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Pudding  Clowns by Alyssa Herlocher! ( )

the “Kenneth” series…# 1, 2, and 3 also by Alyssa

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Twin Peaks Scuzzing Up Space And Time

By 9PM Thursday, Firefly needed something edgy. We’d heard enough inoffensive mall-pop and stylish car-commercial rock. We needed noise, and the blistering slop punk of Twin Peaks arrived like a spinning twister. And the crowd dug it! This band’s greatest prank is convincing you their songs aren’t hooky when they’re actually catchy as hell. Hearing the jangly garage mess of “Got Your Money” live made the song’s whiny chorus sound enthralling, as did added headbands from singer Cadien Lake James. Just as on last year’s scorching Wild Onion LP, Twin Peaks bury their sneaky melodies with big guitar noise and pounding drums. Chicago punks though they may be, Twin Peaks’ target demo aligns well with Firefly’s, making their songs about smoking pot and killing time all the more potent. Some acts buzzed louder. Some acts entertained harder. But Twin Peaks were just plain better. (via Stereogum

It’s coming soon:

Queasy Rider by Billy Catfish Orchestra.

On Lurker Bias. Release date 7.10.15.

‘Do The Bird,’ indeed! Billy Catfish’s latest cohesive musical feat celebrates parallel universes of feedback-ridden jam rock, deranged songwriter folk, kraut rock tourism, metal bliss, scarred blues, abandoned pop, musical experimentation and other delusions of grandeur in the key of “Queasy Rider,” BABY!

This limited edition cassette release from one of the Cincinnati area’s busiest dudes (eight projects and counting … twenty years on the scene) features unheard-of collaborations and unthought-of guest appearances by Scotty Karate, Alex York, Ally Hurt of Good Night Noises, Wes Pence of Ready Stance and Middlemarch, Nick Hill of Hot for Alice, Pete Nienaber of the Fabulous Byurd Brains, Michael Hensley of Frontier Folk Nebraska, and more!

Get it soon … don’t delay, supplies are limited! Also available as a special “bundled” package with the special re-release of the instrumental prog rock masterpiece by PINK TEEF (which featured Billy, Kendall Davis, Andrew Antle, Jon Evans) … don’t miss out folks!

Here’s a video commercial for the release:

Any questions at all can be directed to the dude himself, Billy Catfish: 

Here’s everything The Bringer of Everything has ever done. MMXIII (split with Vomir, Dianus CS, Rosacea CS, Winter Tape, live recordings), MFD Downer Mixtape, self-titled full length, split with Swallowing Bile, Depravity Label Chicago Noise Comp, and an unreleased EP and split. New album is half done. Might never get finished. The world doesn’t need anymore noise, especially not mine. You weren’t going to listen to it anyways.


Best video on youtube no one is changing my mind.

“There are plenty of perks that come with working in the wedding industry. One is having the opportunity to listen to great jams into the late hours of the night. Luckily for us, we get to work with DJs that truly know how to keep the good tunes comin’. Gold Noise DJs is one of our personal favorites. Not only does Jena have a vibrant and charismatic MC persona, but she definitely knows how to choose tunes that will keep wedding guests tearin’ up a rug all night.” 

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