I’ve decided that going forward all FEMMExDOMME releases and merch will be 100% free (free shipping as well) for any and all trans or nonbinary youth. It’s important for me to acknowledge that not all of us can afford to buy tapes or patches or shirts and I don’t want that to get in the way of y'all hearing some rad bands, getting cool merch and ultimately supporting art made by folks you can possibly relate to/feel good about supporting.

Of course, if you have any questions, want to help, contribute or be a part of this project feel free to DM me or comment!💕
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Many marine animals, like these North Atlantic right whales swimming near Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary, use sound to communicate with one another. Many of these sounds are similar in tone or frequency to noise produced by underwater human activities – so we’re finding that a noisier ocean may mean that animals have more trouble communicating than they used to. Noise can also affect animals’ ability to orient and navigate, find food, avoid predators, and select mates. 

With this in mind, NOAA is launching its Ocean Noise Strategy Roadmap to guide a more effective and comprehensive management of ocean noise impacts on marine life over the next 10 years. Learn more about the roadmap at cetsound.noaa.gov

(Photo: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, under NOAA permit #15488)


Otter Noises