well here goes nothing

i am truly at a loss for words

its hard to write about you

its not that i havent found the time

for you know i have plenty of that

i just havent pinpointed 

your rhyme-scheme or reason

i cannot logically deduce you

no 1+1’s equal 2’s

no straight lines

you fly like abee

theres a pattern but its hard to see

you confuse me

beneath all that romanticism

there is a untamed beast

wild eyes that scare

emotional rage that prepares me 

to fight or flee

but I’m a fighter 

you lit a lighter beneath me

flashlight in my bed

i wont let the monster of boogie get me

its dark all around

but there is light inside me

tongue like a whip

i feel tremors 

i wimper

heart broken

my temper heads

like a pimple

and you cant keep your hands off me.

but i shelter myself

so the dark you cant reach me

as much a victim

as i am the criminal

but my suffering always appears minimal

our sins arent equal

i am the evil

u just add the d

kind words paired with insults

i still indulged

OUR happily ever after i was involved

but it was ruined amongst

hulk created rubble…