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Hulu and Netflix both have Tumblr accounts! Do you guys think it would be worth messaging or submitting asks to the accounts asking that they pick up Pitch?

Absolutely!!! Have at it Pitches!!!

@hulu @netflix please come thruuuuu

I’d been checking the tracking on my naturebox package over and over the past few days because for whatever reason it wasn’t updating and still just said like “tuesday: arrived at facility in nevada” so it looked like it was still way far away. It was set to deliver on the 22nd, so next tuesday, and I’ve been losing my mind because I need these snacks in my mouth right now immediately

But I checked just now and it said “delivered!” so I jumped out of my seat and rushed to the door and lo and behold, my love was waiting there for me on the porch. Packages delivering before the expected date is my favorite thing ever, I’m weeping tears of joy. I love getting mail and I love snacks, this is the highlight of my week

Jet Set Radio Redesign Project 19/19: Roboy

I lied before when I said Clutch was the last GG. The true last GG (besides Pots) is none other than Roboy, the smart mouthed robot assistant of the GG’s. Why do the GG’s even have a robot? Who cares! He’s cool and that’s all that matters. 

Taking the pain away

A Scott x Reader imagine

Resume: Y / N hates herself. She can’t stand her reflection in the mirror. Her lack of confidence forced her to create a protective shell. With the assaults and insults of other girls, she no longer has the strength to fight. However, one of his friends with super powerful ears hears her call for help.

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Warning: contains depressing subject, such as bullying, depression and suicidal thoughts.

A/N: Hey, I wanted to write something about a subject that touched me a lot, bullying and lack of self-confidence. If you ever have bullying problems or suicidal thoughts, do not stay alone. There are people who can help, and you can also come talk to me if you feel the need.

Word count:1257

I never liked my body.

Neither my face nor my personality.

It’s the summary of the daily life of many young teenagers of my age, I am well aware of it, but it’s my reality. Every morning I get up and stare at my reflection in the mirror. I would like the image I see not to be that. Everything but that. I wish I could change skin, be able to start from the beginning. To be prettier, to have a thin and slender body. With a beautiful chest as a bonus. Let my hands have aligned joints, with fingers that don’t look like a Lego block construction gone wrong. I would like my face not to be so round, my eyebrows less thick, and my teeth straight.

I would love all that.

But it’ll never happen.

My lack of confidence forced me to create a protective shell, out of fear of others. I have few friends, but we are close and that’s enough for me. I never talk to anyone beside them and I never had a boyfriend. My wardrobe is mostly made up of clothes too big for me, which serve me as a cover. I developed a loner personality, by not talking to anyone; people don’t want to hang out with me. I have an associable reputation, but in fact, I’m just unable to open myself to people.

If I hate myself, no one can love me, right?

Gym lessons in the first period.

As usual, I took ample clothes unlike the other girls in my class who will wear small shorts to show their perfect curves to every guy that’ll catch their sight. I only attracted attention with these clothes. They noticed it, when in the lock room; it was time to change for class.

“Did you see that girl? Always in her corner, wearing sickening clothes… ”

“Yeah, it’s Y / N, nobody dares to stand beside her, it seems she stinks! ”


“I now understand why she never had a boyfriend, you saw his face? No guy will ever want her! ”

Their words were worse than venom, applied on a dagger, planted in my back, turned and pressed a little more each time they opened their filthy mouth. But I couldn’t do anything, I was powerless.

I waited until they had left to sit on a small bench with a tight throat. I ran my hands through my hair, tapping my feet nervously. Tears burned my eyes as I felt my heart beating painfully in my chest.

I hated them.


It was me that I hated…

Suddenly I stood up, my bag on the shoulder and left the locker room without any other look.

I decided to give up the idea of ​​going to school for the day, and decided instead to go home and lie on my bed in a ball with the welcoming idea of ​​crying.

