A photoset from a couple of weeks ago when Team AWOL and friends went off on a spontaneous late Saturday overnighter north of San Fransisco. In less than 14 hours, we rode out of the city, camped out on a magical spot and returned to the city for a productive Sunday. All images by Erik Nohlin


This the Full Nuke Rainbow Unicorn Camp Utility Vehicle and professional camp kitchen of Team AWOL’s Erik Nohlin. His frugal X-Mas dinner slipped down right before a big storm hit the ridge where the camp was set. Nature is unpredictable but luckily he’s got one of the most trustworthy camping rigs known to mankind.


Chris Conlin is not only a great graphic designer, he’s also a fantastic artist. Well, best case that goes hand in hand…like here… Chris works within TDG / The Design Group of Specialized Bicycles making color and graphics for high performance mountainbikes. When you see a one off color scheme on a down hill world cup rider, most likely Chris painted that bike. We asked Chris to do some ink illustrations for the AWOL x Poler fanzine and this is what he delivered some days later. They blew our minds with their easy going manners and rough edges. Erik Nohlin and John Watson of The Oregon Outback Team AWOL.


Oregon Outback Team AWOL with Erik Nohlin and John Watson arrived in Klamath Falls, Oregon this morning for the Oregon Outback hosted by Velodirt. Just short of 400 riders will arrive to town during the day and do the final preparations for tomorrow’s early start. 360 miles of dirt.

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