noir opening

Marinette vs. Cat

In the opening credits:

  • Cat: 1000000, Mari: RIP
  • That black cat came out of nowhere
  • and she fell for/because of it
  • Exit…Stage Left
  • Adrien comes out of nowhere from the left
  • either this is symbolism or

…mischievous bad luck black cat with gigantic ears running towards Adrien…


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Okay I swear this is the last one this fic is just too good.

@seajaywrite‘s The Kwami Club, from the end of chapter three! Dialogue was rearranged a bit and I still don’t know much about 1920s tuxedos I’m sorry.

Artwork ©: alazic02

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ML Opening Is Anime

Full disclosure: I’m not an anime fan.  I watch maybe one show a year, and that’s because my husband and/or online friend makes me.  Even when I was an anime fan in the late 90s/early 2000s, I still didn’t watch a lot of it.  However, even I noticed this in the few shoujo animes I’ve seen.

Thanks to @c0s7um3t3ch for pointing out the bread in mouth trope in the beginning credits and sparking this idea :D

The majority of the opening credits of Miraculous Ladybug is an anime opening, you guys.  I’m probably not the first person to notice this….but here we go!

Courtesy of TV Tropes, here’s the rundown:

“Panning up to the sky” and “Close ups on the eyes”

These don’t have trope pages yet, but were in a forum post for “Generic Anime Opening”.  This one is a stretch because they’re technically panning up to Mari on the Eiffel Tower, but there’s still sky there…

“The classic image is of someone running down the street with a slice of toast hanging out of their mouth–”

These two are called “Late For School”.  You guys know the one.

“–bumping into important people in a manner that gets the plot started.”

(FYI–I could get into a long discussion about why the cat is “important people”, but just go read my post.)  This is also the “Cute Clumsy Girl” trope.

Find out what else my addled brain came up with below the cut…

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lmao omg i wrote a fanfic of my fanart i am too lame…orz

this is super old like from december omg……anyway here it is

“You know,” he purrs through razor-like teeth, “most people tend to be more appreciative after I save them.”

He’s looking at her with sharp eyes, piercing green watching her every move. It’s like he’s trying to make her laugh. She would—though not for his reasons— but his body being so close to hers is making her skin crawl and, quite frankly, she’d rather smack him.

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t-chan-nekoi requested me to do B5 with Adrien, D6 with Marinette and D1 with the turtle user for this meme.

I am open for requests, since it is a good way for me to practice. So I am always happy to recive some Miraculous Ladybug (or Fairy Tail would be also cool) requests.

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For the reveal tropes: What about a reveal where she's calling him and she's at home, but against a neutral background, and her mom calls her and he hears her name?

(Sorry I didn’t get to these prompts sooner!)

Marinette was standing on her balcony. The twinkling lights of the city her backdrop. She made sure before she placed the call that no monuments or other obvious landmarks could be seen, though quite frankly her face would be taking up most of the screen.

By the second ring, he answered. Chat Noir’s face showed up on her screen, a smile on his face, but Marinette could see the question still on his face. It wasn’t obvious, but they were partners for a reason.

“Hey there,” Ladybug greeted, her voice sounding a little rough.

“Hi Bugaboo, is everything alright?” Chat Noir asked, concerned in his voice.

Despite feeling under the weather Ladybug smirked. “Just a touch of a cold. Nothing to worry about, but my kwami suggested I not push it unless there’s an actual akuma threat. You don’t mind patrolling alone tonight, do you?”

“Not at all my Lady,” he told her, as she was sure he would. “You just take care of yourself, alright?”

As Chat Noir was talking a voice called up to Marinette from her trap door. “Marinette, your tea is ready. Come down stairs!”

Panic set in as she looked at her communicator. Did Chat Noir hear? “Thanks, see you later, gotta go,” she said quickly, shutting the communicator before the cat could say anything else as she moved quickly to drop down from her skylight. “Coming!”

Her transformation fell away before her bottom hit her mattress. She looked at her kwami with concern. “Do you think he heard?”

“I suppose we will find out soon enough,” Tikki replied, which didn’t calm Marinette at all. Still there was nothing she could do about it as she pulled at her hair slightly and headed down to the main floor of the family living space.

While her mother fussed over her, concerned with how flushed Marinette was, she showed no inkling to the internal distress of her daughter. Which was just as well, because Marinette wasn’t sure she had the capacity to talk her way out of any prying questions from her mother when her head felt like fluff.

She kept listening for any unusual thumps from the floor above, but she continued to hear nothing and slowly started to relax. Maybe he wasn’t coming. Maybe he hadn’t heard after all, or not well enough to make any guesses.

Instead her mother asked her about school and projects and if Marinette was feeling up for going to school tomorrow. Marinette thought it would be nice to have a day without school, but in all honesty with a good night’s rest and more tra in the morning she was sure she could manage through the day just find. It was only a little cold.

With a little snack to take up to her room, and a promise not to stay up too late, Marinette finally went back up to her quiet room. She looked around half surprised, and the shutted happily going over to her computer. There was a tutorial on YouTube she wanted to watch.

