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today i thought of the actual Worst miraculous ladybug fake dating au ever

so ladybug and chat noir exchange phone numbers (let’s say adrien and marinette don’t already have each other’s) and o/c ladybug says only to call her in an emergency but then chat is like “you didn’t say anything about texting so check out this meme”

anyway so it goes on and they actually end up texting constantly and grinning at their phones the entire time. 

and alya notices. she notices them both doing this at the exact same time. so of course now she thinks they’re secretly dating.

she confronts marinette and of course marinette has no better explanation, and neither does adrien when alya gets nino to ask him about it

so now adrien and marinette are pretending to be secretly dating to cover up their secret identities but they also haven’t told each other that they’re pretending to be secretly dating so they’re secretly pretending to be secretly dating to cover up their secret identities.

plagg: “you morons. you absolute morons.”

ML Fluff Month Day 24 || Wrong Number

Adrien finds out Ladybug knows him when she accidentally calls him instead of Alya. Plagg decides to get to the bottom of everything.

Rated T || 982 Words

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Thank You Plagg

“Hello?” Typically, Adrien didn’t answer numbers that weren’t programed into his phone but this one had looked vaguely familiar. He thought it might be a classmate wanting help on homework, so he picked up.

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TV Shows

Week Ending May 29th, 2017

  1. Skam +5
  2. Steven Universe +2
  3. Voltron: Legendary Defender −1
  4. Villainous +6
  5. Supergirl
  6. The 100 +6
  7. Billboard Music Awards +1
  8. Supernatural −7
  9. RuPaul’s Drag Race −2
  10. Samurai Jack −7
  11. Brooklyn Nine-Nine +5
  12. Game of Thrones
  13. Riverdale +2
  14. Twin Peaks
  15. Pretty Little Liars
  16. Star vs. the Forces of Evil
  17. The Flash +1
  18. Shadowhunters
  19. Doctor Who −2
  20. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir −11

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

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TOtLS - Day 1: Wrong Number

June is here! Onto the start of ‘Think Outside the Love Square’. (Granted, the original has Lovesquare, rather than Love Square, and I prefer the latter so if I may…) Credit to @thinkoutsidethelovesquare for the information on this particular event. Pairing: Max Kante / Sabrina Raincomprix (Do they have a certified ship name?) EDIT: Also known as, Marina

    Miscalculations weren’t acceptable in the Kante household. However, it is in human nature to make mistakes. In truth, not all inaccuracies resulted negatively. One in particular needed to learn such a lesson.

    Today was the start of a project requiring the use of partners to complete. Assigned partners, whether the class complained or not. Ms. Mendeleiev had allowed the class to share contact information with their partners if needed. Max might’ve lost a minuscule of faith in his teacher when his partner was announced as the one and only Chloe Bourgeois. Life comes with many obstacles, and this could be considered a microscopic one.

Currently within the safety of his home, Max Kante was prepared to communicate with his associate. He pressed the button, signaling a call.

“Hello?” The soft voice was definitely not Chloe. Somehow, whatever the cause, he had ended up with the wrong number. He was tempted to end the call then and there, but he was reluctant for any possible future calls.

“Hi…?” Great, now he sounded awkward.

“Apologies for wasting your time, I may have the wrong number-” The stranger interrupted him.


“To whom?” Good, he sounded inquisitive, not at all threatening. At least, he hoped…

“…to Sabrina?” He was a fool, an idiot, and being a imbecile. In his defense, technologic advances did slightly change voices through call. That piece of evidence did not comfort him. One does not simply mistake a classmate for a anonymous person, even if by voice. How he’d obtain her phone number was a different story. There were several viable connections leading to this outcome… Maybe Sabrina had been in proximity of Chloe’s phone and answered it! Presumably, with the chance of Max receiving the correct number.

“I’m sorry. By any chance, are you talking to me through the means of Chloe’s phone?”

“No, is that how you have my number? Chloe gave you it?”

“In theory, yes. I believe she meant to give me hers instead of yours.”

“…Well, are you having any trouble? If Chloe is involved, I will lend as much as I can.”

“Sabrina, we’re in pairs. There is a likability Chloe will not participate, which doesn’t mean you have to step in.”

“I’m her friend, I can do it all for the sake of your pair.”

“Sabrina, I’ll do it. Outside help isn’t allowed.” 

“Then I’ll help inside.”

“You know what I mean. Sabrina you should be focused on helping Kim.”

“I can do yours first. Anything to help your pair.”

“I understand this is about Chloe, but-”

“No, Max. As long as you’d let me, I want to help you. You are important too.”

    Flattered, Max’s mind was bombarded with uncertain approaches on how to reply. Only knowing that his response would be critical to their correlation, and how quick this could escalate the longer he took. He might’ve never had this conversation, and learned of this fondness directed at him, if not for a mistake. Perhaps a miscalculation could conclude positively.