Claire/Owen - Noir AU

Owen Grady knew trouble when he saw it. He knew Claire Dearing was trouble at first sight. Of course ‘first sight’ had been two years ago, and trouble had looked pretty good to him then. He knew better now.

She doesn’t seem too happy to see him either, so Grady knows she’s been sent by her boss Simon Masrani. Of course her shady company would rather hire a private eye than deal with the law. She tells him they’ve had a robbery in their R&D department and a device called the “Indominus” was stolen. She won’t tell him what it’s made of or what it does. Two years it has been since their one date, and she’s just as frustrating as he remembers. And just as pretty.

He knows he shouldn’t take the job but he needs the dough.

And he had might as well cop to it: he’s still dizzy for this dame.