Marinette looked at the time, three videos later, and realized it was getting late. In fact it was about the time she would be getting back from patrol. “We should probably head to bed, right Tikki?”

Her kwami stretched in the air in front of the computer as Marinette shut it down. “That sounds like a good plan. Hopefully tomorrow you’ll…”

Tikki didn’t finish what she had to say as they heard something land on the roof. Something or someone. Marinette found herself hoping it was actually an akuma as she carefully went up the stairs to her bed loft.

Her heart sank as she got on her bed and saw a pair of green eyes looking through the window. Taking a deep breath, Marinette rand her hands down her face, still looking up. She thought he looked sheepish. Good!

Standing she started propping up her window, Chat Noir moving to the opening. “You probably shouldn’t be outside. Can I come in?”

At least he was being polite. Marinette nodded. “Just be quiet. My parents might be asleep, but I don’t need them waking up.”

He nodded and then dropped in, making sure to close the window afterwards. “Um, so, patrol was quiet!”

Marinette looked at him for a while, her arms curled around her chest. She didn’t like this. For some reason she felt so small under Chat Noir’s gaze. It was unreasonable since she’d met him several times in her normal persona and never felt intimidated around him before. “So, that’s why you didn’t show up sooner?”

“I’m sorry. Should I? I know me hearing your mother over the communicator was just bad luck,” he smirked, likely despite himself, at the comment. “But I wasn’t sure what to do. I figured it was best to just clear my head and patrol. Give you a chance to maybe do the same.”

“I honestly wasn’t sure you heard or heard well enough to figure it out,” Marinette sighed, looking down at her bare knees.

“Oh,” he said, sounding slightly embarrassed, which caused Marinette to look at her partner again. He rubbed the back of his neck. “I guess I should have come over right away.”

Marinette shook her head. “I was down stairs with my mother for a while. It’s okay.”

“Your parents are so nice,” he said. She would have thought it was just to say something, but the way he said it, with such confidence.

Marinette narrowed her eyes. “You just met them the one time. With Animan, right?”

Chat Noir flushed. “Well, actually…”

“Yes?” She cocked her head to the side.

“We sorta already know each other,” Chat Noir muttered softly.

Marinette’s eyes grew wide. There was no way, right? Yet here he was saying it was so. “How well?”

“Maybe I should just show you?” And before she could protest, because shouldn’t one of them keep their identity a secret, but on the other hand it would level the playing field, Chat Noir dropped his transformation.

Instinctively she closed her eyes as the electric green flash enveloped her partner. When she opened her eyes there sat Adrien Agreste on her bed. It was completely normal for her to scream.

Thankfully, Adrien moved quickly, covering her mouth. “Your parents,” he hissed in reminder. All the while his eyes were wide, possibly surprised by her reaction, or scared, but why would he be scared?

Marinette looked at him, still in complete shock, but numbly nodded her head. Screaming was bad. Slowly Adrien moved his hand away. She noticed there was some laughter being muzzled not far away and Tikki’s voice soft but annoyed too. Most her attention was on the green eyes in front of her.

She then turned away and pulled over her large cat plushy, burying her face in it. Her voice muffled in the stuffing. “This isn’t happening. This is some sort of weird fever dream. There is no way that I’m this lucky!”

There was a moment where all she heard was unintelligible kwami voices, and then she heard Adrien take a sharp intake of air. “Lucky?”

Turning, to peek over at the blond boy that was still sitting on her bed, not magically morphed into something else like a dream normally would, she saw Adrien was still flushed and his eyes held more than a bit of wonder. “Um, yeah, um, because if you’re him. And he’s you. I… well… wouldn’t that make me very lucky?”

Marinette wasn’t sure she was making sense. Being sick and being surprised twice over made it hard to think. “Um, well, I was thinking I was pretty lucky, because Marinette is my friend and Ladybug is my favorite partner.”

“I’m your only partner!” Marinette said with just a touch of indignation, and a full smack from her pillow.

When Adrien pulled the pillow away from his face he was smiling just as much as she was. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Later that evening.

“If you get sick, don’t blame me!”

“You say that like it wouldn’t be worth it to be with you.”


I’m not sorry for this. 

@geek-fashionista for this really funny text post idea (sorry i really wanted to draw this!!!). 

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Cn & lb's weapons have Internet access & untraceable IPs so when they're bored on patrol they livesteam & do random shit on youtube & bc of that everyone sees them as people not just heroes & sometimes alya gets in on it & they stream to the ladyblog

have you guys ever seen that shipping video that thomas sanders and jon cozart did? this is p much based off that xD

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Summary: “We’ve noticed something interesting going on. An alarming number of people seem to ship Ladybug and I.”“

Yeah, it’s tricky stuff shipping real life people. People expect us to be romantically compatible. But are we?”

An exclusive Ladyblog Livestream Event with Ladybug and Chat Noir where they decide once and for all whether Ladynoir is a compatible (and acceptable) ship. Remember to like comment and subscribe!

“Okay, guys. Act natural, and remember this is just for fun. You guys cool with doing your own intro and everything?”

Ladybug scoffed. “Are you kidding? You’re giving him control of an entire video, he’s totally fine.”

