nogitsune!stiles rp

(nogitsune stiles… not my artwork, but my story)

“Stiles?!” Derek had said as he struggled against the ropes that seemed to be fused with a slightly weaker form of wolfsbane. He looked at his friend who was now on top of him.

“Oh, I am not Stiles but this is his body I suppose.” Stiles had said as he then gently rubbed his thumb against the older males chin. He seemed to enjoy the unclean look. “I am simply a nogitsune a darkened kitsune, I am feeding off of your Stiles fear, pain, and suffering… and boy does he have a lot of it.” 

“why him? What did he do?” Derek said a she attempted to bite at the males thumb. Stiles slapped the male and grinned a small bit looking at the male grinning even more now.

“Learn your manners… or your Stiles will never be back again.” He then laughed as he continued to feel the males chine. “Not like he ever will.” Stiles had then kissed Derek and whispered nibbling on his ear, “don’t worry… you and I will have a lot of fun together. Do not worry about that, kiddo.” He then groped at the older males chest feeling this. “You are mine now, and only mine… he wanted you ya know… I fed on the fear that he would never get you.” Derek looked shocked as he was kissed more and more.

“I-I… I loved him.” He said sadly and looked down. “I-I did this to him.” He struggled against the ropes and then got out. Stiles was shoved back and Derek ran off. “I will save him.”