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Every Bar & Restaurant Featured in 'Master of None' Season 2

“The Thief,” Episode 1
The first episode of the season – shot entirely in black and white – takes place in Italy, so if you ever find yourself in Modena, follow Dev’s lead and make tortellini at Boutique del Tortellino before treating yourself to lunch at the four-table, reservation-only Hosteria Giusti.

Le Nozze,” Episode 2

This episode was also shot in Italy, and half the scenes are of Dev and Arnold eating, drinking, and singing about how much they love Italian food. In just one day in Modena, they taste their way through Mercato Albinelli, take videos of themselves kissing sandwiches at Bar Schiavoni, and dine in the wine cellar of the three Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana

“Religion,” Episode 3

  • Oleanders
    Dev meets his family for dinner at the McCarren Hotel & Pool’s fern bar-inspired restaurant and is instructed by his dad to not order pork in front of his very religious aunt and uncle – though of course the waiter notes that there’s a “spectacular pork dish” on the menu, and there’s only one left! I wish waiters always spoke with such urgency. Also, in real life, Oleanders offers a baby brunch, which is literally a brunch for babies.
  • Slick Willie
    This neighborhood brunch spot (which, to my knowledge, is not an anti-Bill Clinton establishment) is where Dev’s cousin has his first taste of pork, via an “awesome” Cubano that isn’t actually on the menu (though you will find a Reuben and a sloppy joe). 
  • Smorgasburg
    Dev and his cousin head to Smorgasburg for a special BBQ pop-up fair featuring the fake Tickler’s BBQ from Season 1’s “Nashville” episode (which was actually Red Hook’s Hometown Bar-B-Que). This time, real-life Butcher Bar (with locations in Astoria and the LES) provides the 150lb whole-pig roast. While you won’t find any of Butcher Bar’s religion-be-damned BBQ at the real Smorgasburg, you can get it at the LIC Flea every Saturday and Sunday. 
  • Thai Villa
    Despite Dev’s dad’s complaints about Thai food being too spicy, the Shah family goes to this ornate Flatiron restaurant to celebrate the end of Ramadan. His relatives order crab fried rice, mango salad, and spicy veggie curry, but Dev goes rogue and gets the crispy pork special with Chinese broccoli. Chaos ensues
  • Sauvage
    Sauvage is the latest restaurant from the team behind Maison Premiere, and the seafood and cocktail-driven spot has all the trappings of a place Dev would hang out with his friends: lots of plants, lots of white marble, general bistro-y vibe. The restaurant does charge for bread, which I hate. But it also makes me feel like I’m a very cool French girl who is totally unaware of how cool she is, which I LOVE.

“First Date,” Episode 4

  • The Four Horsemen
    The Four Horsemen, a wine bar from James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, is Dev’s default Tinder date spot. I’ve been on a first date here (after meeting in real life, win!) and can vouch that it’s good for early-in-the-game dates, especially if a) you’re into natural wine, or b) want to keep open the option of extending the date with dinner at the same place. I wasn’t so into the natural wine, or the guy I went on a date with, but I would go back for the potato gnocchi. 
  • Westlight
    Westlight is to 2017 what The Ides was to 2014: a cool rooftop bar atop a Williamsburg hotel with expensive cocktails and crowds of well-dressed, creative-types (like Dev and his Tinder dates), that’s bound to be overrun by even-better-dressed European tourists in a year.