My friends, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Allison were most likely going to ask where I was, but that didn’t matter to me at the moment. My cell phone began to vibrate in my pocket, and I pulled it out to look.

5 missed call from Scott, and 13 new messages.

I threw my cell phone somewhere in the room, causing too much noise, and grabbed a box of sleeping medicine. I thought for a moment, a small moment that taking the whole contents was going to solve my problems. Sleeping to forget… without pain, no more suffering.

Sleep forever and feel nothing.


I was nothing anyway.

I had to deserve my suffering, somehow…

My hand holding the pot began to shake, creating an aggressive ticking noise, like a clock that reminded me that time was passing. I couldn’t see anymore, my eyes were all confused by my tears. A dull pain resounded in my chest. If only I had a way to make disappear all this pain…

I closed my eyes strongly, wishing I could no longer exist, while my hands unscrewed the lid by themselves. However, I couldn’t make it to the end, because I felt a pair of warm and steady hands rest on mine, icy and trembling. I opened my eyes abruptly and my head spun when I saw him.

Scott stood before me, kneeling. Sadness dwelt in his gloomy gaze and I saw pain deforming his face.

“What are you doing here Scott…”

He took the box out of my hands to put it away, out of reach, before wiping my tearing cheeks.

“You didn’t come to gym today, and you didn’t answer my calls.”

A laugh escaped my lips between two sobs. Was he worried about me? Total waste of time.

“I … heard what happened in the locker room,” he said softly and compassionately.

Heard hmmm… you should leave your werewolf ears behind instead of spying on people, Scott.”

He raised his shoulders, stretching a small smile, guilty.

I scowled then.

“You can’t understand what it’s like to spend your days hating yourself and endure everyone doing the same … it’s so painful I don’t want to live like that anymore …”

“I love you, Y / N”

My breathing stuck in my throat and time seemed to stop.

“I love you,” he added, his eyes suddenly illuminated.

I wanted to laugh.

“It’s very funny, Scott, but I’m not in the mood to laugh. And usually the comic one is Stiles, not you. ”

Scott shook his head, and then bent over to look at me with a sincere smile.

“I love you. ”

My smile fell.

“You can’t love me, there’s nothing to love,” I say, hoping he stops with his lies.

“When you smile, your eyes light up and the sun itself become jealous. I love your eyes, their colors can occupy my thoughts for whole nights, I love your hairstyle, which is only good on you, unique and pretty…”

“Stop… ”

“I like your how you dress, a bit of a boy, but that suits you so well. I love your arms, I love your legs, I love your little belly and I love your hands, imperfect but so beautiful… ”

“Scott stops, it’s not funny,” I said, still trying to silence him.

“I like your personality, withdrawn on the outside but… ”

He grabbed my hands, looked at them for a moment before raising his eyes filled with water to mine, tearing away.

“So happy, funny and kind on the inside. You are the person with the biggest heart I know. And that’s all, hiding here (he put his finger on his heart) that makes you so beautiful and so unique, but that nobody can see. That’s what made me fall in love with you. ”

The sobs stifled my voice, so that I could not speak.

“You don’t need to say anything; you just have to believe me.”

For a moment I was tempted. Tempted to believe his sweet words, which seemed too good to be true. The words I dreamed of hearing. I didn’t know, until now, that these words would’ve come from one of my closest friends’ mouth.

I no longer had the strength to resist. His sincere smile invited me to believe him. I nodded positively, and snuggled up against his chest to weep over all the pain I had been accumulating for too long. And it was curled up in Scott’s comforting embrace that I realized something.

I loved him too.

And I knew that with him by my side, I could learn to love myself as well.

