cankankrious  asked:

Okay so just curious, how would you describe a roommate relationship? Your recent post about it made me wonder because I am going to write something involving roommates and now I'm scared I'm thinking of it wrong. I've had roommates before but no experiences good or long-term enough to pull from... so could you pretty please give me a tip or two?

Roommates are more or less like siblings.  You can love ‘em but sometimes you really wanna punch 'em in the face.

It’s a different dynamic sharing an actual room with someone versus sharing an apartment.  I lucked out in college and never had to share an actual room with someone, but lived for two years in a very small four-person apartment where we each had our own room.

This way, I could go to bed when I wanted to or stay up late and not worry about my light bothering someone else.  We still had to be quiet when staying up late if one of us was asleep.  Sharing a kitchen got old because it was so small and there wasn’t enough room for everything.  One of my roommates just almost never washed her dishes or ran the dishwasher, she didn’t want to clean anything, and she also never took out the trash.  

Luckily I never had to worry about one of them eating my food, but I imagine that’s a problem with other people.  

One of them got a boyfriend the last month we were living together, and he was there all the time and I hated it.  For a while she wouldn’t tell us when he was coming over, sometimes he’d come in without knocking (!) and she didn’t like to leave her room to answer the door so he’d be stuck out there knocking because I refused to open the door for him :P

Roommates are going to want to use the bathroom at the same time, they’re not going to want to watch the same things you do on TV, they’re going to leave a pile of books and papers on the couch (that was me) and they’re going to have bad days when they don’t want to talk to you, even if you’re friends.  Quite a few people I knew barely talked to their roommates.

If you’re friends with your roommate, it can be like a great sleepover that never ends and has no adult supervision (unless you’re really raucous and then your RA has to come over and yell at you, if you live in a dorm) but it can also get old really fast.