Today in Haitian History - March 21, 1986 - Daniel Fignolé returns to Haiti. Prominent black nationalist and populist, Fignolé was an active member of the noirisme movement, and championed in his speeches, the plea of the urban Blacks. While some debate his exact political inclination, his harsh criticism of the Occupation and post-Occupation governments (especially Élie Lescot), and his overall tendency to support popular causes framed him as a “left” wing (or at the very least a radical) figure. While he did become interim President in May 1957, he was ousted less than a month later, and finally exiled. The last election of 1957 was “won” by François Duvalier. (Recommended Reading)

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It has been some time since we’ve had a music post. Here is Le Super Jazz des Jeunes with Tout Moun Dou. According to the video description, the song or album was released in 1963. Jazz des Jeunes has an interesting history in the context of 1940s-1960s Haitian politics. While it is unclear whether any of the members ever sincerely espoused a Noirist ideology, the band was known for its numerous social criticism against Haiti’s light-skinned élite and their racialized social consciousness. 

I think it fascinating to not only appreciate this very good piece of music but, also to think about the social and political circonstances in which it emerged.

Informal survey on the 1946 Revolution


We have often talked about the “Revolution of 1946″ or the “Revolutionary generation of 1946″ or something of the sort but have not really defined it, mainly due to space and to keep our posts succinct. I don’t have time to do this at the moment but since this is something I know interests Admin-C (and myself) very much, I was wondering if it was worth exploring in future posts making references to post-Occupation, pre-Duvalier Haiti.

My questions for you are as follows: 

  • How many of you had heard of the Haitian “Revolution of 1946″ (or that there was some sense of a radical movement in that year)?
  • Would a post on this issue interest you or help you in some ways?

Thank you for replying to this post or for sending us your comments. Good day.