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In Your Head (Nogitsune/Stiles/Derek)

spectrumcrovn said: Holy grail, I am the worst. If you’re still doing teeny fics then I’ve got one for you. Nogitsune/Stiles/Derek (or Nogitsune!Stiles/Derek). Craving some dark stuff… it’s been a while and this literally just popped into my mind a few minutes ago.

When this song came up on shuffle, I figured it was fate. This is not my usual style for this fandom, so I hope it turned out alright & that you enjoy it! Teeny Fic #35

Dreams of war, dreams of liars
Dreams of dragon’s fire
And of things that will bite

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight
Enter Sandman by Metallica

In Your Head. Nogitsune/Stiles/Derek. Teen. Also on AO3.

After everything is over, Stiles is afraid to fall asleep.

The days are blurring together. Not missing moments like before; no risk of possession now, or so Deaton assures them, but just hours blending into each other until Stiles isn’t sure how long it’s been since Allison’s funeral, since Ethan left town, since he slept more than a handful of minutes at a time. No one seems to realize, caught up in their grief and avoiding him while trying to pretend that they don’t blame him for what’s happened.

Stiles doesn’t need their blame; he’s got enough of his own to go around.

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So I started to think what it would have been like if witty, sassy season 1 Stiles had been audible during all the Nogitsune scenes, and I got excited and wrote a few down:


VOID:    You want to handcuff me?

STILES:  Listen here you little shit, I swear to god if you touch my dad I’m gonna get a baseball bat, cover it in nails, dip it in acid and whack our face repeatedly with it.


VOID:    What happened to the woman who called out for chaos, strife and pain to decend upon veryone and everything? What happened?…I do

STILES:  My god you are such a drama queen, you little shit.


VOID:    Oh, I hope he gets there in time. I like the twins. Short tempers. Homicidal compulsions.

STILES:  Let me guess, they also have great hair and rippling muscles, why don’t you just marry them!?


VOID:    I’ve heard of an alpha pack, Derek, but not a pack of former Alphas. It’s a little sad, isn’t it?

STILES:  Hey I’m the only one who’s allowed to be mean to sourwolf. I came up with the name sourwolf! C’mon at least let me have this!


VOID:    You really have to learn not to trust a fox, cause they are tricksters, We’ll fool everyone.

STILES:  Are you actually kidding me? You stabbed Scott? With a sword? Oh my god that’s disgusting don’t twist it. Hey is that Deaton? Hell yes take that you foxy piece of crap.


VOID:    But your not here to kill me, you’re here to protect me.

STILES:  I- You- You know what I’m not even mad that was really clever. I still hate you. But kudos.


VOID:    We aren’t exactly scared of your little fireflies.

STILES:  I’m scared! I am VERY scared of the little fireflies. Her little fireflies are terrifying. Tell her I’m scared, dude, don’t just leave! Oh my god she is totally going to kill us.


VOID:    Dad, he’s gonna shoot me

STILES:  Oh don’t play that card- you- your playing that card, the pouty lip really? YOUR NOT EVEN DOING IT RIGHT.


VOID:    Are you threatening us?

STILES:  Don’t antagonise her she is quite clearly threatening us. For God’s sake why are you so evil, eugh.


VOID:    I swear to god it’s me

STILES:  Bitch why you always lying?


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Well I’ve recently posted a gif set, a Stydia AU, Stydia vs Nogitsune, and that has inspired me to do this vid! It is so creepy and it is my first AU video cxcx so be knid with me ahah I REALLY hope you’ll like it :) let me know! <3