natanije  asked:

hello, if you don't mind, do you have any headcanons for nohara rin? thanks!

- Is lowkey a tank.

- No, really, she’s practically indestructible, and genjutsus are easy for her to shrug off. 

- Would totally punch someone in the face to defend Obito’s honor. 

- Is also bi af. Kakashi is not the first strong pretty person she’s crushed on.

- Can cook, but has weird taste buds to the point where no one else will try her food. 

- Only child, but she wears it well. 

- Her mother was a Hagane and she’s more or less Kotetsu’s aunt. 

- This is where the genjutsu talent comes from. 

- Has to listen to Kakashi and Obito argue (loudly) over which one is better at stealth. 

- Wonders if a person can actually strain something from rolling their eyes too often. 

- After that mixup where Obito ends up a part of Akatsuki for a two years while they think he’s dead, she’s never letting either of her teammates go on a mission without her.

- Even if she got to meet Konan as a result. 

- The Cave and her brief stint as Damsel in Distress are Not Talked About, okay. No. She will punch someone. It was an off day

- She’s beauty she’s grace you’ll never see her get angry but she will punch you in the face. 

- Or rig an elaborate scheme that ends in humiliation. 

- She’s not picky that way. 

- Is the only Team 7 member qualified to teach impressionable children, okay, Minato-sensei what were you thinking

- Practically Perfect In Every Way but too nice to ever say anything.