“Thank you, for everything." 

Take Me Home- Bucky imagine

Ok guys its my first imagine in a while so I apologise if I’m a little rusty!

Bucky Barnes imagine-warnings of cute fluff and awkwardness!!

Originally posted by enochianess

Pour Some Sugar on Me. Your go to song. You slam back another tequila shot and climb onto the table. Steadying yourself, you point at Nat and Wanda whilst throwing your head back and shouting the lyrics. They’re both sat in fits of laughter watching you whipping your hair around and singing into one of many empty beer bottles lying around.
“You’ve seen Coyote Ugly way too many times (Y/N)!” Wanda shouts, clapping her hands. You wink at her, spinning around. Playfully you take off your leather jacket and shimmy it down your back, looking back giggling, you see Bucky stood next to Nat with a smirk on his face and your heart immediately starts pounding.
“Bucky! What are you doing here?” You grin and stumble off the table, Bucky catching your elbow so you don’t slip and fall on your ass.
“I called him, probably time we head off home before you show up any of the professional dancers in here.” Nat winks at you, out of all the guys she could have called, she had to call Bucky. She and Wanda know you’ve had a thing for ages and they’re constantly teasing you about it. You narrow your eyes at her and fling an arm around Bucky shoulder.
“I’m fiiiiine” you slur, sliding down Bucky’s side with a grin on your face. He laughs and steadies you, supporting you with an arm around your waist. Wanda shakes her head and she and Nat get up, putting their coats on and heading towards the door. You pout at Bucky and give him the puppy dog eyes, asking to stay for one more song.
“Time to go doll.” He smirks. You slump against him, defeated.
“Fine! Take me home Barnes!”  You start towards the door, trying to put one foot in front of the other.
“You ok there? Need a hand?” Bucky smirks, catching up to you.
“Bucky, I can manage. I’m seeing two of you, but I’m fine. In fact, I’m kinda liking two of you”. You wink at him and he shakes his head, a tint of red appearing on his cheeks. Inside you’re screaming at yourself. What the bloody hell did you say that for?! Sighing, he scoops you up and fireman lifts you to his car where Wanda and Nat are all too amused at the sight.

20 minutes later you’re back at the house. You’ve sobered up enough to be able to walk on your own so you head into the house with the others.
Nat and Wanda say goodnight, heading separate ways to their rooms.
“Bucky you better make sure she gets to bed ok!” Natasha shouts before closing her door.
He shrugs his shoulders and smiles at you as you pour yourself a huge glass of water. You already know it aint going to be pretty tomorrow. Bucky slings his cool metal arm around your waist, sending a shiver down your spine, and he guides you to your room and swings the door open. He leans against the door frame smiling to himself as he watches you stumble out of your shoes.
“Are you going to be alright?” He asks, raising an eyebrow.
You stick your thumb up to him. “I will be just fine Buck, I’m gonna take a shower” you say, heading straight into the shower cubicle.
“Uh (Y/N) your clothes are sti-“ he shouts a warning, but it was too late. There you were, still fully clothed, under the running water.
“uhmmmmm…oops” You start laughing and then sigh. You look at Bucky and beckon him. He walks over shaking his head and you lift up your arms for him to take off your dress.  He looks at you, eyebrows furrowed, not sure what you’re asking him to do.
“C’mon Buck, help a girl out.” You would never normally be so bold, but the alcohol has well and truly taken control. He blushes and looks back to the door. What you didn’t know is Bucky had a thing for you too. He’d always been kinda flirty but you thought he was just being nice. You also didn’t know he’d imagined this moment plenty of times before; removing your clothes, placing a kiss on your bare shoulder, up your jawline, onto your full lips. Although maybe when you were in a more sober state.
He smiles shyly at you and spins you around so your back is facing to him, he pulls your dress over your shoulders and can’t help but brush your bare back with his fingers. He clears his throat and leaves the bathroom and you climb back into the warm shower, smiling to yourself, blushing at the thought of his fingers on your bare skin.

After a long shower you feel slightly more sober and head back into your bedroom, Bucky nowhere to be seen. You scrunch your face, disappointed, and climb into bed with a fresh pair of pants and a baggy t shirt on. After a few minutes of lying there, you long for Bucky’s touch, as you have done for so many nights. How many times Nat and Wanda have told you to grow some balls and tell him you like him.
Without thinking, you swing your legs out of bed and head towards the door, trying not to make too much noise as you creep down the corridor to Bucky’s room. You take a deep breathe before knocking on his door.
“Bucky?” You whisper. “It me” He comes to the door after a few seconds and opens it wearing nothing but his boxer shorts, making your breathe catch in your throat and your heart pound.
“Are you ok? Something happen?” He asks, concern in his eyes, he opens the door fully and invites you in. He wraps his arms around himself, suddenly conscious of his bare torso.
“I, uhh, I can’t sleep. I just wandered if maybe..could you stay, with me?” You almost whisper, getting flustered. ‘What a stupid idea’, you think to yourself. ‘He’s going to think I’m so weird!’
“Uh yeah, of course” He smiles at you and ushers you into his bed. You pull the covers up and sit against the headboard, watching as he walks around and climbs in his side. You both slide down and lay on your sides. You take in his features, his cheekbones, and his stubbly jaw. You reach and stroke a finger down his jawline before you even knew you were doing it. His eyes fly up at you and you blush, whipping your hand back. He’s just as nervous as you are, but he reaches up and tucks a strand of hair behind your ear.

“(Y/N), I’ve got something to tell you that I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time, but I don’t know how you’re going to react so if you don’t feel the same  please don’t feel bad I totally unders-“ He starts to say but you blurt it out first
“I really like you Bucky. Like, really like you.” Bucky smiles like you’ve never seen him smile before.
“Seriously?” He asks, and you say you’re in dis belief that Nat and Wanda haven’t made it totally obvious.  He laughs again and wraps his metal arm around your back, pulling you closer to him. You spend a few seconds just looking at each other before you yawn. Bucky smiles at you and places a hand on your cheek, pulling you in for a light kiss. You bite your lip and giggle to yourself. This was definitely not how you thought this night would go.

“Get some sleep doll, we’ll talk in the morning” Bucky says, and you wriggle down, head on his chest, legs intertwined, you take in his scent. He kisses the top of your head, playing with your hair until you both drift off to sleep. . @camila1818 @sour-wolf-91


【live】 2017 Spring Tour 念力発生 (Nenriki Hassei) day 14

14th day of Plastic Tree’s 2017 Spring Tour held at DRUM Be-7 in Nagasaki on April 22nd.


01.バルーン (Ballon)
02.フラスコ (Frasco)
03.讃美歌 (Sanbika)
04.アローンアゲイン、ワンダフルワールド (Alone again, wonderful world)
05.テトリス (Tetris)
06.サイレントノイズ (Silent Noise)
08.嬉々 (Kiki)
09.メランコリック (Melancholic)
10.静かの海 (Shizuka no umi)
11.念力 (Nenriki)
12.ムーンライト――――。 (Moonlight――――.)
13.マイム (MIME)
14.デュエット (Duet)
15.さびしんぼう (Sabishinbou)

01.影絵 (Kagee)
02.春咲センチメンタル (Harusaki sentimetal)


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