Isamu Noguchi, Cloud, 1958-59, aluminum

One of a series of works from a period when Noguchi was without a studio in New York, instead taking advantage of the tools and materials in his friend Edison Price’s workshop, where he could work after Price’s Unionized employees knocked off for the day. (Price was a lighting designer who worked with the premier architects of his day and whose innovations became the standard for museum lighting.)  Noguchi set about creating this series by imposing one technical constraint: the resulting works could be bent, scored, cut and otherwise shaped using just a single sheet of aluminum. 

Photo by Kevin Noble

The Noguchi Museum

Isamu Noguchi,  Line Drawing of Abstraction in Almost Discontinuous Tension, 1927-28, pencil on paper (now lost)

A study for a sculpture from the year Noguchi spent in Paris on a grant from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, when he first met and served as a studio assistant to Constantin Brancusi. 

The Noguchi Museum Archive

Isamu Noguchi, Model for Swimming Pool for Josef von Sternberg, 1935, painted plaster

On a visit to Los Angeles, Isamu Noguchi met the architect Richard Neutra, then in the process of designing a house for the Austrian emigre film director, Josef von Sternberg.  Noguchi later described his abandoned design as the first “lozenge-shaped pool.”

Photo: Dmitri Kessel

The Noguchi Museum