To all Noir fans,

as a Christmas gift for NOIR we came up with the idea of sending them our, international fans’ good wishes to make sure they feel how much we all love them! 

@noir-blackout will send a package to them and it will include short messages from international fans. If you would like to send your own message for the boys, you can write it on this form.

Please try to address your messages to all of NOIR and then include any message for your bias if you want to - member-specific messages (3 most popular things international fans want to say to them) will go on special cards to each member. 

We’ll be collecting messages until November 24th to ensure everything can be prepared and sent to NOIR in time for Christmas!

If you have any questions you can ask me or @noir-blackout.

Help us spread the word with reblogs and on other social media, tell all your friends about it! We hope many of you will participate in this event!

October 1st-iKon

October 2nd-NOIR

October 4th-The Rose

October 8th-Super Junior and Seven O’ Clock AND Snuper

October 10th-I.U and fromis_9

October 12th-NCT 127

October 15th-VAV

October 17th-Kim Donghan

October 19th-Lay

October 21st-Stray Kids and Monsta X

TBA but comfirmed for October: A.C.E, JBJ95

Not to mention EXO, Twice, Red velvet, Nuest W in November

R.I.P to everyone’s wallet

I love that Disney Noir is a thing in fanfic and fanart these days, but it bugs me that whenever somebody does Sleeping Beauty in this mode, they nearly always leave out the Three Good Fairies. Like, in terms of screen time and dramatic structure they’re the film’s actual protagonists – that’s a pretty serious omission, you know?

(It’s doubly perplexing because they slot right into the noir milieu with practically no changes. Picture, say, a trio of older ladies who operate a network of safehouses for girls who’ve managed to get in trouble with the Mob. They look harmless enough, but they have powerful connections from a previous life they can call on at need – and heaven help you if you’re the one who gives them cause to dust off the tools of their former trade!)