noir by numbers

I believe that Adrien and Alya have both reached the level of Ladybug-Fanboy/Fangirl where they know the exact number of spots on Ladybug’s suit.

Imagine them sitting in class when that random thought hits Nino and he utters: “I wonder how many spots there are on Ladybug’s suit…”

And Adrien and Alya giving both the correct answer simultanously without looking up from whatever they are doing.

Imagine Marinette’s face.

[List] BAP is number 5 in Hanteo’s Chart “Top 100 best selling albums” for the 2nd week of October. 

Ok, so how did this happen? I mean, it’s been two months since the album release and without promotions?! And they made it to 5th place?! Thats incredible! I’m going to pray hard tonight for the success of the forthcoming “NOIR” album! I want that Number 1 for them so bad and this gives me hope!