The Dinner Party,” Episode 5

  • Carbone
    Greenwich Village
    It’s honestly shocking that it took until Season 2 for Major Food Group’s over-the-top red sauce joint to make it onto this show, but it’s totally fitting for this scene with Bobby Cannavale as an overindulgent Bourdain-type. Who is hotter: Bobby or Bourdain?! Give me all the mozzarella at Carbone and I’ll tell you my answer.
  • PDT
    East Village
    Dev and his Tinder date Priya go on a second date at St. Mark’s speakeasy Please Don’t Tell, which is only accessible through a phone booth inside the hot dog shop Crif Dogs. Interesting directorial choice that we only see Dev and Priya drinking (and discussing) water at a place so well known for its cocktails. We do get a glimpse of the taxidermy on the walls, though. –
  • il Buco
    Date number two with Priya continues with dinner at il Buco, one of the few NoHo restaurants that’s been open since before the neighborhood’s token celebrity resident, Gigi Hadid, was born. It’s known for its interior (it used to be an antiques shop and is home to a 200-year-old wine cellar) as much as its house-made pastas. Dev must be making bank on Clash of the Cupcakes if he’s paying for dinner – Priya doesn’t seem like the kind of person who goes halfsies on the bill. 

“New York, I Love You,” Episode 6

  • 1 OAK
    We don’t see much of 1 OAK other than the line down the block, which is a pretty accurate depiction of what it’s like to try to go to 1 OAK. The club is conveniently located a few doors down from Artichoke Basille’s Pizza in Chelsea, which is perfect for eating your feelings after being rejected at the door – or for soaking up all that top-shelf bottle service (we don’t know your life).
  • Lucky’s Famous Burgers
    After a very unsuccessful night of clubbing, the taxi drivers featured in this episode head to the Chelsea location of mini-chain Lucky’s Famous Burgers (where one of their roommates works). I had a burger from there once. Did not enjoy it. Though I would deeply enjoy drinking from a flask while dancing to Vengaboys.

“Door #3,” Episode 7

  • Agra Taj Mahal
    Dev and Chef Jeff grab lunch at this Manhattan Ave Indian spot, best known for its cheap (and filling) lunch specials. Dev warns Jeff not to “tell any other white people about” the restaurant “or it’ll get ruined.” Which is definitely true. (Sorry Dev.)

“Thanksgiving,” Episode 8
This is the best episode of the season and it features no restaurants (other than a nondescript roadside diner). BUT WOW, Angela Bassett and Lena Waithe are GOOD. Give them all the mozzarella at Carbone.

“Amarsi Un Po,” Episode 9

  • Tertulia
    West Village
    Dev and Francesca have a romantic (or platonic?) night in the West Village, beginning with a late dinner of tapas (there appears to be a plate of cured meats) and red wine at Tertulia and ending with a walk through Washington Square Park, the latter of which is never as romantic in real-life as it on TV.
  • JIA at Hotel on Rivington
    Lower East Side
    Dev and Arnold meet Francesca, her fiancé Pino, and his tile industry cohorts at this bar inside the Hotel on Rivington, which is basically a Meatpacking club transported to the Lower East Side. The bottle-service lounge is supposed to transport guests to Shanghai, so it’s fitting that Pino introduces one of his friends as the “marble king of the Southeast” who outfitted the fireplaces at the Park Hyatt Shanghai.
  • Good Room
    Good Room is the kind of place you go at 12:45am when you’ve had roughly seven too many drinks and you’re in the mood to dance and have other humans’ sweat drip on you. As one esteemed colleague put it, “the bathroom is one of those places where you kind of look in the mirror and ask yourself a very existential ‘why?’“ So basically, it’s the perfect location for Arnold’s DJ debut.

“Buona Notte,” Episode 10
  • Okonomi
    Dev and Chef Jeff shoot a scene for their travel food show at Okonomi in Williamsburg, but don’t be fooled by the ramen they’re eating in broad daylight. The tiny restaurant only serves noodles at night (when it transitions into Yuji Ramen) – during the day, it serves a traditional Japanese set breakfast of rice, grilled fish, miso soup, and vegetables, both pickled and blanched.
  • Nitecap
    Lower East Side
    Nitecap, one of the best cocktail bars in the city, is the setting for Dev and Arnold’s catch-up about Dev’s girl problems – which is relatable to me only in that I have talked about my problems at every cocktail bar in the greater New York area. While it’s not clear what they’re drinking, the tiny subterranean bar is known for a seasonally rotating list of inventive cocktails, from “thirst-quenchers” to spritzes.