“You can literally make fun of me until the end of time, I don’t care. Do you know how much I’ve fantasized about doing a YouTube tag?” Chat Noir bounced in his seat a little bit and cracked his knuckles. “I am beyond ready.”

Ladybug jutted a thumb at him and smirked at Alya. “See? I think we’ll be good.”

Alya snorted and finished setting up her phone on the little tripod mount she bought specifically for the occasion. Her hands were shaking a little bit because she was still finding it hard to believe that Ladybug and Chat Noir were actually sitting in her living room, not even a few feet away from her. 

It had always been her dream to do a Livestream to the Ladyblog that wasn’t just focusing on the superheroics. Yes it was always exciting to get details on fights, on their powers, on what goes through their heads in the middle of battles, but at the end of the day they were still the same age as Alya. She wanted to have the chance to just do something silly with them. News reporters very rarely treated them like the teenagers they were, and Alya was sure that her followers would get a kick out of them doing something humorous on camera. She’d made a whole blog post about it one night when she was sleep deprived and not thinking before she typed. 

But two days later, when she caught them right after another akuma fight, Ladybug pointed her out of the crowd and mentioned that they both saw the post she’d made. “Feel free to ring us up when you have an idea for a video,” she grinned.

It was almost too good to be true, but Alya wasn’t going to let go of an opportunity like this. The amount of views and followers she’d get after this would be astronomical. She was practically vibrating. “Alright, you crazy kids, I’m gonna read off the questions for you once you start. Whenever you’re ready.”

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Anyone looking to RP?

Looking for some low key rps.  Nothing super heavy and bogged down with meaty paragraphs.  Just light and fun.  Something to entertain me on slow days.

I’d be interesting in RPing the following.  Bold is who I’m interested in rping as. If both are bold, I’m willing to play either character.  Anything with *** means I’m super interested in that story:

Miraculous Ladybug

  • Adrien (Chat Noir) x Marinette (Ladybug) ***
  • Adrien (Chat Noir) x OC


  • Mercy x Soldier 76 ***
  • Angela Ziegler x Jack Morrison ***
  • Mercy x McCree
  • Mercy x Pharah
  • Pharah x McCree

Legend of Korra

  • Korra x Mako
  • Korra x Asami

Mass Effect

  • FemShep x Garrus Vakarian
  • FemShep x Kaidan
  • FemRyder x Vetra

Could be Convinced to RP:

  • Mercy x Widowmaker
  • Widowmaker x Pharah
  • Mercy x Reaper
  • Mercy x Hanzo
  • DVa x Genji
  • DVa x Junkrat


I’ve had so little time working on the comic o-o Närcon is coming up and i’ve had to prioritize prints and stickers ^^’ 

oh and PLAGG and TIKKI are reallY DIFFICULT TO DRAW??! o_O

NEW TO THE FANDOM?? Seeing it for the first time??? Here you go!! |PART 1|PART 2|Part 3| Part 4|

“Hey there, Daddy-O!” She calls out with a slight giggle.  It should be charming, it’s meant to be, but something about it hits my ears wrong.  I watch her smile fall as she reaches me at the driver’s side.  “Negan, what’s wrong?”

“Nuthin’,” I lie, finally lighting the cigarette in my mouth.

Beth bends to pull it from my lips, put it to hers, and take a long drag.  She straightens, blows the smoke up and away.  “You’re fulla shit.”  I forget the girl’s got brass balls to balance out that angelic face.

“I’m actually fuckin’ old enough to be your fuckin’ daddy.”

“Really?” She makes like she’s dumb, then smiles.  “That’s what the puss is about?  I called you Daddy?”  I shrug and she opens the door wider, moves in, boxes my legs in with hers.  “Here I thought ya’d like that.”

I give a laugh, signal for the cigarette’s return and get a beautiful woman straddling my lap instead.  “Doesn’t fuckin’ bother ya?” I ask, hands going to her thighs.

She takes another drag.  “If I wanted to be with someone my own age, I coulda stayed at the farm, married some boy I went to high school with, and hada buncha kids.”  Her fingers delicately set the cigarette between my lips.  “But I don’t want that.  I wanna sing, I wanna live, and I wanna a man who’s gonna let me, help me, do whatever the fuck I wanna do.”  Her fingers run up into my hair.  “I wanna man who’s the boss.”

“Mmm…Boss…” I chuckle out smoke as I flick the cigarette away.  “I could get used to that one.”

“Boss it is then…Daddy,” she smirks out.

“Just fuckin’ fuckin’ with me now, aren’t ya, Doll?”

“Yes, Sir.” Beth smiles full before kissing me, full.

The second requested/prompted by @dwaynii​ for my 500 Follower Celebration.  I confess, I thought the first line the moment I saw the gif and, haha, just ran with it.  It’s within the Noir AU where Negan and (20-somethig) Beth are together…which I think I need a masterlist for still, sorry, haha!

(Because Noir AU: @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash, @strangersangel9, @dusty-cookie, @dwaynii, @vizhi0n, @kinkozan, @despoinak27, @smuttwd, @stone-met )

The details on this whole shindig is HERE.