noir americain


Collection Noire Franco-Americaine

23 titles between 1951 & 1953. This was the second collection called “Collection Noire Franco-Américaine”. The first serie was published at Editions du Globe and had 15 issues - non illustrated black and yellow covers - when Roger Dermée bought it and relaunched it from # 1 on with illustrated overlays. The 3 first issues of this second serie were still labeled Editions du Globe, the rest Editions Le Trotteur.

Dermée’s main authors were all in the collection: Robert Tachet (collective house name), André Hélèna, George Maxwell, Terry Stewart, Claude Ferny, Jacques Auburtin,Oscar Montgomery, Paul Daunay

Seven of the twenty-three titles will be “banned”, following a request by the Commission for the Supervision and Control of Publications for Children and Adolescents.

cover art: Salva, Mik, Brantonne

Publisher:Editions Le Globe/Editions Le Trotteur, 5 rue des Moulins, Paris

Publishing director: Patrick Rossart (= Roger Dermée)

source:amsaklapper’s collection