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My aesthetic are femme fatales from noir films, diamond rings, dark lipstick stains on a cigarette filter, 1920′s bob, passionate kisses from old hollywood movies, elegant cafes, lacy black lingerie, palace halls, love letters, pink champagne, white pearls, corsets, grace, mystery, perfume bottles and vintage.

And the next day I love carousel horses, porcelain dolls, pressed flowers, white lace, innocence and delicacy, angel figures, scented candles, pastel skirts, moths, ribbons, victorian tea sets, flower crowns, loose hair, a schoolgirl look, carnival, pink glitter and all that is fragile.


Hi, everyone! I got many questions about the gloves and nails, so i tried to create a little “tutorial”.I use basic patterns for gloves, but made the fingertips  longer. Then I sewed the gloves, but left the fingrtips unsewn. Then I glued fake nails from the inside of the gloves to one side. Cut other side of the fingertip and glued it… hope my horrible drawing will help to better understand XDD

By the way, beautiful ring was made by

Did she or didn’t she?

I’m watching Horrificator (for a crack post, why else?) and this happened.

She points at him, there’s a ding that I’m not even sure I heard and he reacts with “you did it again!!”

They act like she rung his bell, but SHE NEVER TOUCHED IT.  Did I miss something or did the animators?

I need to know for reasons ¬、¬

Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug & Chat Noir: In New York??

So I’ve recently purchased volumes two and three of the canon comic book series for Miraculous Ladybug, and there are definitely some things worth discussing. It’s been my fix until Miraculous season two gets released in December on Netflix. (Though let’s be real, as soon as it drops in France I’m going to be watching #ITookFiveYearsOfFrenchForThisPurpose).

SPOILER ALERT. I have no idea if we’ll ever see this in the show, so unless you like spoilers (like me) you should stop reading.

  •  Volume two begins with an explanation of what kwamis are. They are the abstract beings of new things that enter the world. Tikki was the very first kwami because she is the kwami of creation #mindblown! If I had to guess Noroo is the kwami for superheroes, Wayzz is the kwami for wisdom, Pollen is the kwami for beauty, Dusuu is the kwami for emotion, and Trixx is the kwami for music. These are all guesses, so I can’t wait to see what they all can do.

  • Chloe is the bitch we all know she is and steals Marinette’s clothes *sigh*. Luckily, Marinette has to turn into Ladybug to fight a new villain. Chloe has a lot of attributes that could make her a good superheroine, but she’s just so mean-spirited. It sucks to see such potential wasted.

  • So Ladybug and Chat Noir had just defeated Silurus, and DOORMAN pulled them both into NEW YORK. This was the biggest WTAF moment for me because WHAT. I had no idea America had superheroes. Let alone the amount of presence that American superheroes apparently have in the Zag universe. Even the President is involved! And do we all remember Majestia from the Origins episodes? She’s real. Like, she’s not just a comic book character, she’s an actual superheroine from America. Woah. There’s this awkward unspoken moment with Ladybug and Chat Noir that goes a little something like: ‘Yeah so…our powers don’t work like you guys’ powers do so…we have to go recharge…and yeah’. It made me laugh so much.

  • So Marinette de-transforms in the AIR and falls into a garbage can, and I couldn’t stop laughing because…she’s naked. Oh, Marinette you Unlucky Ladybug. 

  • Adrien, on the other hand, goes up to a wealthy woman for help, and it is in this moment that I’m reminded of the potential of Chloe. See Chloe I feel like would use her status in life to make things easier in this situation, and that would be really convenient. Adrien just too nice (Plus if he says who he is his identity will be outed so).

  • This is the part that is really interesting to me. The American superheroes are kind of assholes. They called Ladybug there in order to fix everything on a grand scale. We’re not just talking about the Eiffel Tower here - it’s the whole economic system. They basically want to use Ladybug as the clean-up lady. And why is Chat Noir there? For no reason. He’s the funny “side-kick” as far as the Americans are concerned. It’s incredibly disrespectful, especially because of how much they are underestimating Ladybug and Chat Noir’s abilities. What’s worse is Marinette doesn’t even know if she can use her powers like they want her to. The American President is relying too heavily on the idea that Ladybug can fix everything when no one knows the exact parameters of the Miraculous.

  • Which brings me to my next gripe. The Americans don’t know anything about the miraculouses. They don’t know how valuable Chat Noir’s destroying power is in this moment. They don’t know how the lucky charm works. They are plotting points of actions that best suit themselves without considering that Ladybug and Chat Noir may work best differently. It’s frustrating. Especially when they treat Ladybug and Chat Noir like children. (Yep. They assume that Chat Noir and Ladybug are kids.)

  • I am now worried that Chat Noir’s side-kick syndrome is going to negatively effect Adrien as a character. So many people underestimate him because he’s in Ladybug’s shadow, and I’m wondering if that is going to come back to bite in the complete narrative.

  • There’s this adorable ship-worthy moment between Ladybug and Chat Noir. Ladybug is looking at the disastrous state of New York when she asks Chat Noir where he would follow her, and he responds “the center of the Earth if I had to”. And they both decide to deal with the problem in their own way, and it ends there. The feels for me were real #LadyNoir.

  • Also, how are Adrien and Marinette going to get back to France without being missed by their friends?

Can’t wait for volume three so we can see where it ends. <3

MariChat May Day Six: Game Night

He lost almost every round.

The way Marinette handles a game controller in The Gamer episode was really interesting to me!

Game nights happen about twice a month. Chat only wins when he teams up with Tom and they battle Marinette together.

Check out MariChat May here

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir Season 2 Trailer Breakdown Part 2

So Chloe is wrapped around Adrien, and Adrien looks a little bit worried. Perhaps because of Marinette?

This confirms something I’d been theorizing about since “The Collecter” footage was leaked. Adrien was caught stealing Gabriel’s book due to SECURITY CAMERAS. And unless kwamis can’t be seen on video, I’m almost positive Gabriel saw Plagg too! Yikes!

Marinette looks concerned about Chloe. Maybe this has to do with Chloe crying in “The Collecter” footage?

So Chloe and Marinette share a kiss (maybe) for God knows what reason! And they do not look like it was at all pleasant! Of course, Adrien looks chill as ever. I wonder if this has to do with an akumatized victim? Maybe you have to kiss someone you dislike the most? Or maybe Chloe is just being…well, Chloe. Considering earlier we saw Chloe initiating the kiss, I’m so curious as to WHY.

Right here is where we see Kim winking at Nino. Kind of reminds me of when Chloe wanted Nino (The Bubbler) to play a slow song so she could dance with Adrien. Looks like Kim may be giving his crush on Chloe another go.

Here we see Adrien grabbing Marinette’s hand for that dance we saw earlier! HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? Are they together?? DO THEY KNOW EACH OTHER’S IDENTITÉS?!? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!? #adrinette

The last interesting thing I saw, were these last scenes of Ladybug and Chat Noir fighting. Ladybug seems to be having an easier time kicking his ass compared to earlier.

An akumatized victim resides in a room where he’s maybe controlling people? This would explain how/why Chat Noir’s off his rocker.

Tell me if you noticed anything else in the new trailer! I’d love to discuss theories!

anonymous asked:

Important twins AU question to distract from negativity: do they have any catlike instincts, and if so, does one try to stop the other before they make a complete fool of theirselves?

try is the operative word

felix is more into grooming himself unnecessarily and sleeping in weird places. adrien chases anything that moves, which is a problem since he’s very allergic to pigeons and in a place like paris those are usually the moving things