I swear to god my friend is a compulsive liar. 

Friend: My cousin’s in the Army Rangers. The shotgun they use has a chainsaw grip. He’s also trying to get an M4.

Me: Bullshit. A chainsaw grip has no function other than being tacticool, and civilians can not buy a fully automatic firearm.

Him: Yeah you can. You’re just only allowed to have one clip.


Me: *facepalm*



      *completely destroys friends lie with logic*

And now I’m the proud owner of a six-shot shotgun, Enrique262 is no longer nogunz! 

Don’t ask me the model though, it’s a “Soberana”, some kind of venezuelan licenced copy of a Chinese model that is some sort of Frankenstein between a Mossberg 500/590, an H&R and a Stevens (trigger group), it’s a mess is what I’m saying, but nonetheless I’m happy as punch to have it!

Thanks to @cerebralzero and his followers for trying to figure which shotgun this was, and If any of you has a clue, be sure to let me know.