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OUR PRIVATE LIFE: We’ll Tell You About Our Secrets♡ (Sakurauchi Riko)
Caption:Come, open wide♪
Chika-chan’s smile that looks like she’s enjoying the food is wonderful♡

“Come, open wide♪”
— Even though I half meant that as a joke.
The smiling Chika-chan just went “Yay, aaah!!” and held her mouth wide open—.
When I saw that face, it somehow made me happy, and I unconsciously became serious— It was almost like feeding a small child, placing a tomato into Chika-chan’s mouth.
The cherry tomato that was in her lunch box.
Though small, the round tomato was placed in as it was, so no matter how many times Chika-chan tried, it kept rolling about in the lunch box making noises— Since it seemed like she couldn’t stop it, I reached out to help her—.
Really, sometimes Chika-chan just seems as cute as a child— So docile and honest.
All the things I could never do, yet Chika-chan simply confronts them head-on, maybe her secret is this honest nature of hers.
Becoming friends with such a Chika-chan, I’m really glad for that♡


To Ohara Mari: What do you wear when you go to sleep!?
Asked by ポイントBさん @Twitter

The answers everyone is looking forward to are of course, “Only underwear♡” or “Negligee”, or maybe “Just perfume♡”— That’s right, isn’t it?
No no, that’s no good~, having such perverted expectations♪
But I’m sure if I don’t tell you all, you would have a looot more anticipation, and might not be able to sleep well so— I’ll tell you specially just this once♡
I’m the sort who always sleeps in a camisole♪
T-shirts always feel constrictive around my chest and make it painful so I don’t really wear them much, I think?

To Sakurauchi Riko: If you were to try helping out at one of the members’ family businesses, what would you like to try doing?
Asked by ハマチャさん @Twitter

Everyone is always helping out with their own family businesses, they’re such great girls— As for me, I really don’t do anything— It makes me embarrassed!
But, even for such a person like me, if I could help out with something—.
That’s right, as I thought, I would want to try working at Chika-chan’s family inn♪
Though it would be impossible for me to work with the guests, I might be able to do the subordinate work, and it seems fun to wear those traditional Japanese uniforms♡
I would have to learn lots of things from Chika-chan♪

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine June 2016

TL note: Maru’s 4-koma will wait until we get better scans to work with.

Upon Listening to "La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura"

tinnitic spun gossamer sweeps sonic skies
shimmering swarms of otherworldly wings
moon base sonatas sketched in steely dust
airborne golems sailing the charcoal clouds

distant doors opening to vistas yet unseen
dim atmospheres escaping the alien vapor
shrill testicles beaconing a dire false alarm
jaspy and desperate they modulate the scale

alluvial plains lie awash in flooded platters
gilled discussions held betwixt fin and fang
segregated currents, crisscrossed connections
choreographic tangles of cinematic dressage

venusian operetta sung in no native tongue
lights from afar explode in orgasmic sparkles
locomotive brake’s metallic scream ‌in the fen
wet fairy dust settles where none’s ever been

discordant harmonies swell in dim iridescence
waves congealing in coherently firm channels
stings attenuate and still in unrehearsed modes
miles of vapor trails sing the moon’s deep glow

background noises from used cardboard boxes
crawl and bounce ‘cross narrow slits in crates
gymnasium bleachers o'er the parquet’s sly shine
ironic thunder chattering thru pink waxed lips

pine wood and voices seek answers to prayer
silence begets the spindled legs landing ashore
sliding down to misty depths of languid noir
guarding the pristine stances of virginal highs

fog bound and draped over baritone fences
shallow cellos blather their own discontent
jostle the barrels along corrugated highways
cardinals bind cables thru stern misdirection

ballerinas en pointe piss in their pink tights
flooding the polished mahogany palisades
a merry-go-round spews childlike profanity
as gate hinges squeak their bashful replies

microphonic announcements drone in vain
skittering misfits douse flames in their pants
traipse on to the past thru a hole in the future
sapphire points scrape to the spiraling center

silence reverberates with french-fried applause
twas finis i say, finis at last you mad fey bastard
red carpeted jack boots charge the balcony aisles
and valets grin unashamed for they know better