noir dress


Ariadna in black

Lila wants nothing to do with Paris’ fascination with Ladynoir. She’ll start her own trend. With foxes. And black jack! And HOOKERS!!!

Alyanette, Adrienino, Chlobrina, Kimax, Julerose, Myvan, Nathalix

Bonus: Feligette, Gabalie, RollingStone, Tombine, Mirore

ML Writing Prompts: Marichat in the rain.

Prompt: “I followed you into this warehouse because I was curious as to why you were standing in that beautiful dress in the rain with nothing to protect you and now you’ve caught me"

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Adrien was tired of being cooped up in his room all weekend. He was already missing one of Chloe’s parties because his father thought it was wiser to rest before his photo shoot tomorrow instead. It wasn’t that Adrien particularly wanted to go to the party or anything but Adrien had wanted to go if only to hang out with his friends. At around 8 o’clock he grew restless finally deciding to transform into Chat Noir and take a stroll. He didn’t even care that it was raining, he just needed to get out of the house.

As Chat flitted from rooftop to rooftop he relished in the freedom of it all. The wind whipped past his face and the rain plastered his hair to his face but he didn’t care. His father would never let him run around in the rain like this but as Chat Noir he could do what he wanted even if it was something as mundane as running around in the rain.

That’s when he saw her. Standing out in the pouring rain stood Marinette dressed in a beautiful blue and silver floor length gown. The wind tugged at her dress and the wet stands of dark hair around her face. Chat had never seen her with her hair down and he had to admit he had never seen something quite so beautiful before. Marinette had her head down and was hugging herself to keep warm. The rain picked up then pelting down on them in sheets. The rain became so thick he almost missed seeing Marinette walk into an abandoned building. With the way the rain was now coming down compromising his visibility it would no longer be safe to travel home. And then there was Marinette to think about…

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