noir chanel

Model reading in “L’étoffe des héroïnes” for Madame Figaro, July 2013. Photograph by Benoît Peverelli.

Claudine de Colette. Veste en tweed et cuir, pantalon en cuir, sautoir et bracelet en perles, Chanel. Montre Première, bracelet chaîne en acier, cadran en laque noire, Chanel Joaillerie. Débardeur en coton, Petit Bateau, col amovible en coton, Karl Lagerfeld. Livre Eves in Paradise, d’Esther Henwood (éd. Esther Henwood).

audrey alessia fitzwilliam.

wrists bound by pearls. tattered tiffany blue. hard liquor in a champagne flute. leather booties and a victorian dress. black silk kate spade bows. the bruised lips that come from kissing too hard. paris after midnight. chanel noir. cygne noir. a french manicure and a princess cut drumming sound on the shell of a granturismo. some set of bones birthed with the soul of eartha kitt and the spirit of audrey hepburn. the way the buildings bend asleep at a certain hour on the upper east side. the sweetness of wanting. the bitterness of wanting.